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Faculty Handbook- Research



The University of Kentucky is the largest public research, graduate education, and land grant institution of higher education in the Commonwealth, and it is the only one mandated to perform those functions on a statewide basis.  To fulfill the responsibilities inherent in this unique status, the University of Kentucky has the threefold mission of instruction, research, and service.  Research is one of the most important responsibilities of the UK faculty because it informs and lends substance to the instruction and service components of the mission.  In 1984, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching designated the University of Kentucky as a "Research I" institution.  This status was reaffirmed in 1994.  It is expected that all university faculty contribute to the research enterprise, and by definition, research is a primary, ongoing responsibility of all faculty with appointments in either the Regular or the Research Title series.

The research enterprise at the University of Kentucky is characterized by its broad scope and rich diversity.  It includes all forms of both systematic and creative exploration for the discovery, dissemination and application of new human knowledge and understanding.  Basic and applied research as well as the full range of creative endeavors are encouraged and rewarded at the University of Kentucky because our academic community believes they are of critical importance in their own right and because it recognizes that without them, excellence in instruction and service is impossible.  The following section provides an overview of important elements in the organization of research and critical issues in the conduct of research.  It also summarizes various university research support programs and major shared use instrumentation facilities, services available to assist those seeking and obtaining external funding for research, and items relating to potential products resulting from research activity.


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