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The governance of the University of Kentucky is vested by law in the Board of Trustees (KRS 164.131). Within the limits set by the State Constitution and the federal and state laws,* the Board of Trustees is the final authority in all matters affecting the institution and exercises jurisdiction over the institution's financial, educational, and other policies and its relation with the state and federal governments.

These Governing Regulations describe the composition, powers, and duties of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky, as defined by Kentucky Revised Statutes, and establish policies and procedures for the performance of its functions. In these Governing Regulations, the Board of Trustees delegates certain responsibilities to the President, the University Senate, the Staff Senate, the Student Government Association, the Graduate Faculty, and the faculties of educational units in order to provide for the responsible and efficient administration of the University and the accomplishment of its goals.

As the chief administrative officer of the University, the President is authorized by the Board of Trustees to promulgate the Administrative Regulations including the Human Resources Policy and Procedures Administrative Regulation, to provide interpretation and implementation of these Governing Regulations, and of the Minutes of the Board of Trustees, and to delineate policies within the sphere of delegated responsibility. Chief administrative officers are authorized to establish unit policies and procedures attendant to their delegated administrative responsibilities.

At an institution-wide level, the University Senate, as a primary educational policy-forming agency of the University, establishes the broad academic policies of the University. Within the limits set by the Board of Trustees and the University Senate, the Graduate Faculty is delegated jurisdiction over programs leading to graduate degrees and has the responsibility to safeguard, promote and assist in the development of research in all fields. Within the limits set by the institution-wide policies of the Board of Trustees, the University Senate, and the Graduate Faculty, the respective faculties exercise the governance role of policy-making responsibility for the instructional, research and service programs of their educational units. The University Senate, the Graduate Faculty, and the faculties of educational units are authorized to issue rules concerning the policy and procedure-making responsibilities that are attendant to their delegated educational policy-making role.

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