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Welcome to the Purchasing Division

The mission of the Purchasing Division (including Central Purchasing, Hospital Purchasing, and Capital Construction Procurement) is to provide service and support, in a legal and professional manner, to purchase quality goods and services at the best value to the University Community.

Purchasing News

A new Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) e-catalog for Life Technologies (which includes Invitrogen and Applied Biosystems products) is now available within myUK for order placement. The e-catalog includes the full line of products, including custom primers, available from Life Technologies and its related brands. Shoppers can also load custom quotes from within the e-catalog along with applying promotional codes for special pricing, when applicable. The e-catalog will facilitate all purchases currently transacted on procurement card or Free Text Shopping Carts.

Departments other than those within College of Medicine (COM) will have an acclimation period through June 30 and may begin using the e-catalog or continue to use procurement card. After June 30, all purchases from Life Technologies for departments outside COM will be restricted to the e-catalog.

College of Medicine departments have immediate access to the catalog and have a one-month acclimation period. COM Shoppers may begin using the e-catalog during this time or continue to use procurement card. After July 15, all purchases for College of Medicine will be restricted to the e-catalog.

Life Technology orders placed for pickup at the Gluck Supply Center, for all departments, may continue through July 15 using procurement card. After this time, Gluck ordering will move to the e-catalog and procurement card may no longer be used for Gluck pickup orders.

A step-by-step training guide is located on the Purchasing website at: http://www.uky.edu/Purchasing/docs/lifetechecatalog.pptx. Questions can be directed to srmhelp@uky.edu.

Purchasing has issued a newsletter for April with information on fiscal year-end closing, VWR rebates, Steelcase e-catalog, upgrades to Dell e-catalog, purchase reporting resources, and more. Previous newsletters continue to be available below:

January 2016
October 2015
July 2015
April 2015
January 2015

Effective March 23, a new e-catalog is available within Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) for Steelcase Furniture. Steelcase, via its local dealer Office Resources Inc. (ORI), is a leading provider of office furniture to the University. Most commonly purchased products (chairs, file cabinets, bookcases, tables, etc.) are immediately available for ordering within the e-catalog. Shoppers can customize items from an array of colors, fabrics, etc. and place into their cart to order. Larger, more complex quotes for cubicles, etc. are written by an ORI sales representative and placed onto the e-catalog; Shoppers can transfer all items within a customized quote into their Shopping Cart to order.

Purchases of Steelcase furniture by academic campus should be via SRM Shopping Cart. There is a two-week acclimation period for academic campus Shoppers to transition to the e-catalog; after April 6, purchases via procurement cart will no longer be permitted. If needed a step-by-step guide for the new e-catalog is available on the Purchasing website for those holding the Shopper role (http://www.uky.edu/Purchasing/docs/steelcaseecatalog.pptx).

Important Note for College of Medicine (COM) Shoppers: A customized catalog is under development specifically for COM and will be loaded later this summer. In the interim, please continue your current applicable method for purchase of Steelcase products. College of Medicine utilizes a furnishings standards policy and only specific products/options may be purchased. The Steelcase dealer representative for College of Medicine is Susan Durham, email sdurham@oriusa.com. Note: Hospital areas do not currently use SRM e-catalogs for Steelcase purchases.

The Year End Cut-Off Letter for fiscal year 2015-16 has been issued and is available here.

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