Purchasing Division

Central Purchasing
Contact Information

322 Peterson Service Bldg.
411 S Limestone
Lexington, KY 40506-0005

Phone: 859 257-9100
Fax: 859-257-1951

Purchasing Commodity List



Commodity Contracting Officer
Accounting Services John Deans
Accreditation John Deans
Adding Machines Becky Purcell
Advertising Becky Purcell
Aero-Medical & Ambulance Services John Deans
Agriculture Equipment & Supplies (Farm Animals, Feed, Seed & Labor) Becky Purcell
Air Conditioners and Refrigeration Jim Sutton
Air Filters Matt Spalding
Air Charter Services Naomi Emmons
Air Vehicles (Purchase, Rental and/or Supplies Airplanes, Helicopters, Spaceships, etc) John Deans
Amusement Contracts Naomi Emmons
Anesthesia Products Debbie Riggs
Animals, Equipment and Supplies (Farm) Becky Purcell
Animals, Equipment and Supplies (Research) Debbie Konichek
Architectural & Engineering Contracts Mike Mudd
Art Objects-Paintings, etc. Wendy Brown
Art Supplies Wendy Brown
Asbestos Abatement Jim Sutton
Asphalt Jim Sutton
Athletic Apparel & Equipment Naomi Emmons
Audio/Video Equipment, Supplies & Production Film Clips, Slides, Tapes, etc. Wendy Brown
Auctioneer Naomi Emmons
Auditing Services John Deans
Automatic Analyzers & Supplies Debbie Konichek
Automotive Parts John Deans
Awards, Plaques & Trophies Becky Purcell
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Bandages Debbie Riggs
Banking Service Contracts John Deans
Bearings Matt Spalding
Belts Jim Sutton
Beverage Pouring Rights Naomi Emmons
Biological Supplies Debbie Konichek
Blinds & Draperies Craig Locke
Boiler Control Maintenance Jim Sutton
Books, Printed Becky Purcell
Books, Electronic Joyce Holmberg
Book Binding, Manufacturing & Publishing Becky Purcell
Bookstore Naomi Emmons
Broadcasting Rights Naomi Emmons
Building Materials Hardware Supplies & Services Matt Spalding
Bulk Liquid Oxygen Contract - Hospital Debbie Konichek
Bulk/Metered Mail Wendy Brown
Burn Dressings Debbie Riggs
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Cable Television Services Wendy Brown
Calculators Becky Purcell
Cameras, Digital Wendy Brown
Cameras, Photographic Wendy Brown
Capital Construction Projects Mike Mudd
Capital Equipment - Medical Paul Reister
Cardiac Catheterization Supplies & Accessories Paul Reister
Cardiovascular Catheters Paul Reister
Carpet/Rugs/Floor Covering & Installation Matt Spalding
Cash Registers Becky Purcell
Catering Wendy Brown
Cell Phones Wendy Brown
Chemical (Maintenance, Pool, Grounds & Agriculture) Debbie Konichek
Chemical Waste Debbie Konichek
Chemicals - Research Debbie Konichek
Cleaning Services & Contracts Wendy Brown
Clinical Laboratory Prime Vendor Debbie Riggs
Clinics, Doctors, Hospital Payments Naomi Emmons
Coal Jim Sutton
Collection Services John Deans
Communication Equipment, Supplies & Services, Radios, Cell Phones, Pagers & Voice Mail Service Wendy Brown
Computer Equipment, Supplies & Software, Hardware, Memory, Modems, Pripherals, Software Licenses, iPads, Kindles Joyce French
Computer Maintenance Agreements Joyce French
Concessions Naomi Emmons
Concrete and Masonry Supplies & Installation (non-CPMD) Jim Sutton
Concrete Installation (non-CPMD) Jim Sutton
Construction Contracting (PPD, Housing, Agr) (Non-CPMD) Jim Sutton & Matt Spalding
Consulting Services Suellen Bowling
Contract Review (Legislative) Barry Swanson
Copiers Craig Locke
Copy Equipment & Supplies, Printers & Scanners Craig Locke
Copyrighted Materials Joyce French
CPMD Projects Jim Sutton
Custom Procedural Packs - Anesthesia Debbie Riggs
Custom Procedural Packs - O.R. & Cath Lab Debbie Riggs
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Dental Equipment, Supplies & Services Debbie Riggs
Diapers (Infant & Adult) Debbie Riggs
Dictating Machines Becky Purcell
Digital Cameras Wendy Brown
Diplomas & Diploma Covers Becky Purcell
Disposable Gowns Debbie Riggs
Disposable Packs & Accessories Debbie Riggs
Document Imaging Craig Locke
Document Imaging (Plan Room) Jim Sutton
Door Closures Including Installation - CPMD Matt Spalding
Door Frames & Metal Doors & Installation (non-CPMD) Matt Spalding
Drafting Equipment & Supplies Debbie Konichek
Dry Ice Debbie Konichek
Dues & Memberships (Institutional) Naomi Emmons
Duplicating Services Craig Locke
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Editing & Proof Reading Services Becky Purcell
Electric Motors, Parts & Services Matt Spalding
Electrical Supplies & Services Matt Spalding
Electronic Laboratory Equipment (Research) Debbie Konichek
Electronic Reading (e-books, magazines, periodicals, etc.) Joyce French
Elevator Maintenance and Repair Jim Sutton
Employee Benefits Program John Deans
Employee Flexible Spending Account John Deans
Employee Meals and/or Refreshments Naomi Emmons
Endoscopic Supplies & Accessories Paul Reister
Endowment Investments John Deans
Entertainment Agreements Naomi Emmons
Equipment - Hospital, Dental & X-Ray Paul Reister
Equipment - Purchase & Rental (Construction & Heavy) Jim Sutton
Exam and Surgeon Gloves Debbie Riggs
Examination Fees Naomi Emmons
Exhibit Fees Becky Purcell
Express Mail Services Wendy Brown
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Fabrics Craig Locke
Farm Equipment (Leasing, Rental & Repair) Becky Purcell
Facsimile Equipment (FAX) Craig Locke
Feeding Pumps & Sets Debbie Riggs
Fertilizer Becky Purcell
Filing Systems Craig Locke
Film Clips, Slides, Tapes Wendy Brown
Fire Alarm Equipment, Inspections, Supplies & Services (PPD) Jim Sutton
Fittings (Swagelock) Matt Spalding
Flags Becky Purcell
Flowers for Classroom or Official Functions Naomi Emmons
Food & Catering Wendy Brown
Food Service Equipment Wendy Brown
Forms (Pre-Printed) Paul Reister
Freight, Express Mail Wendy Brown
Fund Raising Activities Naomi Emmons
Furnishings Craig Locke
Furniture Craig Locke
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Gases - Industrial, Bulk, Liquid & Cylinder Debbie Konichek
Gases - Medical, Patient Care & Sterilizing Debbie Konichek
Gases - Propane Debbie Konichek
Gases - Research, Mixtures & Ultra High Debbie Konichek
Gasoline (Fuel, Oil & Lubricants) John Deans
Gasoline Credit Card Program (Voyager) John Deans
Glass & Replacement Glass Matt Spalding
Gloves, Exam & Surgeon Debbie Riggs
Golf Carts - Replacement, Service & Rental John Deans
Guest Expenses Naomi Emmons
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Hand and Power Tools Matt Spalding
Health Insurance Benefits John Deans
HealthCare Service Agreements Paul Reister
Honorarium Payments Naomi Emmons
Hospital Instruments Paul Reister
Hygiene Products Debbie Riggs
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Imaging Products, Medical Paul Reister
Implants (Hip, Knee, Spinal) Paul Reister
Imprest Cash Fund (Establishment & Reimbursement) Naomi Emmons
Incontinence Supplies Debbie Riggs
Instruments, Hospital/Medical Debbie Riggs
Insurance John Deans
Intercom Systems Wendy Brown
Interprepters Naomi Emmons
Interviewers Naomi Emmons
IV's Paul Reister
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Janitorial Supplies & Services Wendy Brown
Jewelry & Watches Becky Purcell
Judges Naomi Emmons
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Laboratory Animals, Equipment, Supplies & Feed Debbie Konichek
Laboratory Deionizers Debbie Konichek
Laboratory Equipment & Supplies (Research & Scientific) Debbie Konichek
Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services Wendy Brown
LCD Projectors Wendy Brown
Leases Agreements/Contracts (All) Becky Purcell
Legal Services John Deans
Legislative Review Barry Swanson
Lighting Equipment & Supplies Matt Spalding
Linens (Hospital) Paul Reister
Lockers Craig Locke
Locks & Door Closures, including installation Matt Spalding
Lodging Accommodations Naomi Emmons
Lumber & Services Matt Spalding
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Mail Equipment, Services & Supplies Wendy Brown
Managed Print Services (Copy Equipment & Supplies, Duplicating Equipment, Printers, Fax and Scanners) Craig Locke & Naomi Emmons
Material Handling Equipment, Supplies & Services Jim Sutton
Mattresses Craig Locke
Medical Instrumentation & Repair Paul Reister
Medical Services to Patients & Students Naomi Emmons
Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor Debbie Riggs
Medical Surgical Supplies: Bandages, Burn Dressings, Disposable Packs & Accessories, Needles & Syringes, Sterile Packaged Items, Wound Care Dressings, Hand Soaps and Lotions Debbie Riggs
Medical Training Aids Paul Reister
Memorandums of Agreement Suellen Bowling
Memorandums of Understanding Suellen Bowling
Memory Joyce French
Metals, plastics, scrap materials Debbie Konichek
Minority & Disadvantage Business Liaison Naomi Emmons
Modems Joyce French
Moving Services Wendy Brown
Multi-Media Rights Naomi Emmons
Music & Music Books Becky Purcell
Musical Instruments Becky Purcell
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Natural Gas Jim Sutton
Needles & Syringes Debbie Riggs
Novation Agreements Paul Reister & Debbie Riggs
Nuclear Wastes Debbie Konichek
Nuts and Bolts Matt Spalding
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Office Equipment (Dictating Machines, Adding Machines, Calculators, Typewriters) Becky Purcell
Office Supplies Becky Purcell
Operating Room Supplies Paul Reister
Outside Laboratory Testing Debbie Riggs
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Pagers Wendy Brown
Paint Supplies & Services Matt Spalding
Paper Products Wendy Brown
Parking Equipment & Services John Deans
Patient Care Supplies: Diapers - Infant & Adult, Hygiene Products, Incontinence Supplies, Pillows, Plastic Products Debbie Riggs
Patient Expenses for Meals & Lodging Naomi Emmons
Patient Related Items Debbie Riggs
Pavilion A (New Hospital) Paul Reister
Per Diem Contracts Mike Mudd
Peripherals Joyce French
Personal Service Contracts Suellen Bowling & Naomi Emmons
Pest Control Services Debbie Konichek
Pharmaceuticals (Radio) Debbie Riggs
Photographic Equipment & Supplies Wendy Brown
Photography Wendy Brown
Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation Products Debbie Riggs
Pillows Debbie Riggs
Plastic Products, Medical Debbie Riggs
Plumbing Equipment, Supplies & Services Matt Spalding
Postage Meters & Equipment Wendy Brown
Power Tools Matt Spalding
Printers Craig Locke
Printing Equipment Becky Purcell
Printing, Typesetting Equipment & Supplies Becky Purcell
Printing Services Becky Purcell
Procurement Card, University Naomi Emmons
Production Services, Video / Audio Wendy Brown
Projectors, Multi-Media Wendy Brown
Projectors, Slide Wendy Brown
Promotional Items Becky Purcell
Propane Gas Debbie Konichek
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Radioisotopes Paul Reister
Radios, Two-way Wendy Brown
Reagent Rentals Debbie Riggs
Recruitment Expenses Naomi Emmons
Recycling Supplies & Services Debbie Konichek
Refrigeration Equipment, Supplies & Services Jim Sutton
Refunds to Students & Patients Naomi Emmons
Registration Fees Naomi Emmons
Renovation Projects - Physical Plant Jim Sutton
Rental and Maintenance of Computers Joyce French
Reprints Becky Purcell
Reprocessing Services - Hospital Debbie Riggs
Research Subject Payments Naomi Emmons
Respiratory Products Debbie Riggs
Robotic Equipment, Supplies & Services Debbie Konichek
Roofing Jim Sutton
Royalty Payments Naomi Emmons
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Safety Equipment & Supplies Matt Spalding
Scanners Craig Locke
Scholarship Grants & Payments Naomi Emmons
Scrap Materials Debbie Konichek
Search Firms Naomi Emmons
Security Equipment, Systems, Supplies & Services Matt Spalding
Septic Tank/Grease Trap Cleaning Debbie Konichek
Shelving, Library, Office and Industrial Craig Locke
Shredders & Compactors Debbie Konichek
Signage Jim Sutton
Smoke Detectors & Services Jim Sutton
Software and Licenses Joyce French
Sound Systems Joyce French
Space (Rental and Leasing) Naomi Emmons
Speakers Naomi Emmons
Special Projects - Hospital Paul Reister
Specialty Bed Rental - Hospital Debbie Riggs
Sprinkler Systems & Inspections (PPD) Jim Sutton
Sponsorships Becky Purcell
Sports Camps Instructors Naomi Emmons
Steel & Sheet Metal Supplies & Services Jim Sutton
Sterilants & Disinfectants Paul Reister
Sterile Packaged Items Debbie Riggs
Storage, Records (All) Paul Reister
Student Awards Naomi Emmons
Student Payments & Cash Disbursements Naomi Emmons
Subscriptions Becky Purcell
Surveying Equipment, Supplies & Services Debbie Konichek
Suture Paul Reister
Swimming Pool Chemicals Debbie Konichek
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T-Shirts Becky Purcell
Tariff & Custom Fees Debbie Konichek
Telephones Wendy Brown
Temporary Rental of Equipment Jim Sutton
Theater Equipment & Supplies Wendy Brown
Time Stamp Machines Becky Purcell
Towing Services John Deans
Trailers John Deans
Training and Related Supplies & Equipment Wendy Brown
Transcription Services (All) Paul Reister
Transportation of Commodities Wendy Brown
Travel Services Naomi Emmons
Trees, Shrubs, Plants & Landscaping Maintenance Jim Sutton
Trophies, Plaques & Awards Becky Purcell
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Uniform & Linen Rental & Purchase Wendy Brown
University Golf Club Naomi Emmons
Utilities Jim Sutton
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Vehicle Rentals John Deans
Vehicles (Equipment & Repairs & Services) John Deans
Vending Wendy Brown
Venetian Blinds Craig Locke
Video Equipment Joyce French
Visiting Speaker Payments Naomi Emmons
Voice Mail Service Wendy Brown
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Wall Covering Services Matt Spalding
Waste (Hazardous, Nuclear, Chemical, Solid & Medical Including Transportation) (ALL) Debbie Konichek
Water Coolers Wendy Brown
Water Treatment Supplies & Services Debbie Konichek
Welding Equipment & Supplies Jim Sutton
Workout Supplies & Equipment Naomi Emmons
Wound Care Dressings Debbie Riggs
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