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The University of Kentucky´s eleven colleges support more than 24,000 students at the Lexington campus and Chandler Medical Center. Located in the heart of the Bluegrass we invite you to explore to find out more.
The University of Kentucky
 is the premier research university in the Commonwealth of Kentucky characterized by robust research programs, diverse student body, and an outstanding academic climate. Geographic Information Science figures in numerous activities. We have identified ten units in three colleges at the Lexington campus which are engaged in GISci activities (see table below). This website provides an ample idea of the projects these units conduct and potential contributions we can make to geographic information science activities at the national and international level.

Since 1989 students have taken GIS courses  taught by various units at UK. Many of these students have taken up positions with state and local government agencies throughout the state and many private organizations (for instance PlanGraphics, which is one of the leading GIS consulting companies is based in Frankfort). Through University extension activities other out-reach activities lead to the involvement of University personnel in numerous GIS projects around the state.

One very pertinent measure of university GIS activities are the strong linkages to federal and state programs. For instance, the Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS) is collaborating with USGS in developing one of the few 1:24,000 digital scale geological maps in the U.S.. The Department of Civil engineering is working with the state cabinet for environmental protection in developing a watershed quality method relying on GIS. The Department of Classics is collaborating on the Perseus project and producing GIS supported maps of the Mediterranean area in the classical period. These are some of the numerous activities on-going at the University of Kentucky that the following application details.

The following units and colleges have contributed to this application:

 Agronomy (College of Agriculture)
-Anthropology (College of Arts and Sciences)
-Civil Engineering (College of Engineering)
-Classics (College of Arts and Sciences)
-Forestry (College of Agriculture)
-Geology (College of Arts and Sciences)
-Geography (College of Arts and Sciences)
-Kentucky Geological Survey
-Rural Sociology (College of Agriculture)


 Joining UCGIS came at a very fruitful and time of expansion and evolution of our GIS activities. Forestry has just inaugurated a laboratory facility to bring its GIS capacities up to state-of-the-art levels and civil engineering has recently inaugurated a new computer laboratory facility that is extensively supporting GIS teaching and research activities. We believe membership in UCGIS is of great relevance to our activities and will help coalesce the many projects around central scientific issues and assist in furthering the vibrant GIS community.  We are hopeful you will consider this application also as a document of our potential contributions to UCGIS.

Please refer to the UK GIS Web Resources page for more information on specific activities, projects, and units.

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