Purchasing Division

Central Purchasing
Contact Information

322 Peterson Service Bldg.
411 S Limestone
Lexington, KY 40506-0005

Phone: 859 257-9100
Fax: 859-257-1951


VWR International is the University's strategic partner for provision of scientific/ laboratory distributor products. Fisher Scientific holds a secondary contract for its proprietary brands and products. Purchasing establishes contracts for other goods and services that may be proprietary or of a sole source nature. When available, departments use e-catalogs within the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) system to purchase products; procurement card is not permitted with suppliers providing e-catalogs to the University. A quick reference document for e-catalogs can be found here and contains sales representatives, contact information, freight terms, special notes, etc. Step-by-step help guides for each catalog and related information can be found on the SRM page. Information on additional scientific price contracts can be found here.

VWR International

Conduct all purchases, regardless of order amount, via e-catalog within SRM. Items from customized quotes can also be placed into Shopping Carts directly from within the e-catalog.

Sales Representative
Tammy Curtis 859-421-3432
UK Support Team 855-834-9035

Fisher Scientific

Conduct all purchases, regardless of order amount, via SRM. An e-catalog is available and contains brands and products proprietary to Fisher Scientific. Departments can purchase other items needed from Fisher Scientific using a Free Text Shopping Cart and quote.

Sales Representative
Aaron Doil 888-860-5227, Option 8, ext. 1292613
Megann Tate 859-433-7569

Life Technologies

An e-catalog for Life Technologies, that includes Invitrogen and Applied Biosystems products, is available for ordering life sciences products. Departments may order standard products via the Direct Ordering link within the catalog. A link is also available for custom primers and sequencing-related products.

A link is also available for ordering items for pickup from the Life Technologies-Life Sciences Supply Center at Gluck Equine Research Building. Departments may place orders for selected products stored on-site at the Gluck Supply Center and/or have other items shipped to Gluck for pickup by the department to save on shipping and handling costs.

Sales Representative
Alejandra Betancourt 859-327-1089

UK Stores Life Sciences Freezer

University Stores manages an on-campus storeroom and freezer for life sciences products. Stocked materials are available for purchase from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Staff are available to manage orders on departments' behalf and coordinate customer pick-up or delivery. The Stores catalog and additional information are available here. Purchases are charged directly to user's SAP cost center or grant. For further information email uksupplycenter@email.uky.edu or call 257-6116. The Life Sciences Storeroom physical location is Room H-57, Chandler Hospital-Pavilion H.

Scott Gross Scientific Gases

Information on ordering scientific and medical gases, along with access to supplier's web-based store and printable fax form, can be found here. Departments may use procurement card to order gases and related products from Scott Gross.

Single/Sole Source Justifications

Kentucky procurement law requires that competitive bids be solicited for any purchases of $40,000 or more. Some purchases, particularly those highly specialized or technical in nature, may only be available from a single provider and qualify as Single/Sole Source purchases. For a purchase to be considered as a potential Single/Sole Source purchase, departments complete the Single Source Justification Form. The signed form must be attached to the Free Text Shopping Cart along with the quote document(s). Single/Sole Source Justifications may also be applicable for purchases that are $10,000 or greater against WBS Elements-Grants.

Purchasing contacts for scientific/laboratory goods and services:

Nicole Smith, Category Specialist
Phone: 257-5474
Email: nicole.lehew@uky.edu


MIckenzie Fugal, Price Contract Coordinator Senior
Phone: 257-9100
Email: mickenzie.fugal@uky.edu