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Dell, as well as other OEM's, will no longer be able to sell the Windows Vista operating system to customers as of October 2011. Dell must remove those options prior to October. Dell will begin removing Vista options for equipment orders on August 22 from our Premier website.


UK faculty, staff, and employees can purchase the OptiPlex desktop and Latitude notebooks used by UK at the University's volume discount price. To purchase these deeply discounted products as well as other Dell products under UK's Dell Employee Discount Program and Student Purchase, click www.dell.com/dellu/UKY.

To speak with someone about a purchase of a UK Bundle for personal use: 866-994-2081.

To speak with someone about a purchase of non-UK bundles for personal use 800-695-8133 press option 2 for sales.
Member ID: 126607879

If you would like a quote you can also email MPP_Sales@Dell.com.

For questions please contact:

Angie Lex
Strategic Account Manager for UKY Dell
Dell | US Member Purchase Program
Schedule: 8:00a - 5:00p CST Monday – Friday

Samantha Fowler
UK Program Manager
Dell | US Member Purchase Program
Phone: (512) 728-8967
Email: Sam_Fowler@dell.com


Purchase software by visiting Software Purchase. For instructions on how to use Dell ASAP, see How to Search for Products (PDF), How to Create a License Price List (PDF), or How to Place an Order (PDF). Shop peripherals by visiting Peripheral Purchase.


If you are a first-time user wanting to purchase for your department, you need to register first through the register link. Otherwise click Departmental Purchase to proceed with your purchase.


View the purchase instructions to guide you through the process.

Shipping Address Verification: When ordering from Dell on your departmental procurement card you MUST check the shipping address and/or change the shipping address to be delivered to your department. This section MUST be completed with the correct information. Several orders are being shipped to incorrect departments.


If you are buyer status on the Dell site, go under the Reports drop down and choose Invoices. You may then type in what you put in the PO field when placing your order (ex. Equote number) and it will pull up your invoice to view or print if needed.


For general assistance, including all quotes, order status, and to escalate support questions:
Michelle Thomas (Dell Texas headquarters resource)
Inside Sales Representative
Phone: 800-274-7799 x5139458

To order peripherals, accessories, or other third party components only:
Michelle Thomas (Dell Texas headquarters resource)
Inside Sales Representative
Phone: 800-274-7799 x5139458

For questions related to UK's overall relationship with Dell:
Brad Watkins (locally based resource)
Account Manager
Phone: (859) 285-9198 Brad_Watkins@Dell.com

To order software only:
Edward "Chip" Rahde
Software Sales Specialist
(740) 390-8048 Edward_Rahde@Dell.com

Shannon Persha, Inside Sales Specialist
(512) 728-8693 Shannon_Persha@Dell.com:

Aben Playa (Peripheral / Accessories Quotes)
Enterprise Accessories
Office: (800) 357-3355 ext# 7251460

For questions about enterprise products, including network, servers and storage:
Brad Watkins (locally based resource)
Sales Engineer
Office: (859) 285-9198 Brad_Watkins@Dell.com

Andrew Wilhelm (Dell Texas headquarters resource)
Technical Sales Representative
512-513-9219 Andrew_Wilhelm@Dell.com

For questions about services, including cloud, consulting, managed, application, and training:
Nate Stewart (regionally based resource)
Services Sales Specialist
615.293-9044 Nathan_Stewart@Dell.com

For questions about client virtualization products and services, including WYSE:
Matt Scudder (Regionally based resource)
Cloud Client Computing Specialist
615-926-9885 Matt_Scudder@dell.com

For questions about "close to the box" services, including deployment, infrastructure consulting, support, and training:

Nate Stewart (regionally based resource)
Services Sales Specialist
615.293-9044 Nathan_Stewart@Dell.com

For questions about all other services, including cloud, digital, social, mobility, consulting, managed, application, and business process:

Melissa Rowe (locally based resource)
Services Account Executive
859.619.0486 Melissa_Rowe@Dell.com

Automated Order/Service Call Status: (800) 433-9014
Education Employee Purchase Program: (800) 695-8133
Customer Care: (returns, missing/wrong/damaged) (800) 981-3355 option 4 or www.dell.com/public-ecare
Premier Page Assistance: (877) 542-3355
Check Order Status: https://support.dell.com/support/order/status.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=gen
Technical Support: (800) 234-1490 or www.support.dell.com
Pro Support: 866-516-3115
Spare Parts for Dell Systems: (800) 357-3355 option 4 or www.dell.com/parts

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