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US Treasury Undersecretary for International Affairs Timothy Adams

James K. Patterson's vision of a unique institution that would educate leaders in both diplomacy and international commerce has more than withstood the test of time. From its very beginning, the school attracted exceptional students ready to tackle the world, and top scholars and practitioners committed to providing an unparalleled educational experience. It benefited enormously from steady, extraordinary leadership for decades, with the contributions of Amry Vandenbosch, Vince Davis, John Stempel, and Carey Cavanaugh still visible today in the structure of the program, the opportunities presented to students, and the success of our graduates. Ranked among the top international studies programs in the world, the Patterson School is truly a lustrous gem. Tomorrow, we hope it will shine even brighter.

Former UK President Lee Todd congratulates Patterson Directors Carey Cavanaugh and John Stempel at Half-time Ceremony Celebrating School's 50th Anniversary

While our "family" is approaching its 60th anniversary, its success is not currently marked by a flashy new building or an immense endowment.** No, the Patterson School's success and impact can be found not in a physical structure or financial account, but with you -- the almost fifteen hundred graduates who have scattered across the planet and sought to make a positive difference. Your determination, your commitment, your excellence are what continues to make the Patterson School great.

** Note: We would certainly welcome having a flashy new building on campus, or even a refurbished historic one, to call home. We also fully appreciate the gains that could be made with a larger endowment.

Alumni Contact Information

We are now working to improve and update our alumni database. Our goal is to improve our records and discover better ways to maintain connectivity with all our graduates and at the same time to facilitate your contact with one another. In theory, the internet should make such contact easy, but truth be told it only works if we and you are able to maintain current contact information.

Our master alumni list has significant gaps. Please make sure that your own information is accurate and, if you are in contact with other classmates who may have been lost, let us know how to reach them.

There are two easy paths to maintain contact. 

First, if you wish to keep up with former classmates or reach out to recent graduates or students, a LinkedIn Patterson School alumni group has been established with membership restricted to only our alumni, students, and current and former faculty. Currently, there are over 430 members participating.

Second, the school seeks to maintain a list of email and home addresses for all of our alumni. This lets us keep you up to date with developments at the school, Patterson events in your area, and news regarding other alumni. This can also enable you to stay in contact, while keeping your contact information much more private. This will shield you from general inquiries and discussions among other groups of alumni, but leave open the possibility for other alumni to contact you specifically. If a classmate approaches the school trying to track down a specific person, and we have the information, we will communicate with you first and seek your permission before facilitating such contact.

All that needs to be done is to fill in and submit the information below.

Patterson School | 455 POT, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506-0027 | 859-257-4666

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