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Department Chairs, School & Academic Center Directors- Contact Information

List of Department Chairs, School Directors and Academic Center Directors contact information sorted alphabetically.

Department/School/Center Name
Accountancy Urton Anderson
Aerospace Studies Gregory Franklin
Agricultural Economics Maynard Leigh
Anatomy and Neurobiology Don Gash
Anesthesiology Edwin Bowe
Animal and Food Sciences Robert Harmon
Anthropology Mary Anglin
Architecture David Biagi
Art and Visual Studies Robert Jensen
Behavioral Science Carl Leukefeld
Biology Vincent Cassone
Biomedical Engineering David Puleo
Biostatistics Richard Kryscio
Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Sue Nokes
Chemical and Materials Engineering Douglass Kalika
Chemistry Mark Meier
Civil Engineering George Blandford
Clinical Sciences Karen Skaff
Communication Elisia Cohen
Community and Leadership Development Gary Hansen
Computer Science Brent Seales
Curriculum and Instruction Laurie Henry
Dietetics and Human Nutrition Sandra Bastin
Early Childhood, Special Ed., & Rehabilitation Counseling Belva Collins
Earth and Environmental Sciences David Moecher
Economics William Hoyt
Educational, School and Counseling Psychology Keisha Love
Educational Leadership Studies Beth Rous
Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation Beth Goldstein
Electrical and Computer Engineering Lawrence Holloway
Emergency Medicine Roger Humphries
English Jeffory Clymer
Entomology John Obrycki
Epidemiology Wayne Sanderson
Family and Community Medicine Kevin Pearce
Family Studies Ronald Werner-Wilson
Finance and Quantitative Methods Bradford Jordan
Forestry Terrell Baker
Gender & Women's Studies Karen Tice
Geography Richard Schein
Gerontology Graham Rowles
Graduate Center for Nutritional Sciences Shuxia Wang
Graduate Center for Toxicology Mary Vore
Health Behavior Richard Crosby
Health Services Management Tyrone Borders
Hispanic Studies Ana Rueda
Historic Preservation Allison Carll White
History Karen Petrone
Horticulture Robert Houtz
School of Interior Design Patrick Lucas
Internal Medicine David Moliterno
School of Journalism and Telecommunications Beth Barnes
Kinesiology and Health Promotion Melody Noland
Landscape Architecture Ned Crankshaw
Management Dan Brass
Marketing and Supply Chain Steven Skinner
Martin School of Public Policy and Administration Merl Hackbart
Mathematics David Leep
Mechanical Engineering L. Scott Stephens
Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics Beth Garvy
Military Science Shawn Umbrell
Mining Engineering Rick Honaker
Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby
Molecular and Biomedical Pharmacology Lisa Cassis
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Douglas Andres
Music Harold Gray
Neurology Michael Dobbs
Neurosurgery Philip Tibbs
Nursing Dean's Office
Obstetrics and Gynecology Wendy Hansen
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences P.A. Pearson
Oral Health Practice Mel Kantor
Oral Health Science Jeffrey Okeson
Orthopaedic Surgery Darren Johnson
Otolaryngology Raleigh Jones
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine C. Darrell Jennings
Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce Carey Cavanaugh
Pediatrics Carmel Wallace
Pharmaceutical Sciences Joseph Chappell
Pharmacy Practice and Science David Burgess
Philosophy Brandon Look
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Gerald Klim
Physics and Astronomy Sumit Das
Physiology Paco Andrade
Plant and Soil Sciences Todd Pfeiffer
Plant Pathology Christopher Schardl
Political Science Ernest Yanarella
Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health David Mannino
Psychiatry Lon Hays
Psychology Robert Lorch
Radiation Medicine Marcus Randall
Radiology Elizabeth Oates
Rehabilitation Sciences Janice Kuperstein
Retailing and Tourism Management Vanessa Jackson
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Education (STEM Ed) Jennifer Wilhelm
Sociology Claire Renzetti
Statistics Arnold Stromberg
Surgery Joseph Zwischenberger
Theatre Nancy Jones
Von Allmen School of Accountancy Urton Anderson
Veterinary Science Mats Troedsson



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