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A Kentucky Beef Network Program Funded by the Kentucky Agriculture Development Board Developed and Delivered by the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Master Cattleman
2005 Field Day

Master Cattleman Schedule of Events

Master Cattleman
Schedule of Events
by topic


What is the Master Cattleman Program?

Consists of ten 4-hour educational sessions focusing on beef production and the beef industry
Provides participants with a ready reference on the 10 educational sessions and introduces them to several different record keeping programs
Designed to enhance the profitability of beef operations by equipping producers with vital information
Allows producers to talk with specialists and facilitators and share ideas with others





Who can get involved?

Any Producer

Minimum of 25 and a maximum of 35 participants per session

How Much Does it Cost?

Registration fee will be determined by the group

To Complete Program

Attend 8 to 10 sessions and be Beef Quality Assurance Certified


How Can you Get Involved?

Contact your local local Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent or the Master Cattleman Coordinator


The Educational Sessions

Management Skills

Optional Half-Day session at UK's Princeton or Woodford County Research Station


Environmental Stewardship
and Industry Issues
Facilities and Animal Behavior
End Product
Herd Health


Marketing and Profitability


Benefits of the Master Cattleman Program
A Ready Reference of Materials Covered During the Sessions
A Master Cattleman Gate Sign
Preparation for Cow College
Five States Certification


For More information about the Master Cattleman Program
Please Contact:
Jerene Kunkler
Master Cattleman Coordinator
176 Pasadena Drive
Lexington, KY 40503
Phone: (859) 278-0899 Fax: (859) 260-2060 E-mail:

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 race, color, sex, religion, disability, or national origin.