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Media Design and Television Production Contracts

Contracts have been awarded to the following companies for Media Design & Television Production. These vendors have demonstrated the ability to work with a large university to deliver quality media design production services. Departments may choose to work with any of the three vendors listed. Should you have any questions regarding specific services, you may contact the representative listed or Rex Stidham in Teaching & Academic Support Center at 859-257-8272 ext. 231.

Click on the links below to view the contracts.

Studio Link Inc.
640 W Maxwell St. Ste 110
Lexington KY 40508
Phone: 859-253-9288
Fax: 859-231-8365
Representative: Jack Petrey
Contract # UK-0370-4A (pdf)

Hammond Communications Inc.
173 Trade St.
Lexington KY 40511-2608
Phone: 859-254-1878
Fax: 859-254-4920
Representative: Al Greenfield
Contract # UK-0370-4C (pdf)

Video Editing Services Inc.
215 E High St.
Lexington KY 40507
Phone: 859-255-9049
Fax: 859-281-6537
Representative: Arthur Rouse
Contract # UK-0370-4B (pdf)