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Ryan Consaul

Catherine Putz ‘11
Special Projects Editor
The Diplomat

“I always expected to work in Washington, DC (my family lived in Maryland), but I would never have guessed that within four years of graduation I would have responsibility for managing a monthly magazine on diplomacy and international affairs and be writing daily reports about security issues in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as key developments in Central Asia and Afghanistan. – ... more

Ryan Consaul

Ryan Consaul ‘05
Staff Director, Subcommittee on Oversight and Management Efficiency,
Homeland Security Committee,
US House of Representatives

“My undergraduate experience as a cadet at Virginia Military Institute (VMI) provided me a strong foundation for my future endeavors. However, I knew that to have a firm edge for my career, I would need to take the next step. My VMI mentor and head of the International Studies Department encouraged me to apply to the Patterson School. It was a life changing decision. – ... more

Brian Hale

Brian Hale ‘05
Director of Public Affairs,
Office of the Director of National Intelligence

“At ODNI, I am responsible for managing all US National Intelligence communication efforts and ensuring coordinated communication outreach on behalf of the 16 agencies and components that make up the Intelligence Community. I must also provide strategic counsel to the Director of National Intelligence on media matters and stakeholder outreach efforts. – ... more

Ashley Givan

Ashley Givan ‘11
Community Health Coordinator - Stop Malaria Project
Peace Corps, Uganda

“I came to Patterson just one year after completing my Peace Corps service in China. My plan was set: focus on women's empowerment and gender equality while majoring in international development. That changed with just one course in Global Public Health. Reading case studies about disease eradication was fascinating. The prospect of helping advance such efforts was infectious. – ... more

Katie Kerr

Katie Kerr ‘07
Vice President - Global Liquidity Risk
Bank of America

“A visit to a friend studying in Europe sparked my interest in the world. After that trip, in addition to always plotting my next foreign adventure, I started to look at everything from a global perspective. I chose Kentucky's MBA program, in part, because it offered the option of a semester-long exchange in France. My classes at Grenoble's Ecole de Management were all internationally focused – ... more

Julia Dzingailo

Julia Dzingailo ‘09
Program Analyst – Belarus
United Nations Development Program

“My interest in other countries and cultures brought me to Belarus' leading linguistic university where I obtained a bachelors degree in English and German. After teaching English there for several years, my career set off in a new direction when I became a program assistant in the International Organization for Migration (IOM) office in Minsk. The job responsibilities were challenging: promote orderly and humane migration – ... more

Angela Feeney

Angela Feeney ‘09
Inside Sales Specialist, OEM
General Cable Corporation

“A 2002 vacation marked a pivotal point in my life – it was the first time I had set foot outside the United States. Haiti and the Bahamas were not just amazing, but life changing. Experiencing new cultures and witnessing lifestyles far different from my own, I connected with my destiny. I left the Caribbean with a personal promise to better understand the world that evolved quickly into an inexorable passion to pursue a global career.– ... more

Nicholas Wilson

Nicholas Wilson ‘05
Special Assistant to the Secretary
United States Air Force

“My journey from the Patterson School to the Pentagon was not direct, but included several essential stops: first at a think tank, then with the aerospace/defense industry, and finally in politics. Working on the 2008 presidential campaign turned out to be just the right ticket to land a political appointment as a special assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force – ... more

Will Cash

Will Cash ‘10
Director of International Supply Chain
Krispy Kreme

“In 2008 I enrolled in a dual degree program offered by the Patterson School and the Gatton College of Business and Economics. This program made it possible to obtain a Masters degree in Diplomacy and International Commerce and a Masters in Business Administration in just two year's time. I wanted an MBA to be able to compete for jobs in the private sector – ... more

Evan Plaskett

K. Evan Plaskett ‘97
Manager-Transatlantic Joint Venture
International Network Planning
Delta Air Lines

“When I came onboard at Delta in 1998, a fellow '97 Patterson alum recalled the first conversation we ever had. Standing together at Dr. Vince Davis' cookout for new students, he had asked where I hoped to go after graduation. My undergraduate studies were in French, international affairs and math, with no formal business training whatsoever ... more

Joshua Mike

Joshua Mike ‘06
Foreign Service Officer
US Agency for International Development

“I always knew that I wanted to work abroad – so much so, that I sold Kit Kat® bars in the main hallway of my high school for a year to raise enough money for a senior year trip to Europe. Sixteen years and 47 countries later, I am living my dream: home based in Bangkok, traveling across China and Southeast Asia promoting development ... more

Amanda Mullikin

Amanda Mullikin ‘10
Resettlement Expert
UNHCR, Kigali, Rwanda

“Three weeks after graduation, I reported for work with the Resettlement Support Center Africa in Nairobi. This NGO's primary mission is processing resettlement cases for the US Worldwide Refugee Admissions Program in Sub-Saharan Africa. Refugees have been my focus and my passion. Indeed, assisting them has become my profession ... more

Richard Wynne

Richard Wynne ‘88
Director for Geopolitical and Policy Analysis
Boeing Commercial Airplanes

“I secured my first full-time position with a defense consulting firm in Pentagon City through the assistance of a Patterson School board of advisors member. The work was rewarding and provided my initial exposure to how Washington works, but my heart was in civil aviation. In 1990, with neither engineering nor commercial aircraft marketing experience, I landed a position at British Aerospace Regional Aircraft, launching a career in an industry that, though occasionally turbulent ... more

Davd Kaluba

David Kaluba ‘07
Principal Economist
Ministry of Finance, Zambia

“I entered the Patterson School with zeal to obtain the skills that would prepare me for a position in banking. I was drawn to this specific program because of the focus on diplomacy and commerce, its strong reputation, and the emphasis on personal development.   The opportunity to come back to Lusaka for an internship at my country’s Central Bank only seemed to confirm my career aspirations. This professional internship not only exposed me ... more

John Ice

John. T. Ice ‘06
Foreign Service Officer
US Department of State

“Non-immigrant Visa Officer, American Citizen Services officer, Prisoners Issues Officer, Immigrant Visa Officer … I got to do it all during my first tour as a Foreign Service officer at U.S. Embassy San Jose, Costa Rica. It wasn’t always easy, but it was always rewarding.

In all of my roles as a Vice Consul, the most satisfying was my work as Children’s Issues Officer… more

Marta Recinos

Marta Recinos ‘09
Strategic Analyst
Ministerio de Economia, El Salvador

“After graduating from the Universidad de El Salvador, I spent six months as a trade policy intern at the Ministry of Economics, worked for a year at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  and then spent three productive years at Exporta El Salvador, my country’s official trade promotion arm.  To advance to the next level, I needed to signigicantly improve my academic and professional skills.  The Fulbright Foreign Student Program and the University of Kentucky ... more

Reggie Gibbs

Reggie Gibbs ‘06
Director, Political Risk, Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion
CV Starr & Co., Inc.

“After six years in the US Marine Corps, I lived in the Mideast and Southeast Asia, working on humanitarian aid and post-conflict reconstruction operations. My plan with graduate school was to build on these experiences and increase my exposure to international security and development. I sought a program that could help meld my past professional activities and new interests into a coherent career strategy. The Patterson School was the perfect match ... more

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