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Bid and Proposal Opportunities

This is a list of Invitation for Bids and Request for Proposal opportunities currently available with the University of Kentucky Purchasing Division. In order to review/print available documents, you will need: Internet Explorer 5.0 (or newer) or Netscape 4.7 (or newer) and Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (or newer). Click here for questions.

Bidders are requested to include a CD with their bid response in addition to the printed hard copy of the bid.

Solicitation Number Title Opening/Closing Date at the Time Specified in the Solicitation
K-0728-15 Fitness Equipment for Health & Wellness 3-5-15
UK-1449-15 Perfusion Supplies

Attachment A
UK-1447-15 University of Kentucky Travel Services

Questions & Answers

Addendum #1
K-0738-15 2015 Agricultural Seed, Fertilizer and Chemicals 3-10-15
UK-1555-15 Carbon Monoxide Tube Trailer 3-10-15
K-0735-15 PTS Busses

Addendum #1
UK-1554-15 Asphalt and Related Products 3-18-15
UK-1558-15 Coldstream Research Campus Landscape Maintenance & Lawn Care Maintenance

UK-1556-15 Acquisition of Periodicals

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Questions & Answers
UK-1559-15 Network Support, Pre-Owned Equipment, Configuration and Installation 4-2-15
Solicitation Number Title Pre-Bid Date Opening/Closing Date at the Time Specified in the Solicitation
CCK-2020-15 Project 2362.0
Commonwealth Stadium Renovation / Expansion
Work Category RR, Miscellaneous Metals Rebid
N/A 3-10-15
K-0739-15 Demolition of 515 Oldham Court

Determination of Responsibiliy
Instructions to Bidders
MBE WBE Participation Goals

N/A 3-13-15
CCK-2013-15 Arboretum Bike Trail

3-3-15 3-24-15
CCK-2017-15 Project # 2420.0

Parking Structure Maintenance

Plans Available from UK Planroom
3-10-15 3-25-15
CCK-1990-15 Project 2345.0
Landscaping for Renovate / Expand Gatton Building, BP 2

Plans Available from UK Planroom

Written Questions Due

Request(s) for Architectural & Engineering Services
Capital Construction Project Bid Schedules

Real Estate Leases
Solicitation Number Title Opening/Closing Date at the Time Specified in the Solicitation
  None at this time