Office for Faculty Advancement

Faculty Handbook- Preface



The University of Kentucky is a community of scholar-teachers whose relationships are based on respect and trust, and who are committed to the highest level of quality and integrity in their academic work.  The Faculty Handbook is intended to be an informative, useful guide with general information about the University.  This Handbook does not form any portion of the contract between the faculty member and the institution.

The language in the Handbook does not supersede, supplement, alter, or serve as an official interpretation of the language of official University documents such as the Rules of the University Senate, the Governing Regulations, and the Administrative Regulations (GR and AR), the Code of Student Conduct, the University of Kentucky Bulletin, or other documents which are described in the Handbook.  Specific questions regarding the rights and duties of University employees - including faculty employees - can only be resolved by reference to the appropriate official documents.  You can consult the current, official version of most documents at the web sites listed in text. 

While efforts will be made to update the Handbook, it should be remembered that changes in policies, procedures, and other information are effective as of the date of action or issuance by the appropriate University body even though such changes have not been distributed or referenced in the Handbook.


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