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Employee/Departmental FAQs

Student FAQs

Desktop Standards

Available Software

Employee/Departmental FAQs

Q: How do I edit my Dell Premier Site information?

A:Step 1: Customer logs into Premier, clicks Account options then select Edit Personal Information. Step 2: Customer changes name, and adds an extra character to their email address (i.e. change "yourname@email.uky.edu" to " yourname2@email.uky.edu", click Submit. Step 3: Remove extra character from email address: yourname2@email.uky.edu to yourname@email.uky.edu, click Submit.

Q: Can I get the exact same price for a personal purchase of a computer that the University gets for departmental purchases? (back to top)

A: Standard configurations shown on the University Purchase side of the ebuy site through Dell are available on the Personal Purchase side for the same price (plus shipping). When changing the configuration, or ordering items other than the standard configurations, a change in price may occur which may not reflect the same change on the departmental side. The university does get a discount for personal purchases for items other than the standard configurations. The personal discount and departmental discount are different, due to volume, and therefore cannot be compared for non-standard configurations. The best way to compare your personal purchase pricing is to configure it on the www.dell.com site and see your savings.

Q: Why do I not have a checkout button on the Dell premier site? (back to top)

A: There are three different levels to order from Dell. They are 'shopper', 'buyer' and 'site buyer'. Everyone defaults to a 'shopper' status when registering with Dell. The 'shopper' can make quotes and view their quotes, but not purchase. The 'buyer' can make quotes, view and purchase their own quotes, but cannot see anyone else's quotes. The 'site buyer' can review, create, and purchase all available Equotes. To change your status contact the University of Kentucky's Account Manager, Chasity Parrett at chasity_parrett@dell.com, or phone: 800-274-7799 ext.7245694.

Q: How do I purchase for my Department? (back to top)

A: With implementation of SAP on October 1, 2005, there are now two ways to purchase at the University of Kentucky.

Procurement Card — B-3-2-1-G

Technology related to equipment and supplies may be purchased on the University's technology purchasing website, ebuy. Orders up to a cardholders single transaction limit may be charged to the Procurement Card. Procurement Card Policy does not allow the purchase of Capital Equipment on the Procurement Card. The only exception to this policy is Dell Computer orders. They may be charged to the Procurement Card up to the $5,000 limit. Dell Computer orders exceeding the $5,000 limit and all other Capital Equipment and non-contract computer orders will continue to be restricted from the Procurement Card and must be purchased through the University's online system, SAP.


If your purchase is over $5,000, or a vendor does not accept the procurement card, you will then need to create an online requisition in SAP using the information from your quote obtained from the vendor and process the order through Purchasing. You may then fax the quote with your requisition number on it to 7-1951. For more information on SAP, visit www.uky.edu/iris.

Q: What are preferred vendors? (back to top)

A: These are vendors who have, through a competitive solicitation process, agreed to a contract with the University of Kentucky to provide products at substantial discounts based upon the University's volume. Overall, these vendors represent the best value for the University.

Q: How do I find a particular preferred vendor? (back to top)

A: All preferred vendors offering computer and technology related products may be found on the University of Kentucky's computer purchasing portal, ebuy, at http://www.uky.edu/ebuy/.

Q: How do I register with our preferred vendors to make on-line purchases? (back to top)

A: Each preferred vendor has their own method of registration. Simply link to the vendor's website where you wish to make a purchase and follow the instructions. For additional information please you may link to IT Customer Service Center on the ebuy website.

Q: How long will it take to get my order delivered? (back to top)

A: Order lead times vary with each vendor, the product, and inventory availability. Standardized bundles of desktop and laptop computers typically ship in 3 to 5 days. To learn each order's ship date, check the vendor's website or contact the appropriate sales representative.

Q: How can I check on the status of an order? (back to top)

A: All vendors provide an order confirmation number when an order is placed. The status of the order can be checked either on-line or by contacting the vendor sales representative.

Q: Where can I get technical assistance, such as choosing a system configuration? (back to top)

A: Link to the IT Customer Service Center on ebuy.

Q: How do I return items? (back to top)

A: Check each vendor's website or contact the appropriate sales representative.

Q: Where will items be delivered? (back to top)

A: Items will be delivered directly to the department's Ship To address as indicted during the order placement process.

Q: Who do I contact with questions on invoices? (back to top)

A: Contact the person listed on the invoice or the preferred vendor's sales representative as shown on their website.

Q: Why can't I order from a supplier I want? (back to top)

A: Contracts are competitively negotiated based on total University volume to obtain the deepest discount and best overall value. It may be true that on an exception basis a better price might exist on a particular item. However, such "cherry picking" erodes the power of our volume leverage. By honoring preferred vendor contracts, the total price paid over time is the most advantageous and it will serve to maintain attractive price discounts in future contract solicitations.

Q: Can I make personal purchases with preferred vendors? (back to top)

A: In most cases, UK preferred vendors have agreed to extend institutional prices to faculty, staff and students for personal purchases. Check each vendor's website for more information.

Q: What do I do if I wish to lease/purchase computers? (back to top)

A: If you are interested in the lease/purchase of computers contact Becky Purcell in the Purchasing Division at rpurcell@email.uky.edu

Student FAQs

Q: Where do I purchase Microsoft office? (back to top)

A: For personal purchases (Students, home use, etc), visit On The Hub.

Q: Do I click on Personal or University purchases if I want to buy a Dell computer? (back to top)

A: Personal

Q: How do I order a new i386 Desktop/Laptop? (back to top)

A: Follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to ebuy.
  2. Click on the "Yourself" link next to Recommended Dell Equipment.
  3. Select, and customize if desired, the systems you wish to purchase. If you wish to build your own system, you will need to view the Full Catalog for those options. Instructions are on the right of the pre-configured bundles.
  4. Select the Check Out option.
  5. Enter your Credit Card or billing information.

Q: How do I purchase an Apple computer? (back to top)

A: Apple computers can be purchased through existing contracts. Please navigate to http://www.apple.com/ to place your order. You will need to select the Education Link and type in 40506 for the Zip Code. Select the University of Kentucky from the Selection box.

Q: Do I need to bring a computer? (back to top)

A: These days nearly all incoming students own a computer on campus, but you are neither required nor expected to have one. The University of Kentucky maintains computer labs across campus encompassing approximately 1,000 seats. Additionally there are some labs maintained by Colleges and Departments including Mac and UNIX machines.

Q: Can I bring the old family computer? (back to top)

A: As long as the computer can run the programs you want and need it to, you should be fine. You may want to check with your department or college to check for specific requirements, especially if you are thinking of purchasing a new computer.

The University maintains recommendations for our Academic Systems at http://www.uky.edu/ukit/hardwareguide. If you are thinking of purchasing a new computer, you may wish to check out the deals at ebuy.

If you want to connect your computer up to the ResNet network, it is strongly recommend that you review the requirements posted at http://www.uky.edu/Housing/resnet/.

Q: If I am going to buy a new computer, should I buy it at home or wait until I am on campus? (back to top)

A: There are strong arguments for both choices, but most students make purchases before they come to campus.

Purchasing ahead of time gives you a chance to evaluate the machine, and become comfortable with the way it works. You will also be able to hook up to the ResNet network immediately upon arrival and activate your Internet access.

Making the purchase after arrival gives you the chance to evaluate several factors that may influence your decision such as dorm room size, proximity of computing labs, and wireless access locations.

For assistance in deciding what computer or software to purchase please contact the appropriate technology coordinator for your major.

Q: Should I purchase a Laptop or Desktop? (back to top)

A: This depends on both your study style and your budget. Desktops offer greater computing power and better ergonomic support for less money than laptops, while laptops offer mobility and access to wireless internet at wireless hot spots.

For more information on Wireless, please see Wireless.

For assistance in deciding what computer or software to purchase please contact the appropriate technology coordinator for your major.

Q: Should I purchase a Windows or Mac machine? (back to top)

A: You should check with your college or department for specific recommendations related to your field of study. Both Windows and Mac machines have their advantages and disadvantages. Windows machines have a wide variety of applications available, and most computing activities outside of academia utilize the Windows environment. Mac machines tend to be less susceptible to viruses and spyware than their Windows counterpart is, but there is less available software.

Times are changing however, and as the Mac platform becomes more popular it may see an increase in available software and a higher susceptibility to spyware as malicious developers target it.

It is strongly recommend that you check with your college or department for recommendations related to your field, and then try out both systems in the labs on campus. This will allow you to make a balanced decision based on several factors.

For assistance in deciding what computer or software to purchase please contact the appropriate technology coordinator for your major.

Q: What features should I get on my new computer? (back to top)

A: The University maintains base software requirements for our Academic Systems at http://www.uky.edu/ukit/hardwareguide, and all the systems offered through our Preferred vendors meet or exceed these standards.

For assistance in deciding what computer or software to purchase please contact the appropriate technology coordinator for your major.

Q: What do I need to connect my computer to the ResNet network? (back to top)

A: Please see the ResNet information page for what to bring with your computer.

Q: Can I connect my computer to the wireless network? What do I need? (back to top)

A: The wireless system at UK does not cover the entire campus. At present it is located in select locations only. Most dorm room desktop computers will not be in range of the wireless network, however laptop users should be able to find many places on campus that will afford them the chance to connect to the wireless network. Please see the wireless information page for full details.

Q: Will there be someone to help me set up my computer? (back to top)

A: You will be expected to set your computer up and get it running yourself. Instructions will be provided detailing how to establish a connection to the ResNet network. If you have questions or concerns with this process please contact ResNet; their contact information is available on http://www.uky.edu/Housing/resnet/stuhelp.html

Q: Where can I turn if I still have questions? (back to top)

A: If you have questions, the IT Customer Service Center should be able to assist you or get you in touch with those that can. The IT Customer Service Center can be reached at (859) 218-4357. See their website for their hours.

Q: Where can I purchase accessories? (back to top)

A: For accessories, the University has three authorized vendors: Dell, Office Max, and More Direct. Accessories can be purchased online directly by following the link off the main ebuy page. Office Max has a website at OfficeMax. Purchases from More Direct can be made at More Direct.

Desktop Standards

Q: Does the University have any general guidelines on what type of computer I should purchase? (back to top)

A:The University maintains recommendations for our Academic Systems at http://www.uky.edu/ukit/hardwareguide. Students should check with their college or degree program and Faculty/Staff should check with their department's IT staff in order to meet requirements specific to those programs or departments. Contct information for departments can be found at http://www.uky.edu/Purchasing/ebuy/student.php.

Available Software

Q: What software is available to me? (back to top)

A: The University maintains several site licenses that enable Students, Faculty, and Staff to utilize software free of charge. This software is available via the UK Download service at UK download. You will need to use your link blue account to access licensed software.

Q: Does the University have a license that allows me to use Microsoft products such as Windows XP, Office 2003, etc? (back to top)

A: The University has a license that allows Faculty & Staff to use certain Microsoft products on their work machines, as well as some limited use rights for using the software on their personal machines. This software is available via the UK Download service at UK Download. You will need to use your U-Connect account to access licensed software. To check your eligibility for this software please see UK Software.

Contacting Us for Additional Help

Q: Whom can I contact for help in setting up my computer on the ResNet network? (back to top)

A: ResNet can be reached at (859) 323-4948 option 2, or via their website at ResNet.

Q: I have a question not covered in this FAQ, who can I contact for more information? (back to top)

A: The IT Service Desk can be reached at (859) 218-4357, check their site for their support hours. They will be able to answer your questions, or help get you in contact with those that can.

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