Links to Other Bone Scintigraphic Images and Cases

11 year old boy with a one month history of right knee pain

65 year old man with newly diagnosed prostate cancer

Dropped a steel drawer on her left foot 3 months ago

79 year old woman who noted the relatively acute onset of left knee pain without antecedent trauma

35 year old woman with wrist and hand pain, being evaluated with bone scintigraphy to determine pattern of joint involvement

54 year old man with low back pain

19 year old male with a six month history of Hodgkin's disease

20 year old man on steroids with back/hip pain

Evaluate for metastatic disease

24 year old man with left hip pain

65 year old male with laryngeal carcinoma

Elderly woman with pelvic pain

8 month-old boy who presented initially with constipation

74 year old woman with chronic left ankle pain and no known history of trauma

63 year old woman with a one month history of lower back pain

33 year old woman with a three month history of left medial clavicular pain

Status post trauma

Increasing right leg pain

Decreased ambulation on the lower left extremity

Worsening right knee pain

Painful palpable mass in the right anterior iliac region

25 year old woman with complaints of low back and left knee pain for one year

History withheld

71 year old gentleman with back pain

Evaluate for metastatic disease

Rising PSA level

45 year old man with diffuse aches, pains, and arthralgias

29 year old man with left knee pain for several weeks

Breast carcinoma, rule out osseous metastatic disease

Neck pain for two weeks

70 year old woman with history of ovarian carcinoma

72 year old man with a history of C3-5 laminectomy and pseudomeningocele, now presents with a history of fever and mental status changes

Intermittent back pain for three months

33 year old woman with history of breast carcinoma and known osseous metastatic disease

74 year old woman with back pain an elevated serum alkaline phosphatase level

Heel ulcerations, evaluate for bone infection

Low back/pelvic pain

This patient has continued leg soreness after minor trauma approximately three months previous

17 year old girl with biopsy-proved left maxillary osteosarcoma

17 year old male with fatigue, weight loss, and fever