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UK strongly recommends that students come to campus with their own laptop or tablet. There are some suggested minimum specifications available at www.uky.edu/its/student-hardware-software-guidelines.

Students are eligible for discounts at most approved vendors. Simply select the category of item you are interested in purchasing and follow any links or instructions for personal or non-institutional purchases.

Some software is available for students to download directly from the campus download server. Other commercial software and specific peripherals (scanners, cameras, color printers, etc.) are available for use in the computer labs.

Various questions about the selection and purchase of equipment and software have been answered in the FAQs.

Contacts for Students/Parents Seeking Technology Information

For assistance in choosing a computer or software, please contact the person below associated with your college major.

Agriculture Chris Canjar 859-257-7769
Arts & Sciences Scott Bradley *Email Only
Business & Economics Matt Cosgrove 859-257-5892
College of Communications
& Information
Rob Hicks *Email Only
Dentistry Jeffrey Tyler Witty 859-323-6004
Design Joe Brewer 859-257-9413
Distance Learning Alex Cutadean 859-257-4052
Education Josh Boldt 859-257-3791
Engineering H. Lynn Tilley 859-257-3452
Fine Arts David Crossen 859-218-1349
Graduate School Please pick the appropriate home college on this list.
Health Sciences Barret May 859-218-6608
Law Derek Rockhill 859-257-8047
Martin School Scott Bradley *Email Only
Medicine Stephen Welch 859-323-0009
Nursing Jason Harris 859-323-3433
Pharmacy Todd Sizemore 859-323-0236
Social Work Gary Trumble 859-257-6662

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