The following information describes the procedures that will be followed and the announcements that will be made in the event of severe winter weather. These procedures involve all aspects of the University of Kentucky. These procedures are NOT applicable to employees of the UK HealthCare facilities.  UK HealthCare employees should refer to HP01-19, Hospital Operations During Adverse External Conditions, (PDF).

University of Kentucky classes and work schedules are very rarely altered by the impacts of severe weather; however, the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration will make the final decision in the unlikely event that classes must be canceled or delayed, or when offices must be closed. Delay and cancellation decisions will be based upon recommendations to the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration from the VP for Facilities Management, the Assistant Vice President for Campus Services, regarding road conditions, weather reports, local transit service, and area business and industry response.

For the many thousands of students who are on campus or in the vicinity, classes must meet as scheduled even though conditions may prevent some students, faculty, and staff from traveling greater distances. Every University employee is expected to make a diligent effort to meet class and job responsibilities with the understanding that personal safety is an individual decision.

If severe weather necessitates, the University will announce its “Plan B” emergency severe weather plan. Under such a plan, operating units that are essential such as Kentucky Clinics, residence halls, UK Police Department, Physical Plant operations, the Computing Center, etc., must remain open due to the nature of their services.

The announcements regarding the cancellation of classes, closure of offices or delay of classes and offices opening will normally be made by 6 a.m. through the local media. The most up-to-date and complete information can be obtained from the UK Infoline at (859) 257-5684, UK TV Cable Channel 16, Digital Cable Channel 219, or the UK websites at and UK Alert will be activated and provide limited information referring people to the UKNow website for more information. It is often difficult for the local media to present complete information, since the local media are handling hundreds of calls. Please refer to the UK websites, UK Infoline, Cable Channel 16, Digital Cable Channel 219, and UK Channel 49 on campus to stay informed.  Early cancellations and dismissals during normal business hours will be announced via broadcast e-mail, UK Infoline and the UKNow ( and UK Home page ( websites as soon as a decision is made by University officials.

In addition to notifying the university community through UK Alerts and traditional forms of local media, the cancellation of classes, closure of offices, or delay of classes and offices opening due to severe weather will also be posted to UK’s official social media accounts on Facebook ( and Twitter ( and

In the event of the CANCELLATION of classes and closure of offices, the following announcement will be made:
"Classes at the University of Kentucky are canceled today   date     and only Plan B employees are required to report to work."

In the event of a DELAYED opening, the following announcement will be made:
"UK classes scheduled to begin before ____ a.m. are canceled.  Classes beginning at ____a.m. and thereafter will meet. Employees are to report to work on a ____-hour delay except those required to report earlier under Plan B."

In the event of an EARLY CANCELLATION of classes and release of staff, the following announcement will be made:
"Classes at the University of Kentucky beginning at ______ p.m. and thereafter are canceled. Employees will be dismissed at ______ p.m. with the exception of those affected by Plan B."

An early cancellation of classes may mean a variation of Plan B for units. The Office of the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration will notify the Office of the Provost, as well as other key administrators, who will need to notify their respective units.

Plan B is the University's emergency severe weather plan implemented when classes must be canceled. or delayed, or offices closed. Plan B requires employees, whose job functions are considered essential, to report to work even when classes are delayed or canceled. or if offices are closed.

Supervisors should develop a Plan B Schedule and inform their employees if they expect them to report to work during delays or cancellations.

Employees who have not been informed that they should report under Plan B do not need to do so. If there are questions about this policy, employees should consult their supervisor.

If employees have been informed they are under Plan B and they do not report to work, they will be subject to corrective action up to and including termination of employment.

To review the University’s official policy, go to, Human Resources Policy and Procedure Number 71.0: University Emergencies Revision 09/02/09.


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