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Required Readings


Leadership in Higher Education


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Role of Communication in Leadership

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Diversity in Higher Education

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Leadership in a Time of Crisis and Emergency Preparedness

Law and Policy Report , #285, Threat Assessment: An interview with Marisa R. Randazzo, Ph.D., April 17, 2008.

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Planning, Budgeting, and Assessment

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Organizational Culture: How to Lead Change

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Recommended Readings


Leadership in Higher Education

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Diversity in Higher Education

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Moody, JoAnn; “Rising Above Cognitive Errors: Guidelines for Search, Tenure Review, and other Evaluation Committees,” (available from the author at


Emergency Preparedness

Schaffhauser, Diane, “7 Best Practices for Emergency Notification,” CampusTechnology, August 2007, p 16-26.


Organizational Culture: How to Lead Change

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