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This is a simple skeleton HTML file suitable for a UK department's main page on which includes the standard navigation bar at the top of the page. (This method won't work on servers other than This can easily be included on your page by performing these two steps:

1. Put this line at the beginning of the body section of your HTML file, before any other material:

   <!--#include virtual="/parts/navbar.header" -->

This is a special HTML comment that the web server will interpret (it's called a server-side include). The data stream actually sent to the browser will include the navigation bar code rather than the comment.

2. Mark the HTML file on as executable. You can do this either by setting a flag associated with the file or by using SHTML rather than HTML in the file name (welcome.shtml instead of welcome.html, for example). For the flag method connect to with SSH, log in, use the cd command to get to your directory, and use the command chmod to set the executable flag.

   cd /your/directory/path
   chmod a+x yourfilename.html

Some FTP clients can set this flag directly and thus avoid the need to SSH to the server. Once you have set the flag on a file it will remain set even if you update the file, although if you erase or rename the file and then upload or otherwise create a file with the original name you will need to set the flag again.

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