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This server was in service until January 1997. Information about the current web server is available.

The move to the new server was completed on 21 January 1997.

For the majority of web providers no changes will be needed - the machine will still be known as and no URLs will change - but changes in your files will be required if you use:

Changes may also be required if you are using CGI scripts. Refer to the documentation for these topics for details.

There has also been a change in the way the server handles failed searches. If a URL like this:

didn't find a file or directory named "test" in the location specified it would append ".html" to the name and search for "test.html" in the same location. If that failed it would try ".htm" before giving up. This had the effect of making ".html" or ".htm" at the end of a URL optional. The new server does not make these additional searches, so the complete file name must be specified.

Our current system is an HP 9000/800 series G30 machine running HP/UX 9.04. We provide web services via the CERN web server. The machine is known as and by the alias, which is the name that should be advertised and used in URLs.

The new machine is an IBM PC 704 Server running FreeBSD 2.1.6R. Web services will be provided via Apache 1.2. It will be known primarily as We will provide all the services available on the current system, as well as additional services. See the Apache server pages for more information.

Anyone running into trouble recompiling can contact John Soward at

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