The goal of the Pneumocystis Expressed Sequence Tag portion of the project is to provide a rapid gene inventory of genes expressed in Pneumocystis.

Two libraries have been analyzed to initiate the Pneumocystis Expressed Sequence Tag portion of the project:  a well-known library produced by Jeff Edman and a recent library constructed by George Smulian.  The Edman library contains multiple short inserts and significant host contamination that prevented its use.  The Smulian library appears to contain long inserts and host contamination of about 15%, an acceptable level for this purpose.  We have entered a production phase on the Smulian library.  We anticipate adding 500 clones per week for the next several weeks and plan to normalize the cDNA library when approximately 2500-5000 clones have been processed.

Data analysis is proceeding on several fronts.  Processing the EST data, access to the data, and  initial blast searches has been spearheaded by Michael Weise at Georgia.  Initial efforts to categorize and review the ESTs in terms of potential functions has been initiated by Chuck Staben (view in HTML or in Excel format).

We have not yet arranged access to the clones themselves.  At this point, should you wish to receive an individual clone or make further inquiries about the libraries, please contact Chuck Staben.

09/30/99 Chuck Staben