Emergency 911, Main Dispatch Number: 859-257-UKPD(8573), Free Cell Phone Call: #UKPD(8573), 7-8573 Will Not Connect You to the UK Police Department


257-SAFE is the University of Kentucky's One-Number Coordinated Student Safety Services Program.  This resource is designed to be a one-stop repository for links to campus safety oriented services.  These services can be difficult to reach if you can't recall the specific contact information.  To this end, the University of Kentucky Police Department has streamlined this process for the campus community by ensuring all these resources can be reached by calling one simple and easy to remember number.257-SAFE (7233).

257-SAFE is easy to use.  Simply dial 257 and then spell "SAFE" using the alphanumeric keypad on your telephone.  If you have a cell phone without a traditional telephone keypad depicting three or four letters per number (i.e. BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.) you should either pre-program 257-7233 into your contact list or use the alt key to spell out "SAFE" when dialing.  Your smart phone will automatically convert the letters to the traditional telephone number when you press send and connect you as normal.

257-SAFE can connect you to the following services:

University of Kentucky Police Department

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