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UK eStore Frequently Asked Questions

How do departments know that I have purchased the fees?
Your ID card is encoded with the services that you have purchased. Your ID card will be swiped at the location when you are accessing the services that you have purchased. Please keep the invoice generated from the UK eStore as a record.

Am I eligible if I am registered for online courses or courses at multiple KCTCS campuses?
In order to purchase fees a student must have 6 or more traditional in-class hours (not online) at the Cooper, Regency or Winchester campuses. In order to purchase the Athletics Fee a student must have 12 or more tradition in-class hours (not online) at the Cooper, Regency, or Winchester campuses.

Do I need to purchase UK services through the eStore if I live in UK Housing?
No, UK Housing residents will automatically be billed for all UK services through the BCTC Business Office.

Are eStore purchases refundable?
No, all eStore sales are final.

Am I eligible for services offered during the Summer Term if I am enrolled during the Spring and Fall?
No, to be eligible for those services offered during the Summer Term the student must be enrolled at least 6 hours during the Summer Term at the Cooper Drive, Regency Road or Winchester campuses.

Does the $25.00 convenience fee apply if I am paying with cash or check in person?
Yes, the $25.00 fee pays for computer equipment and other administrative costs. It is applicable regardless of payment type each time services are purchased unless the entire package of services is obtained in one transaction. It is recommended that each semester's desired purchases are made at the same time, in order to avoid paying this fee more than once. Staff has no ability to override the automatic fee assessment.

When I login to the eStore why do some of the services appear, but not all of them?
When you login to the eStore, the system automatically checks your enrollment status and only shows the services you may purchase. For example, a student must have at least 12 hours to purchase the Athletics Fee, and University Health Service has enrollment deadlines each semester.

I'm not clear about what a particular service includes. Who should I contact?
If the descriptions on the eStore main page do not answer all of your questions, then click the link to the department providing the service. If you still have questions, please call that department for the most accurate and up to date information.


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