Get Funded: Learn to Write a Competitive NIH Grant


In an effort to assess the effectiveness of the workshops in enhancing the competitiveness of our participants, we have been regularly tracking our 2006 and 2007 faculty cohorts. What we are most proud of is that a number of our participants have recently been successful in securing grants. The type of grants funded include R15s, R21s, K awards, Score grants, MBRS and other small local awards. In addition, some have received good scores and are awaiting funding decisions. The success rate of our past participants is even more significant when you consider the current funding level of the various NIH institutes. We have been very gratified in the correspondence received asserting the positive role the grant-writing workshop and mentoring played in their success. The following are some of their quotes:

"I am happy to inform you that I have submitted my proposal to NIH on Monday for an SC2 grant. I met with my mentor to discuss the proposal prior to submission. I am very excited about the possibility of approval and thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in the Grant Writing Program at UK. I will keep you informed of the outcomes"

"I have been quite busy writing grants, doing experiments, teaching, setting up my lab, etc. After attending the workshop, I refocused a grant I had been writing (with a colleague) for NSF's CCLI Program. We submitted in early May (I think). We just received notice that we have been recommended for funding. I also submitted a NSF CAREER Proposal this past July. In short, the workshop has been very helpful and informative. But, so far, I feel more confident, and learned a few tricks, that seem to be working. I'll keep you posted as things continue to develop."

"Thank you so much for hosting the grant writing program. The instructions that I received in the workshop were indeed quite helpful, and I learned a lot from it with regard to successful grant writing. I have submitted an R15 (AREA) application to NIH/NIDA . It received a quite favorable score of 127 from the initial scientific review, and I am cautiously optimistic that mine will likely be funded by the end of 2007."

"Yes, again, your workshop (we attended two years ago) was very fruitful and we have already submitted two R01's."

"I received MBRS/SCORE funding for a proposal in May of 2007. It is funded for 4 years (thru April 2011). I hope to submit an R01 proposal and/or another SCORE proposal probably in 2009 or 2010 and will be seeking your help in getting outside evaluations and overall writing critiques at that time. All of the help that your program has provided is greatly appreciated."

"It has been a long time since we talked. I only want to tell you that I got a 140 score in my SC1 application (I resubmitted, the first time got a 209). I hope this is of some help for your workshop."

"Grant Writing Workshop at Kentucky was very helpful and gave me a lot of support on my grant writing both technically as well as spiritually. Please give my best regard to everyone as the Workshop who helped us in succeeding grant writing. My R15 got funded for 3 years and my SCORE (SC1) received a score of 139."

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