Purchasing Division

Central Purchasing
Contact Information

322 Peterson Service Bldg.
411 S Limestone
Lexington, KY 40506-0005

Phone: 859 257-9100
Fax: 859-257-1951

SRM Information Page

General Shopper Desktop References - Full Shopper reference materials that reflect training coursework within myUK

1. Shoppers Introduction
2. Punch-out e-Catalogs
3. Free Text Carts
4. Supplementary Materials

All-in-One Quick Reference - Delivery Addresses

How-To Guide for Establishing Roles (.pdf)

Role Combinations Matrix (.docx)

SRM Assistance / Questions

Desktop Reference Materials for e-Catalogs - Customized steps for each supplier e-catalog

Office Depot e-catalog (.pptx)

Dell e-catalog (.pptx)

CDW-G e-catalog (.pptx)

MoreDirect e-catalog (.pptx)

VWR e-catalog (.pptx)
VWR - Convert Shopping List to Shopping Cart (.docx)
VWR - How to See Shipping Status (.docx)

Fisher Scientific e-catalog (.pptx)
Shopping Cart Orders from Fisher Scientific (.docx)

Grainger e-catalog (.pptx)

Steelcase Furniture e-catalog (.pptx)

Life Technologies (.pptx)
DNA Tube Template for Oligo Sequences (.xls)
Life Tech Handling Special Quotes (.pdf)

Herman Miller Furniture e-catalog (.pptx)