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Please Note! In the past AnyForm, running on our server at, was available for use on pages anywhere on the web. We no longer provide that service and AnyForm is restricted to use at the University of Kentucky. We cannot distribute the code to AnyForm.

If you have pages on a server in the domain and the results are delivered to an e-mail address in the domain you are supported and no changes are required.

A common requirement for web pages is a form that allows input from the user. This might be to take requests, give exams, or countless other uses. We provide a script called AnyForm to support simple forms that deliver responses via e-mail. We also provide a script called Fileform that supports delivery by e-mail or by writing to a file on the web server.


Using AnyForm from your web pages is quite simple - just include HTML like this in the file (note that "" must be replaced by the actual e-mail address that will receive the responses to the form):

  <form action="" method="POST">
  <input type=hidden name="AnyFormTo" value="">
  Enter here:
  <input type=text name="Input Field">
  <input type=submit value="Submit">

It is important to test your page and form before using it in production. While it is possible to allow the users of the page to enter e-mail addresses that AnyForm can use (in AnyFormTo, for example), that is not recommended. There is virtually no error checking and neither you or the users will likely receive any indication of a failure if the address entered is not correct.


Note that field names are case sensitive!

In addition to the AnyFormTo field, AnyForm also supports AnyFormCC and AnyFormBCC for destination addresses. Any of them will accept a single e-mail address or a list of addresses separated by spaces. All destination addresses must be in the domain.

You can use AnyFormFrom to supply a From address. The default is

Also available is AnyFormSubject to provide a subject header. The default is "Results of AnyForm Submission".


The original AnyForm was written by John Roberts (

This page was last updated on 2004-01-05. Please direct questions and comments regarding this page to


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