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"What to do First" - Resources

This webpage is designed to help new faculty integrate into the University of Kentucky. These "What to do First" items are divided into two sections: Phase I items must be completed before Phase II.


Phase I


Phase II




"What to do First" - Phase I


I-9 & Drug-Free Policy Forms

Form I-9 and the “Drug Free Policy Notification Form” must be completed on or prior to the first day of employment. Employees fall into one of three categories for I-9 purposes:

Each category requires different identification and employment eligibility documentation. You must report to UK Human Resources (main office located in 112 Scovell Hall or satellite office in 317 Wethington Building ) and provide two approved forms of identification (such as birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, immigration paperwork or non-laminated Social Security card (see form for list of approved documents ). All employees, citizens and noncitizens, must complete Form I-9, Section 1, to provide Employment Eligibility Verification as required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. This form provides instructions on the documents that may be presented as evidence of identity and eligibility for employment in the United States. HR staff will complete Section 2 of the form. You must return the original, complete I-9 paperwork and Drug-free form to the Department Administrator in your department or center.

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W-4 Tax Form

The W-4 form is the Federal tax form that enables University payroll to determine what amount should be withheld from your paycheck for Federal taxes. You may obtain this form from your Department Administrator or at . Return the completed form to the Department Administrator in your area.

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K-4 Tax Form

The K-4 is the State tax form that enables University payroll to determine the amount of withholdings that should be deducted from your paycheck for State taxes. You may obtain this form from your Department Administrator or at . Once the form is completed, return it to the Department Administrator in your area.

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Local/City Tax Form

This form is available from your Department Administrator. It establishes your eligibility for exemption from local tax for the following reason(s):

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Faculty and their eligible dependents have a wide array of benefits offerings. Information concerning health coverage, retirement plans, employee education programs and employee housing assistance can be obtained by visiting Employee Benefits at 115 Scovell Hall, or by calling 859-257-9519 or toll free 800-999-2183 and select Option 3 for Customer Service.

You may also visit the Employee Benefits’ webpage providing a multitude of answers for you, including presentations on plans available and online enrollment.

To enroll in Benefits online with your active UK user ID, also called your Link Blue ID, simply visit myUK


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"What to do First" - Phase II


Blackboard- (Bb)

This is UK's online course management system. Instructors may use Blackboard to develop online materials for courses that are either web-enhanced or delivered entirely online.

Click here for a checklist that your department administrator uses to grant you acess. NOTE: the steps highlighted in blue are your responsibility.

Blackboard Help & Resources

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Corporate Compliance Program

UK Medical Center adopted a Corporate Compliance Program in May 1998. All corporate compliance program training is mandatory, and adherence to compliance program standards and procedures is a condition of your employment.

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Direct Deposit

According to University policy, all UK employees are required to participate in “direct deposit” rather than receive a paycheck for each pay period. This simply means that your pay is deposited directly into a designated bank account each biweekly or monthly pay period.

The University permits you to designate any commercial bank, savings and loan institution and/or credit union, which is a member of the NACHA. Your net pay must be directly deposited to your personal bank account (checking or savings) via the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) electronic payment delivery system. You will receive a statement of earnings (pay stub) each pay period that shows your salary and deductions.

You can obtain a direct deposit form from your Department Administrator or online at . Return the completed form with a voided check or deposit slip to your Department Administrator.

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Email Accounts

Your Department Administrator will make arrangements to set up your email account, employee database information and required software access. Click here for an outline of the steps required to grant you acess. NOTE: the steps highlighted in blue are your responsibility.

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HIPAA Training

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 mandates health care providers adopt unprecedented standards related to the protection and security of individually identifiable patient information. The deadline for compliance with the privacy regulations was April 14, 2003.

Because of the scope of the legislation and its projected impact on the University, we have adopted a centralized approach to HIPAA compliance efforts to ensure coordination, prevent duplication, and leverage resources.

HIPAA Training can be found on the internet at the following location:

Take the test and send a copy of the certification to your Payroll Manager or your Department Administrator. Training must be completed within 90 days of your date of hire. Failure to complete compliance training may result in disciplinary action.

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ID Badges (Health Care Colleges)

The six Health Care Colleges require photo ID badges for all faculty and staff as these badges are necessary for lab and restricted area access

ID Badge Information

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ID Cards & Library Access

We are pleased to announce that photo UKID cards are now available for all regular full–time and part–time faculty and staff at the WildCard ID Center in 107 Student Center.

The Provost will cover the cost of ID Cards for all new faculty.

More ID information

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IRIS Statement of Responsibility

This is a document that outlines the employee’s duties and responsibilities with regard to appropriate treatment of information in IRIS, as well as proper use of the employee’s user ID and password information. Employees must read and agree to the statement as a condition for access.

Statement of Responsibility (on-line and requires log-in)

Statement of Responsibility (pdf)

Click here for an outline of the steps required to grant you acess. NOTE: the steps highlighted in blue are your responsibility.

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Lab Safety Classes

The University requires safety training classes to be completed before beginning certain types of work. These requirements apply to all individuals in the covered work, including faculty, staff, students, postdocs, visiting researchers, and volunteers. The schedule for these classes can be found at . Click on the “Training Checklist” to determine what class(es) you should take.

Note: Anyone who works with chemicals in a laboratory must complete the following three classes: Chemical Hygiene Plan/Laboratory Safety , Hazardous Waste , and Fire Extinguisher Use .

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New Employment Orientation: for new faculty concerning employee benefits is available in two convenient options. 1) Visit the Employee Benefits webpage, and view the online benefits presentations or 2) contact Employee Benefits for a one-on-one faculty orientation session by calling 859-257-9519 and select Option 3 for Customer Service.

Provost’s New Faculty Orientation: This orientation is designed to help you quickly become a member of the UK community. The orientation will allow you to gain an insight directly from Provost Subbaswamy about the strategic directives for the University. It includes overviews of the University’s campus, our faculty, our students, teaching and research. But, more importantly the orientation gives you an opportunity to meet peers from across the University. Click Provost’s New Faculty Orientation for details.

College/Department Orientation: As you begin your transition to UK, your college may offer specific college-level orientation sessions as well. Please contact your department administrator for details.


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The University requires that employees have a permit to park in employee lots around campus. The permit for most employees is called the “E” hangtag. You can get the application for your parking permit at web site or you may go directly to the parking office at 721 Press Avenue .

In addition to campus parking, the Medical Center has reserved parking in the Kentucky Clinic, the College of Pharmacy Lot (between the College of Pharmacy Building and the Biological Building). You must contact Safety and Security and Parking at 209 Kelly Building on the availability of the reserved spots.

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Payroll Schedules

A payroll schedule may be found at:

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Preventing Sexual Harrassment

The University of Kentucky policy prohibiting sexual harassment was adopted into the Governing Regulations in 1983. In 1984 the original Administrative Regulation was drafted, with two (2) updated policy revisions to date. Regulation changes are required to ensure the University policy and procedures provide the most effective means to handle complaints of sexual harassment and more importantly, to prevent a future occurrence.


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Room Keys

Key request forms may be printed online here.

The completed key form is taken to the Key Shop located in the rear entry of Donovan Hall (on Rose Street at Huguelet Avenue). There is a $10 deposit required for each key. In some cases this expense may be covered by your department; check with your Department Administrator..

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Tax Treaty Form

Federal Form 8233 allows non-resident aliens (those in the US on J-1, F-1 visas for example) to be exempt from federal taxes due to a treaty between the US and their country. To see if you are eligible, you must go to the Payroll Department, room 340 of the Peterson Service Building . Be sure to take all of your immigration paperwork with you so that the Payroll employees can determine if you are eligible for exemption under specific tax treaties for your country.

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