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Computer Help

Please remember that to participate in any kind of online interaction two parts must work together: the website and the user's computer.

We will do our best to provide support for problems that arise due to a flaw in the website we have built and to help you access the course with your computer. However, there are many variables which may cause a problem, some of which we have no control over. Therefore, it is important you have local technical support available to you.

Contact us for technical support if:

  • Any page in this course does not display in full or in part
  • Any link in this course does not take you to the expected destination
  • You have forgotten or lost your username or password

Contact your local technical support if:

  • You cannot reach the Internet as usual
  • You need software installed or upgraded on your computer
  • You need training on how to download documents from the Internet
  • You need training on how to use the software required for this course

We are happy to help you decide if a problem is "local" (with your computer or network) or "server side" (with our course, its server, or network). Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are not sure where the problem lies. Our contact information is listed below.

Phone support for the course is available weekdays from 9am to 4pm ET.

In the continental United States call:
1-877-395-2238 (toll free) or 1-800-490-3924 (toll free)

Participants in Puerto Rico may call collect to:
(859) 323-7024

You may also email us any time at Please allow at least three business days for email response.


Writing Help

Geoff Weiss, Ph.D., is the Writing Specialist for the program and can be contacted for any writing question (style, grammar, review/proof) at

We can also match you up with a mentor from your research area who has sucessfully secured grants to help you refine your grant application. If you are interested, please contact the Course Director, Don Frazier, Ph.D, at


Module Help

If you have a question that pertains to biomedical research or the content of specific modules, you may contact either the Course Director or the Program Coordinator.

Don Frazier, Ph.D., serves as the Course Director. His e-mail address is

Margaret McConnell is the Program Coordinator and her e-mail address is

The Course Director and Program Coordinator are available to answer any questions you have about the course. To reach them call: 800.490.3924 (toll free) or 859.323.7024.


Staff Information

This program is brought to you by:

Donald T. Fraizer, Ph.D.
Course Director and Principal Investigator
Professor Emeritus, Physiology
Director Emeritus, Science Outreach Center

Margot McCullers, Ph.D.
Co-Investigator and Content Specialist
Director, Sponsored Program Development

Donald Witzke, Ph.D.
Co-Investigator and Evaluation Specialist
Assistant course Director, Pathology

Smitha Chopra, B.S.
Computer Specialist, Databases and Programming
Senior Programmer, Teaching & Academic Support Center

Deborah Davis, B.A.
Director, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration

Kathy Grzech, M.A.
Associate Director, Proposal Research Administrator Development Office

Margaret McConnell, B.A.
Program Coordinator
Science Outreach Center

Sean Scott, B.A., C.R.A.
Research Administrator

Ada Sue Selwitz, M.A.
Compliance/Grants Specialist
Director, Office of Research Integrity

Elizabeth Stewart, B.A.
Technical Specialist, Online Module Design
Graphic Artist, Teaching and Academic Support Center
859.257.8272 x232

Geoff Weiss, Ph.D.
Writing Specialist

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