thyroid(normal #1)

Clinical Indication: 63 year old, white female w/ a history of small cell carcinoma of the lung. Status post chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Dose: 15uCi I131 orally for uptake study - 8mCi Tc-99m pertechnatate i.v. for thyroid scan.

Imaging: images obtained after 3 minutes; pin hole collimator, 15m exposure.

Results: thyroid is of normal size and shape, normal uptake, no areas of uptake outside the thyroid. The I-131 uptake study is within normal limits @ 10.15%.


thyroid (normal #2)

Clinical Indication: 86 year old white female with osteoporosis and high plasma calcium level. Rule out parathyroid adenoma - parathyroid scan.

Dose: 2mCi Tc-99m pertechnatate given i.v.; 15mCi Tc-99m MIBI given i.v.

Results: normal thyroid gland; no nodular changes; no discrepancy between images with 99m -Tc and 99m-Tc MIBI; no extra thyroidal areas of uptake in neck or mediastinum. (No evidence for parathyroid adenoma or hyperplastic parathyroid gland.)


thyroid (abnormal #1)

Clinical Indication: 65 year white female with toxic multinodular goiter for therpeutic dose - 131I therapy.

Dose: 14mCi of I131 solution given orally.

Results: I131 uptake of 46.93%; enlarged thyroid gland with bilateral cold defects consistent with multinodular goiter.


thyroid (abnormal #2)

Clinical Indication: 17 year old female with congenital Fanconiís anemis. who had resection of papillary thyroid cancer; recurrent metastatic thyroid cancer.

Dose: 180 mCi I131 therapy for metastatic thyroid cancer.

Results: residual thyroid bed tissue following bilateral thyroidectomy; local metastasis in and around thyroid bed; metastatic lesion in right cervical chain, superior mediastinum, and base of left lung.


thyroid (abnormal #3)

Clinical Indication: 12 day old female with abnormal thyroid function tests - technetium scan of thyroid.

Dose: 1 mCi Tc-99m - NaTcO4 given i.v.

Results: single region of intense trapping in oropharynx compatible with lingual thyroid.

thyroid (abnormal #4)

Clinical Indication: newborn screen at birth revealed patient to be hypothyroid with elevated TSH - patient has received 4 days of thyroid hormone supplementation.

Dose: 1mCi Tc-99m as TcO4 given i.v.

Results: localization in lower oropharynx suggest ectopic lingual thyroid.