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Cat's Path and Safety

Campus Safety Tips

By taking a few simple precautions you can reduce your risk of becoming a victim and discourage those who commit crimes.

  • Never isolate yourself from areas that are well lighted and heavily traveled by pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The more you can be seen by others reduces your changes of becoming a victim of crime. The Cat's Path is a good example of this!
  • Walk confidently and at a steady pace.
  • Even when using the Cat's Path you MUST stay attune to your surroundings for your own personal security. Walk with your head up, looking around and being alert to people and activities around you. As you travel, identify a means of escape should something should happen.
  • Trust your intuition! Many of us ignore our internal alerts that signal danger. If it doesn't feel, look, or sound right--It probably isn't! When this happens, remove yourself from the situation and/or call for help.
  • A cell phone can be your lifeline and is a excellent tool to get help, if you should need it. If you don't have a cell phone--GET ONE! Note the #UKPD printed on all the signs that are posted along the Cat's Path. This is a FREE call on all cellular phones to the UK Police Department should you need police assistance. Lastly, use hands-free features when out and about conversing on your phone. This enables more freedom to observe what's going on around you.
  • Whenever possible, travel with a friend. Create a distance between you and doorways of buildings, bushes, and intersecting blind walkways where someone could hide.
  • Don't respond to a stranger's attempt to converse. If you must speak with them, create distance between you and the stranger and make assertive statements. Do not ask questions!
  • If carrying a purse, place the strap across your body with the purse adjusted slightly to your front. When carrying a backpack, wear it as designed with one strap over each shoulder.
  • Pepper Spray is an acceptable tool for self-defense and is the only weapon allowed by the Student Code of Conduct, and Employee Policies. Keep it readily available, as it is not an effective tool if it is hidden away in a book bag or purse. Please note that pepper spray has its limitations, and you should educate yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of this weapon. UKPD can provide you information on this topic.
  • If you think you are being followed by someone--NEVER GO HOME! If you do, the bad guy now knows where you live! GO STRAIGHT TO A PUBLIC LOCATION AND CALL THE POLICE!
University of Kentucky Police Department

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