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Brain Images (Non-PET)

Links to Other Brain Scintigraphic Images and Cases

Evaluate for brain death

No spontaneous respirations, evaluate brain perfusion

Cisternography Cases

76-year-old woman with mild dementia, ataxia, and urinary incontinence

CSF Shunt Scintigraphy Cases

The patient is being evaluated for possible shunt malfunction

Other Interesting Links

Atlas of Brain SPECT, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Head images (UMDS)


Skeletal Images

Links to Other Bone Scintigraphic Images and Cases

11-year-old boy with a one month history of right knee pain

65-year-old man with newly diagnosed prostate cancer

Dropped a steel drawer on her left foot 3 months ago

79-year-old woman who noted the relatively acute onset of left knee pain without antecedent trauma

35-year-old woman with wrist and hand pain, being evaluated with bone scintigraphy to determine pattern of joint involvement

54-year-old man with low back pain

19-year-old male with a six month history of Hodgkin's disease

20-year-old man on steroids with back/hip pain

Evaluate for metastatic disease

24-year-old man with left hip pain

65-year-old male with laryngeal carcinoma

Elderly woman with pelvic pain

8-month-old boy who presented initially with constipation

74-year-old woman with chronic left ankle pain and no known history of trauma

63-year -ld woman with a one month history of lower back pain

33-year-old woman with a three month history of left medial clavicular pain

Status post trauma

Increasing right leg pain

Decreased ambulation on the lower left extremity

Worsening right knee pain

Painful palpable mass in the right anterior iliac region

25-year-old woman with complaints of low back and left knee pain for one year

History withheld

71-year-old gentleman with back pain

Evaluate for metastatic disease

Rising PSA level

45-year-old man with diffuse aches, pains, and arthralgias

29-year-old man with left knee pain for several weeks

Breast carcinoma, rule out osseous metastatic disease

Neck pain for two weeks

70-year-old woman with history of ovarian carcinoma

72-year-old man with a history of C3-5 laminectomy and pseudomeningocele, now presents with a history of fever and mental status changes

Intermittent back pain for three months

33-year-old woman with history of breast carcinoma and known osseous metastatic disease

74-year-old woman with back pain an elevated serum alkaline phosphatase level

Heel ulcerations, evaluate for bone infection

Low back/pelvic pain

This patient has continued leg soreness after minor trauma approximately three months previous

17-year-old girl with biopsy-proved left maxillary osteosarcoma

17-year-old male with fatigue, weight loss, and fever


Lung Images (Ventilation and Perfusion)

Normal lung
Pulmonary Embolism

Links to Other Pulmonary Images and Cases

39-year-old female who underwent bilateral lung transplantation and repair of a VSD three days ago

6-year-old status post prior repair of Tetralogy of Fallot

Progressively SOB, rule out PE

Chest pain, question pulmonary embolism

Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath

Acute onset of shortness of breath

7-year-old boy with history of previous pneumonia

66-year-old man with stage IV esophageal carcinoma admitted with right pleuritic flank pain

43-year-old woman with pulmonary hypertension

Shortness of breath

18-year-old male patient with sickle-cell anemia who presented with chest pain



Myocardial Images

Heart Patient #30


Links to Other Myocardial Images and Cases

Myocardial Imaging Cases

Rule out ischemia prior to ECT therapy

This patient is a 54 year old woman being evaluated with myocardial imaging as part of pre- operative assessment

Evaluate for myocardial ischemia

78-year-old man with heart failure

69-year-old smoker with atypical chest pain

Substernal chest pain

Perfusion (only) Scintigraphy Cases

39-year-old female who underwent bilateral lung transplantation and repair of a VSD three days ago

6-year-old status post prior repair of Tetralogy of Fallot

Cardiac Blood Pool Scintigraphy Cases

66-year-old woman with history of cardiac disease who presents with worsening congestive heart failure


Liver Images

Links to Other Liver/Spleen Images and Cases

This patient is a 60 year old man being evaluated for possible splenomegaly

Liver abnormality on computed tomography

48-year-old Vietnam veteran who suffered a shrapnel injury in 1969 requiring thoracoabdominal incision; now with nodules on chest radiograph

Hepatic Blood Pool Scintigraphy Cases

66-year-old man with right upper abdominal pain


Hepatobiliary Images

Links to Other Hepatobiliary Images and Cases

2-month-old boy with new onset acholic stools and elevated GGT

Abdominal pain following T-tube removal

Abdominal pain


Renal Images

Links to Other Renal Images and Cases

This is a 60-year-old man with hypertension undergoing evaluation for renal artery stenosis

33-year-old man with slowly increasing creatinine

Status post renal transplant with recent worsening of function

Past history of colon cancer

Patient with vesicoureteral reflux, evaluate for renal scarring


Thyroid Images

Links to Other Thyroid Images and Cases

26-year-old woman with hyperthyroidism

Patient is status post thyroidectomy for papillary carcinoma with follicular variant

This patient has a known history of papillary carcinoma of the thyroid with diffuse metastatic disease to the lung


Images of Inflammatory Processes

Links to 111In-WBC and 67Ga Images

Indium-111 WBC Scintigraphy Cases

History of splenic abscess, now with enterobacter septicemia raising the question of recurrent abscess

73-year-old woman with fevers and an elevated white blood cell count

Peritoneal dialysis

Abdominal bloating

Gallium Scintigraphy Cases

Patient with lymphoma being evaluated for recurrence

Homosexual male with fever

45-year-old man being evaluated to rule out metastatic disease

36-year-old HIV- positive man presents with persistent fevers



Lymphoscintigraphy: Description and Cases

SPECT Cases and Videos

Case Presentations in Brain SPECT and MUGA scans


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