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Status of Bids and Requests for Proposals

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List sorted by solicitation number

Solicitation Number Title Original Opening/ Closing Date Status Awarded To Awarded Date
K-0728-15 Fitness Equipment for Health & Wellness 3-10-15 Awarded Various 3/24/15
K-0733-15 SNAP-Ed & EFNEP Promotional Items 2015 1-27-15 Awarded Various 03/16/15
K-0734-15 Breakers 1-29-15 Awarded Graybar Electric 1/29/15
K-0735-15 PTS Buses 3-20-15 Awarded Central States Bus Sales 4/24/15
K-0736-15 Printing and Binding of a Book - University Press of Kentucky: Kelly / Kentucky by Design 2-6-15 Awarded TWP America 2/10/15
K-0737-15 Revised SNAP-ED & EFNEP Promotional Items 2015 2-25-15 Awarded Various 3/16/15
K-0738-15 2015 Agricultural Seed, Fertilizer and Chemicals 3-10-15 Awarded Various 3/16/15
K-0740-15 Solid Plastic Lockers 3-17-15 Awarded US Specialties 3/18/15
K-0741-15 Breakers 4-7-10 Awarded Various 4/8/15
K-0742-15 Demolition of 408 Lindenwalk 4-22-15 Awarded Superior Demolition, Inc 4/29/15
K-0743-15 Print and Binding of a Book - University Press of Kentucky: Peachee/The Birth of Bourbon 4-14-15 Awarded Pacom 4/15/15
K-0744-15 Printing and Binding of a Book - University Press of Kentucky: Schiff/Northern Kentucky University 4-22-15 Awarded TWP America 5/1/15
K-0745-15 Bike Shelters 4-21-15 Awarded Duo-Gard 4/22/15
K-0748-15 GAR and MTS Furniture - Commonwealth Stadium 5-27-15 Awarded SBD Commercial Interiors 6/4/15
K-0749-15 UK Student Center Piano Restoration and Storage 5-22-15 Awarded Gist Piano Co. Inc. 5/29/15
K-0750-15 Fitness Equipment for the Johnson Center 6-25-15 Awarded 123 Wellness 6/26/15
K-0751-16 Medical-Grade Countertop Refrigerator 7-31-15 Awarded Follett Corp 7/31/15
K-0752-16 Eastern State Cab Service 9-16-15 Awarded Various 9/18/2015
K-0753-16 Printing and Binding of a Book - University Press of Kentucky: Norris/Adkins - Mommy Goose

8-18-15 Awarded Four Colour Print Group 8/26/15
K-0754-16 Printing and Binding of a Book - University Press of Kentucky, A SIMPLE FREEDOM/Kathrada 9-25-15 Awarded Pacom 9/26/15
K-0755-16 R-22 Freon 9-22-15 Awarded United Refrigeration 9/22/15
K-0756-16 Printing and Binding of a Book - University Press of Kentucky; NORTHERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY/Schiff (re-bid) 12-18-15 Closed w/o Award    
K-0757-16 Printing and Binding of a Book - University Press of Kentucky: Northern Kentucky University/Schiff (Rebid)
1-6-16 Awarded Friesens 1/13/16
K-0758-16 2016 Agricultural Seed, Fertilizer, and Chemicals 2-16-16 Awarded Various 3/7/16
K-0761-16 Transformer 3-18-16 Awarded CED 3/19/16
K-0762-16 Printing and Binding of a Book - University Press of Kentucky: Reigler/Kentucky Bourbon County, 2nd Ed. 3-22-16 Awarded Versa Press, Inc. 5/6/2016
K-0763-16 Switches 3-31-16 Awarded Graybar Electric 4-4-16
K-0764-16 Lunch Cooler 4-5-16 Awarded Promotional Products Plus 4-11-16
K-0765-16 Toyota Sienna SE Van (Ramp Van) 6-14-16 Awarded Superior Van & Mobility 6-20-16
K-0766-16 Switch 5-10-16 Awarded Richards Electric 5/22/2016
K-0769-17 MV-1 DX Paratransit Vehicle 7-6-16 Awarded Alliance Bus Group 7-15-16
K-0770-17 Portable Generator 7-15-16 Under Evaluation    
K-0771-17 Chiller Cancelled Cancelled    
K-0772-17 Chilled Water Coils 9-28-16 Awarded Deugard 12/14/16
K-0774-17 2016 Starcraft XL32 Bus for Management Operations - Mainchance Farm 10-5-16 Awarded Carpenter Bus 10/12/16
K-0776-17 Bike Shelters 11-2-16 Awarded Deugard 11/16/16
K-0778-17 Claas Lexion 730 Combine & Accessories 2-15-17 Under Evaluation    
K-0779-17 Compact Excavator 2-17-17 Under Evaluation    
K-0780-17 Printing and Binding of a Book - Water in Kentucky/Lee et al. 2-24-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1396-14 Reusable Pillows 8-15-14 Under Evaluation    
UK-1400-15 Desktops, Laptops, and Associated Services for the University of Kentucky Computer Standardization Program 10-22-14 Awarded Dell Marketing LP 7/25/16
UK-1404-15 Banking Services 10-28-14 Awarded Various 5/20/15
UK-1408-15 Tree Inventory 10-15-14 Awarded ArborPro Inc. 1/8/15
UK-1416-15 Employment Advertising Services 11-4-14 Awarded Graystone Group Advertising 1/20/2015
UK-1417-15 Bookstore Management and Operations 11-21-14 Awarded Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, LLC 3/27/2015
UK-1419-15 Event Management Software 11-7-14 Awarded Ungerboeck Software International 3/13/2015
UK-1420-15 Eastern State Hospital Lawn & Landscape Care 12-5-14 Awarded Stephen Hillenmeyer Landscape Services 1/1/2015
UK-1421-15 Information Technology Resource Financial Cloud Brokerage Services to Support SAP Enterprise Resource Planning Environment 11-18-14 Awarded Strategic Blue Services, Ltd 3/13/2015
UK-1422-15 Physician Scheduling System 12-9-14 Awarded Lightning Bolt Solutions 3/20/2015
UK-1429-15 Federal Relations Consultant 1-7-15 Awarded Cornerstone Government Affairs, LLC 3/4/2015
UK-1433-15 Event Management System for the Technology Transfer Program 12-23-14 Awarded DevObal Technologies, Inc 2/23/15
UK-1434-15 Miscellaneous Neurological Supplies 2-27-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1436-15 Web Development Services 1-6-15 Awarded Merge 4/30/15
UK-1437-15 Market Research Consultant for the College of Law 12-23-14 Awarded The Pulse Group 4/1/15
UK-1439-15 HemoDynamics Replacement 1-13-15 Awarded McKesson Informations Solutions LLC 5/26/15
UK-1441-15 Medically Supervised Weight Management 2-3-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1442-15 Facilities and Administrative Cost Rate Proposal Assistance 3-31-17 Awarded Huron Consulting Services, LLC 2/24/15
UK-1444-15 Presidential Evaluation Consultant 1-30-15 Awarded AGB Consulting 3/20/15
UK-1445-15 Laboratory Animal Feed 5-1-15 Awarded Harlan Laboratories, Inc. - Teklad 6/9/15
UK-1447-15 University of Kentucky Travel Services 3-10-15 Awarded Various 6/15/15
UK-1448-15 Next Generation Learning Management System 2-24-15 Awarded Univ Corp for Advanced Internet Development dba Internet2 6/9/15
UK-1449-15 Perfusion Supplies 3-11-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1550-15 Carbon Monoxide Tube Trailer 2-25-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1551-15 Deionization Water Services 2-27-15 Cancelled    
UK-1552-15 PCT Signage 3-4-15 Awarded Goble Signs, Inc. 4/21/15
UK-1554-15 Asphalt and Related Products 3-18-15 Awarded ATS Construction 4/23/15
UK-1555-15 Carbon Monoxide Tube Trailer 3-10-15 Awarded Scott-Gross Company, Inc. 3/17/15
UK-1556-15 Acquisition of Periodicals 4-2-15 Awarded Multiple Awards 6/25/15
UK-1557-15 Recycling Services 4-21-15 Awarded Various 6/29/15
UK-1558-15 Coldstream Research Campus Landscape Maintenance & Lawn Care Maintenance 3-25-15 Awarded Henkel Denmark, Inc 5/11/15
UK-1559-15 Network Support, Pre-Owned Equipment, Configuration and Installation 4-28-15 Awarded Multiple Awards 7/10/15
UK-1560-15 Concrete PCT 4-1-15 Awarded Matthews & Fox 4/2/15
UK-1562-15 Endowment Investment Custodian 4-10-15 Awarded Northern Trust Co. 5/31/16
UK-1563-15 Software Simulation Design 4-14-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1568-15 Transportation of Cash and Checks 4-21-15 Awarded GARDA 6/10/15
UK-1569-15 Perfusion Supplies 4-10-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1570-15 Equine Podiatry and Endocrine Specialist Veterinary Services 4-29-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1571-15 Price Contract for Plumbing Supplies 4-17-15 Cancelled    
UK-1572-15 Horse Feed (PCT) 4-16-15 Awarded Farmers Feed Mill 4/24/15
UK-1574-15 Facilities Management Supplier Diversity Consultant 4-17-15 Awarded Early Morning Software 9/30/16
UK-1575-16 Laboratory Research Equipment, Apparatus, Supplies & Accessories
8-21-15 Awarded Various 8/4/16
UK-1577-15 Next Generation Infrastructure as a Service for the Enterprise (NG-laas-E) 5-27-15 Evaluation    
UK-1578-15 University of Kentucky Laboratory Requirements 5-1-15 Awarded Multiple Awards 6/2/15
UK-1579-15 Televisions & IPTV Distribution/System-Integration for Commonwealth Stadium and the Football Building 5-27-15 Awarded Alpha Video & Audio 6/15/15
UK-1580-15 Bicycle Voucher Program 5-28-15 Awarded Multiple Awards 6/5/2015
UK-1581-15 Curriculum Management System 5-27-15 Awarded Digital Architecture, Inc. dba Digarc  
UK-1582-15 Instrument Tracking System 5-13-15 Awarded Censis Technologies, Inc. 12/7/15
UK-1584-15 Dental Electric Hand Pieces - Student Kits 5-15-15 Awarded Brasseler USA 6/5/2015
UK-1585-15 Consultant for Human Resources Recruitment of HR Business Partners 5-15-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1586-15 Dawson Springs 4-H Campu Residence 5-28-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1587-15 Fireworks Display 6-2-15 Awarded Pyro Shows 7/1/15
UK-1589-15 UK Healthcare ASI/Promotional Items and Related Services 6-3-15 Awarded Various 9/16/15
UK-1590-15 AV Systems 6-11-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1592-15 Web Based Salary Charging and Confirmation Solution 5-21-15 Awarded Huron Consulting Services LLC 9/21/15
UK-1593-15 Mortuarial Services for the College of Medicine Body Bequeathal Program 6/16/15 Awarded Kentucky Mortuary Service, Inc 6/26/15
UK-1594-16 Data Center Infrastructure Management 7-14-15 Awarded Nlyte Software Americas Limited 10/30/2015
UK-1595-15 Enterprise Information Management and Analytics Suite 6-12-15 Awarded IBM Corporation 12/1/15
UK-1596-16 Web Development Services 7-30-15 Awarded Various 11/30/15
UK-1597-15 Consulting Services 6-19-15 Awarded Various 8/1/16
UK-1599-15 Price Contract for Plumbing Supplies 6-24-15 Awarded Multiple Awards 9/15/15
UK-1600-15 Asbestos Abatement Price Contract 6-24-15 Awarded ACM Construction 7/20/15
UK-1601-15 Special Event Planning 6-16-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1603-15 Postage Metering and Presorting Mail 6-19-15 Awarded United Mail, LLC 6/23/15
UK-1604-16 Sign Language Interpreting for University of Kentucky Healthcare 7-7-15 Awarded Sign Language Network of KY  
UK-1607-16 Upgrade DAS System 11-20-15 Under Evaluation    
UK-1608-16 Shoulder Procedures 7-17-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1609-16 Bulk Salt 7-22-15 Awarded Detroit Salt Company 7/23/15
UK-1610-16 Unified Mobile Communications Solutiion
8-11-15 Awarded Voalte, Inc 3-21-16
UK-1611-16 Software Simulation Design
8-19-15 Awarded Super Soul LLC 12/10/15
UK-1612-16 Concert Promoter 2016 7-31-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1613-16 Dental Clinic Attachments and Accessories 7-28-15 Awarded Bien Air USA, Inc 8/7/15
UK-1614-16 Unconscious Bias / Inclusion and Diversity Consultant

8-11-15 Awarded Cook Ross Inc. 10/21/15
UK-1616-16 Dental Clinics Small Instrument Bid 8-4-15 Awarded Various 8/6/16
UK-1617-16 Dental School Supplies

8-12-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1618-16 Muck Removal 8-19-15 Awarded Creech Services, Inc 9/15/15
UK-1619-16 Endowment Investment Manager: Diversified Inflation Strategies 9-1-15 Awarded Various 1/27/16
UK-1621-16 Third Party Financing 9-18-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1623-16 Fitness Wearable and Online Fitness Tracker Platform 9-15-15 Awarded Various  
UK-1626-16 Institutional Effectiveness Software Solution 11-10-15 Awarded Just Associates 9/27/16
UK-1627-16 Winter Melting Compounds 10-2-15 Awarded Ryan's Agri 10/8/15
UK-1629-16 Snow Removal
10-13-15 Awarded Various 10/23/15
UK-1631-16 Recycling Used Cooking Oil 10-7-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1632-16 Snap-Ed and EFNEP Program Reinforcement Items and Related Services 10-30-15 Awarded Progressive Marketing 12/22/15
UK-1633-16 CA PPM v 14.3 Upgrade and Move 12-2-15 Awarded Rego Consulting 1/5/16
UK-1634-16 Campus Physical Plant Division Elevator Maintenance 11-4-15 Awarded DC Elevator 12/14/15
UK-1636-16 Non-Discretionary Endowment Investment Consultant 11-20-15 Awarded Fund Evaluation Group (FEG) 4-20-16
UK-1637-16 Audit, Accounting, Tax and Consulting Services 12-15-15 Awarded BKD, LLP 2/28/16
UK-1638-16 Carts & Shelves 11-3-15 Awarded Various 5/1/16
UK-1639-16 Consultant for Recruitment of Utilities & Energy Management Director 11-10-15 Awarded Heilbling & Associates, Inc. 12/10/15
UK-1642-16 AV Systems 1-13-16 Awarded Various 8/25/16
UK-1643-16 Yale Locks and Supplies 12-17-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1644-16 Enterprise Integration & Interoperability System 1-13-16 Awarded IBM Corporation 6/14/16
UK-1649-16 Facility Cleaning for Kentucky Regional Extension Center in Lexington, Kentucky 1-29-16 Awarded Commonwealth Cleaning 3-23-16
UK-1650-16 UK HealthCare Rewards and Recognition Programs 3-4-16 Awarded OC Tanner 8/24/16
UK-1651-16 Healthcare Leadership Development and Coaching 2-12-16 Awarded Lee Hecht Harrison 5-1-16
UK-1652-16 Formative Evaluation of New Hampshire's Performance Assessment of Competency Education (PACE) 2-9-16 Awarded HumRRO 3-29-16
UK-1653-16 Auto Physical Damage, Auto Liability, and General Liability Claims Administration 3-29-16 Awarded Underwriters 4-22-16
UK-1656-16 Environmental Consulting, Remediation and Sample Collection and Analytical Services 3-8-16 Awarded Various 3/21/16
UK-1657-16 Master Patient Index (MPI) Clean Up 3-15-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1658-16 Furniture PCTs 3-4-16 Awarded Various 3/15/16
UK-1659-16 Professional Search Firm for the University's Gastroenterology Division 3-9-16 Awarded Grant Cooper and Associates 3-29-16
UK-1660-16 Pest Management Program 5-18-16 Award Okolona Pest Control (dba OPC Services) 7-8-16
UK-1664-16 Commonwealth Stadium Game Day Recycling & Clean-Up Operation 4-22-16 Awarded Wildcat Franching, Inc dba Jani-King of Lexington 6-10-16
UK-1665-16 Pool Chemicals (4-H Camps) 3-30-16 Awarded Various 4-12-16
UK-1666-16 Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Expansion 5-6-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1667-16 Dental School Supplies 4-26-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1671-16 Bond Counsel 5-13-16 Awarded Various 7/8/16
UK-1675-16 Lung Cancer Screening Research Project 4-29-16 Awarded MRS Systems 6-10-16
UK-1676-16 Legal Services 5-4-16 Awarded Various 9/2/16
Uk-1677-16 RCRA Treatment and Storage Part B Permit Application Preparation 4-29-16 Awarded GHD 6/26/16
UK-1679-16 Merchant Card and Managed Tuition Services 5-25-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1680-16 Patient Blood Management 5-19-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1681-17 Electronic Drug Reference 8-11-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1683-16 Local Moving 5-13-16 Awarded VArious 10/16/16
UK-1684-16 Diploma Printing 5-17-16 Awarded Jostens, Inc. 6-21-16
UK-1687-16 Parking Hangtags and Permits 6-7-16 Awarded Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc. 7/1/16
UK-1690-17 UK HealthCare Digital Marketing Assessment 7-8-16 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1693-16 Stone Flooring Replacement 6-23-16 Awarded Ray Tramontin Co. 7-18-16
UK-1694-17 Solid Waste & Recycling Services with Equipment & Container Leases 9-9-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1695-16 Professional Search Firm for University of Kentucky Health Care 6-30-16 Awarded Various 7/22/16
UK-1697-16 Disposable Electrode 6-29-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1698-17 Equine Podiatry and Endocrine Specialist Veterinary Services 7-20-16 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1699-17 Printing and Binding of Law Journals 7-12-16 Awarded Western Newspaper Publishing Co. 8/8/16
UK-1700-17 Electronic Development, Submission, Award Tracking and Information Mangement System for Proposals 7-29-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1702-17 Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) 8-12-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1703-17 Ambulatory Equine Veterinary Services 8-12-16 Awarded Equine Medical Associates, PSC 9/21/16
UK-1704-17 Networking Products & Services 8-23-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1707-17 Student Loan Repayment Program 9-2-16 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1709-17 Public-Private Partnership Mixed-Use Parking Garage Project 11-11-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1710-07 Tumor Registry Coverage 9-13-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1711-17 Hazardous & Special Waste Collection Transportation and Disposition 11-11-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1713-17 Library Bindery Services 10-14-16 Awarded HF Group, LLC 11/1/16
UK-1714-17 Forest Management and Chain of Custody Group Certificate Audits 10-13-16 Awarded Rainforest Alliance 11/3/16
UK-1715-17 Alarms & Alerts Mangement System 11-3-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1716-17 Concert Promoter 2017 10-18-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1718-17 Effect of Silvicultural Treatments on Vertical Stand Structure in Forested Ecosystems of the Appalachian Mountain Region 11-29-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1719-17 Healthcare Shipping and Freight Services For Kentucky Health Collaborative, LLC 12-21-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1724-17 Liquid Nitrogen 12-16-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1725-17 CSA Voucher Program 12-1-16 Awarded Community Ventures 12/8/16
UK-1726-17 Air Quality Emission Stack Testing and Fuel Sampling of Coal for Coal-Fired Boilers 11-15-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1727-17 Yale Locks and Supplies 11-30-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1728-17 Painting Services 11-22-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1729-17 Markey Molecular Tumor Board System 1-4-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1730-17 Pulsed Light System 12-16-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1731-17 Car Sharing Services 1-12-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1732-17 Executive Search Firms for the Recruitment of an Executive Vice President for Health Affairs (EVPHA) 12-20-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1735-17 Bowl Rings and Pendants 12-20-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1736-17 Signage/Graphics 1-10-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1737-17 Digital Panoramic X-Ray Machine 12-21-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1738-17 Turf Equipment Rental 1-4-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1739-17 Fencing (PCT) 1-19-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1742-17 Enterprise Architecture Software

2-16-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1743-17 Real Estate Brokerage Services Crisp Building - Paducah, KY 2-22-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1745-17 Natural Gas 2-9-17 Under Evaluation    
UKRFI-0007-17 Healthcare Standard Dress Program 7-6-16 Under Evaluation    
UKRFI-0008-17 Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)
10-14-16 Under Evaluation    
Solicitation Number Title Original Opening/ Closing Date Status Awarded To Awarded Date
CCK-1996-15 Project # 2402.1
Phase 1F PAV A 9th and 10th Floors Fit-Out

9th and 10th Floors Fit-Out -
BP 02 Mechanical

TC-007 - Fire Protection
TC-008 - Plumbing
TC-009 - Mechanical
TC-010 - Electrical
TC-011 - Integrated Technology
1-13-15 Awarded Various  
CCK-1997-15 Project 2408.0 Employee Wellness Center 1-22-15 Awarded Wehr Constructors  
CCK-1998-15 Project 2397.0 Construct Football Training Facility & Practice Fields Design Release 1 - Enabling Package

01A - Building Pad Excavation
01B - Water Utility Relocation
01C - Electrical Utility Relocation
1-21-15 Awarded Congleton-Hacker  
CCK-1999-15 Cooling Plant # 2 - Replace Motor Control Center 1-14-15 Awarded Olympic Construction  
CCK-2000-15 Dairy Barn 1-14-15 Cancelled    
CCK-2001-15 Sanders Brown HVAC Upgrade 1-16-15 Awarded Central KY Sheet Metal  
CCK-2002-15 Hospital Medical Air Compressor Replacement 1-21-15 Awarded Finney Company  
CCK-2003-15 Project # 2402.1
Phase 1F PAV A 9th & 10th Floors Fit-Out
2-12-15 Awarded Various  
CCK-2004-15 Project # 2397.0
Construct Football Training Facility & Practice Fields

Design Release 2 - Foundations and Structure

Design Release # 2 Trade Contracts (CCK-2004-15) shall include:

02A - Building Concrete
02B - Steel
02C - Conveying Equipment
2-24-15 Awarded Various  
CCK-2005-15 Spindletop Hall Pool Renovation 1-28-15 Awarded Shamrock Enterprises 1/28/15
CCK-2006-15 Feltner 4-H Camp Cabin Interior Finishes London, KY 2-10-15 Awarded Chasteen Enterprises  
CCK-2007-15 Project #2362.0 Commonwealth Stadium Renovation / Expansion Miscellaneous Metal, Complete 3-3-15 Cancelled    
CCK-2008-15 Good Samaritan Hospital Elevator A/B Refurbishment 2-6-15 Awarded Oracle Elevator Co  
CCK-2009-15 North Farm Forage Greenhouse 2-18-15 Awarded Conley Manufacturing  
CCK-2010-15 Lafferty Hall Tuckpointing 2015 2-24-15 Awarded Isaacs Roofing  
CCK-2011-15 Tobacco Health R&D Center - Replace Condensate Line 2-18-15 Awarded Finney Company  
CCK-2013-15 Arboretum Bike Trail 3-24-15 Awarded Meyer Midwest  
CCK-2014-15 Bid Pack 1 - Classroom Bldg 304 and 110 4-9-15 Awarded BCD  
CCK-2015-15 Bid Pack 2 - Garrigus Room B52 4-14-15 Awarded Chasteen Enterprises  
CCK-2016-15 Bid Pack 3 Dickey Room 203 and Seaton Room 119 4-16-15 Awarded BCD  
CCK-2017-15 Project # 2420.0 Parking Structure Maintenance 3-25-15 Awarded Carl Walker, Inc.  
CCK-2018-15 Project 2421.0 CWS Pavilion 4-2-15 Awarded Hawkins  
CCK-2019-15 Student Center Renovation and Expansion Bid Package 01 - Abatement, Demolition and Utilities

Trade Categories:
TC01A - General Trades

TC01B - Abatement, Structure and Selective Demolition

TC01C - Mass Excavation, Storm and Sanitary

TC01D - Mechanical Utilities

TC01E - Electrical and Communications Utilities
5-8-15 Awarded Various  
CCK-2020-15 Project 2362.0
Commonwealth Stadium Renovation / Expansion
Work Category RR, Miscellaneous Metals Rebid
3-10-15 Awarded Ben Hur Steel Works  
CCK-2021 Project 2419.0 Renovate Craft Center Offices 4-17-15 Awarded BCD  
CCK-2022-15 Project 2412.0
Improve/Upgrade Alumni Drive, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
3-31-15 Awarded ATS Construction  
CCK-2023-15 Project 2397
Football Training Facility - Design Release 3

Opening 4-7-15:
03A - Sitework
03B - Landscaping
03D - General Trades
03E - Masonry
03F - Casework/Millwork
03J - Fireproofing
03K - Glass & Glazing

Opening 4-8-15:
03L - Doors & Specialties
03M - Overheat Doors & Dock Equipment
03N - Drywall & Ceilings
03O - Resilient Flooring
03P - Resinous Flooring
03Q - Tile
03R - Painting
03S - Window Shades
03T - Mechanical
03U - Fire Protection
03V - Electrical

Opening 4-15-15:
03C - Fencing
03G - Roofing
03H - Metal Panels
03I - Roofing & Metal Panels
Awarded Various  
CCK-2024-15 Roach Building 3rd Floor HVAC Replacement 4-14-15 Awarded Central Kentucky Sheet Metal  
CCK-2025-15 Update HVAC in Funkhouser Room 105 4-21-15 Awarded The Master's Touch Mechanical  
CCK-2026-15 Update HVAC in Funkhouser Sub-Basement 4-23-15 Awarded The Master's Touch Mechanical  
CCK-2027-15 Project 2370.0 Construct Bathrooms in Arboretum 5-1-15 Awarded Schaefer Contracting LLC  
CCK-2028 15 Project 2402.2 Phase 1F - Pav A Kitchen/Cafeteria Fit-Out 5-21-15 Awarded Various  
CCK-2029-15 Old Fine Arts Phase II Mechnical 4-30-15 Awarded Eubank & Steele  
CCK-2030-15 Project 2427.0 Relocate Waterline on University Drive 4-29-15 Awarded Lagco, Inc.  
CCK-2031-15 Front Renovation of Chi Omega House 5-5-15 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2032-16 Project 2396.0
Student Center Renovation and Expansion BP 2 Building Structure and Elevators

Trade Categories:
TC02-02A Concrete Foundations
TC02-02B Concrete Flatwork
TC02-02 Concrete Work Combination TC-02-02A & TC02-02B
TC02-04 Structural & Miscellaneous Steel
TC02-19A Elevators A, C, D, G, and H
TC02-19B Elevators B, E, and F
12-2-15 Awarded Various  
CCK-2033-15 Anderson Hall Tower - Rm 160 Computer Lab Renovation 5-14-15 Awarded BCD  
CCK-2034-15 Project Concrete for Dairy Barn 5-12-15 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2035-15 Project 2385.0
Repair/Upgrade/Improve Civil/Site Infrastructure (Scott Street Parking Lot)
5-19-15 Awarded Renascent, Inc.  
CCK-2036-15 Frazee Hall Counseling Center Office Renovation (1st and 2nd floors) 5-15-12 Awarded G.D. Perkins  
CCK-2037-15 Erickson Hall 304-308 Renovations 5-14-15 Awarded BCD  
CCK-2038-15 McVey Hall Undergraduate Space Renovation 5-18-15 Awarded BCD  
CCK-2039-15 Bradley Hall ADA Restroom Renovations 2015 5-20-15 Awarded BCD  
CCK-2040-15 Project # 2424.0
Expand Linden Walk East Parking Lot
5-27-15 Awarded Bluegrass Contracting  
CCK-2041-15 Project #2402.11 Phase 1F Redundant Glycol Loop 6-25-15 Awarded Turner Construction  
CCK-2042-15 South Campus Parking Lot Extension 5-29-15 Awarded ATS Construction  
CCK-2043-15 Funkhouser 207 Kitchen Teaching Lab and Smart Classroom 6-2-15 Awarded BEX Construction  
CCK-2044-15 Front Renovation of the Chi Omega House - Phase 1 (Interior) and Phase II (Exterior) 6-5-15 Awarded Calhoun Construction  
CCK-2045-15 Project # 2349.1
Modifications to Soccer-Softball Water Line
6-4-15 Awarded Martin Contracting  
CCK-2046-15 Project # 2363.0
Academic Science Building, Bid Package 06

TC06L (Re-bid) Tiling
TC06Y (Re-bid) Traffic Coatings
7-9-15 Awarded Various  
CCK-2047-16 Project # 2363.0
Academic Science Bldg, Bid Package 07

TC07A - Audio Visual
TC07B - Finish Sitework
7-30-15 Awarded Various  
CCK-2048-16 Project: Re-Roof Central Heating Plant #2 7-1-15 Awarded Isaacs Roofing  
CCK-2049-16 Project: Kinkead Hall Doorway Systems Renovations 2015 7-2-15 Awarded Chasteen Enterprises  
CCK-2050-15 Renovate/Expand Gatton Building Final Clean Package 6-17-15 Awarded Facility Management  
CCK-2051-16 Project # 2369.1
Upgrade/Relocate Pediatric Care Unit, Pediatric Critical Care Circle of Blue Desk
7-7-15 Awarded Solica Construction  
CCK-2052-16 Renovate/Upgrade Academic Space (Patterson Hall)

Trade Packages
01A - General Trades
02A - Asbestos Abatement
03A - Masonry Restoration
04A - Masonry
05A - Spray Insulation
06A - Roofing
07A - Glass & Glazing
08A - Floor Coverings
09A - Ceramic Tile
10A - Plaster
11A - Drywall & Acoustical Ceiling
12A - Painting
13A - Window Shades
14A - Elevators
15A - Fire Protection
16A - Mechanical
17A - Electrical
7-15-15 Awarded Various  
CCK-2053-15 Painting of Misc Steel at Commonwealth Stadium 6-30-15 Awarded McKinney Painting  
CCK-2054-16 Project: GTRI Implementation 7-22-15 Cancelled    
CCK-2055-16 Project 2362.0
Commonwealth Stadium Renovation/Expansion Final Clean Trade Packages

SS-A Northside & East End Zone
SS-B South Stadium
8-5-15 (SS-A)
8-6-15 (SS-B)
Awarded Facility Management  
CCK-2056-16 Project 2345.0
UK Track Parking Lot
7-28-15 Awarded ATS Construction  
CCK-2057-16 Project # 2402.6
Phase 1G PAV A MRI / Radiology / Hyperbaric Fit-Out

TC-040 - General Trades
TC-041- Millwork and Casework
TC-042 - Doors and Hardware
TC-043 - Drywall and Ceilings
TC-044 - Flooring
TC-046 - Painting
TC-047 - Fire Protection
TC-048 - Mechanical and Plumbing
TC-049 - Electrical and Integrated Technology
8-28-15 Awarded Turner Construction  
CCK-2058-16 Taylor Ed and Dickey Hall Restroom Renovations 8-6-15 Awarded Churchill McGee LLC  
CCK-2059-16 Project #2402.4
Pavilion A Chiller Installation
8-20-15 Awarded Blau Mechanical  
CCK-2060-16 Renovate/Upgrade Academic Space Patterson Hall

WC01B - Roofing
WC02B - Spray Foam Roofing
WC03B - Elevator
9-3-15 Awarded Various  
CCK-2061-16 Project # 2402.1
Phase 1F PAV A 9th & 10th Floors Fit-Out

TC-014 - Final Cleaning - 9th & 10th Floors Fit-Out - FINAL CLEANING PACKAGE
9-10-15 Awarded Turner Construction  
CCK-2062-16 Project 2395.0
Ambulatory Care Facility UKHC
9-2-15 Awarded BCD  
CCK-2063-16 Pence Hall Renovations

Bid Package A - Basement
Bid Package B - Library
8-27-15 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2064-16 Medical Plaza, 3rd Floor Patio Renovation 8-28-15 Awarded Solica Construction  
CCK-2065-16 Project # 2396.0
Student Center Renovation and Expansion, Bid Pack 3, Building Construction

TC03-01 General Trades
TC03-03 Masonry
TC03-04 Miscellaneous Steel and Metal Fabrications
TC03-05 Ornamental Metals
TC03-06 Finish Carpentry and Millwork
TC03-07 Roofing and Sheet Metal
TC03-08 Joint Sealants
TC03-09 Siding and Cladding
TC03-10 Glass, Glazing, and Aluminum
TC03-11 Doors, Frames, Hardware and Security
TC03-12 Gypsum, Framing and Ceilings
TC03-13 Floor Coverings
TC03-14 Tiling
TC03-15 Painting and Coatings
TC03-16 Miscellaneous Specialties
TC03-17 Food Service Equipment
TC03-20 Window Treatments and Stage Curtains
TC03-22 Fire Protection
TC03-23 Mechanical
TC03-24 Test and Balance
TC03-25 Electrical
TC03-26 Communications
TC03-30 Rough Site Grading
1-12-15 Awarded Various  
CCK-2065-16 Project # 2396.0
Student Center
Bid Package 03 - Building Construction

Trade Categories:
A. TC03-01 - General Trades
B. TC03-11 - Doors, Frames, Harware and Security
C. TC03-12 - Gypsum, Framing and Ceilings
D. TC03-13 - Flooring
E. TC03-15 Painting & Coatings
F. TC03-17 - Food Service Equipment
1-26-16 Awarded Various  
CCK-2066-16 Gluck Equine Re-Caulking 8-26-16 Awarded Tri-City Contracting  
CCK-2067-16 Project: GTRI Implementation Re-Bid 9-18-15 Awarded Solica Construction  
CCK-2068-16 Project: Greenhouses 1, 2, 5, 7, 9 & 11 Process Storm and Sanitary Sewer Separation 9-11-15 Awarded Jones Contracting  
CCK-2069-16 Project: UKGS Elevator C Refurbishment 9-29-16 Awarded Oracle Elevator Co.  
CCK-2070-16 Fence for Ecological Research Facility 9-23-15 Awarded Myers Fence  
CCK-2071-16 Bosworth Hall - Doors, Frames and Hardware Package 9-24-15 Awarded Congleton Architectural Sales  
CCK-2072-16 Project 2406.0
Replace AHU-20 and AHU-22 Good Samaritan Hospital, University of Kentucky, Lexington Kentucky
9-29-15 Awarded Finney Company  
CCK-2073-16 Project 2409.0
Replace AHU-9 Pavilion HA
10-14-15 Awarded H & R Mechanical  
CCK-2074-16 TH Morgan Renovation of Lab 203 and 204 10-6-15 Awarded BCD  
CCK-2075-16 Foodservice Equipment for the Football Training Center 9-25-15 Awarded SS Kemp  
CCK-2076-16 Pence Hall Renovation of Basement

10/8/15 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2077-16 Pence Hall Renovation of Library
10-9-15 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2078-16 Veterans Resource Center

10-15-15 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2079-16 Project 2426.0
UK Creative Arts Learning Center
Multiple Work Categories
WC01 - Concrete
WC02 - General Trades
WC03 - Drywall & Ceilings
WC04 - Painting
WC05 - Tile
WC06 - Flooring
WC08 - Mechanical
WC09 - Electrical
WC10 - Performance Equipment
12-8-15 Awarded Various  
CCK-2080-16 Anderson Hall Tower Renovation of Lab 59A 11-18-15 Awarded BCD  
CCK-2081-16 Project 2402.5

TC-051 - Gen Trades
TC-053 - Doors & Hardware
TC-054 - Drywall & Ceilings
TC-055 - Flooring
TC-056 - Painting
TC-057 - Fire Protection
TC-058 - Mechanical & Plumbing
TC-059 - Electrical & Integrated Technology
12-9-15 Awarded Various  
CCK-2082-16 Project # 2402.3
College of Nursing - NICU Patient Room Mock-up
12-10-15 Awarded Woodford Builders  
CCK-2083-16 Ag Science Center North - Renovation of Labs N323 & N325 11-24-15 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2084-16 Project: Memorial Hall Tower Restoration 12-17-15 Awarded Chasteen Enterprises  
CCK-2085-16 Repair, Upgrade or Improve Electrical Infrastructure - Kirwan V & Haggin II 12-22-15 Awarded Dixon Electric  
CCK-2087-16 Project #2425.0
Construct Research Building #2
Design Release 1- General Requirements and Earthwork & Utilities

Awarded E.C. Matthews Co., Inc.  
CCK-2086-16 Project # 2394.0
Emergency Department Renovation - University of Kentucky - Good Samaritan Hospital

Trade Packages:
TP-01 - General Trades
TP-02 - Structural Steel
TP-03 - Architectural Woodwork
TP-04 - Roofing & Sheet Metal
TP-05 - Glass and Glazing
TP-06 - Framing, Drywall, Ceilings EIFS
TP-07 - Ceramic Tile
TP-08 - Flooring Systems
TP-09 - Painting
TP-10 - Fire Protectionb
TP-11 - Mechanical
TP-12 - Electrial & Data Systems
3-8-16 Awarded Various 4-20-2016
CCK-2090-16 Chilled Water Line Replacement at University Drive 2-5-16 Awarded Lagco, Inc  
CCK-2091-16 Project # 2396.0
Student Center Renovation and Expansion Bid Package 03
Building Construction TC03-04 Miscellaneous Steel and Metal Fabrications Rebid
1-28-16 Awarded Lenex Steel  
CCK-2092-16 ASTECC Bldg Upgrade Fume Hood Controls 3-10-16 Awarded Finney Company 7/20/16
CCK-2093-16 Ag Science Center North - Renovation of Labs N323 & N325 3-4-16 Awarded Churchill McGee LLC 4-14-16
CCK-2094-16 Cooper Dairy Building Restrooms Renovation 3-3-16 Awarded Burchfield and Thomas 3-7-16
CCK-2095-16 UK North Farm Shingle Roof Replacement 3-9-16 Awarded Kentuckiana Roofing  
CCK-2096-16 Construct Research Building #2, Project # 2425.0
Design Release 2 - Foundations and Underslab Utilities

Trade & Descriptions:
01B - General Requirements
03A - Deep Foundations & Concrete
22A - Underground Plumbing
26A - Underground Electrical
3-24-16 Awarded Various 4-20-16
CCK-2097-16 Combs Cancer Research (DLAR) 3-18-16 Awarded Churchill McGee LLC 4-18-16
CCK-2098-16 Project # 2402.1
Phase 1F Green Roof Phase 2
3-31-16 Awarded Kauthruth Roofing 4-20-16
CCK-2099-16 Project 2450.0
University Drive Bus Shelters
3-22-16 Awarded Marillia Construction 5-3-16
CCK-2100-16 Project 2403.0
Pediatric Hematology Oncology
3-29-16 Awarded Marrillia Design and Construction 7/20/16
CCK-2101-16 Breckinridge Hall Roof and Dormer Renovation 4-1-16 Awarded Isaacs Roofing 5-6-16
CCK-2102-16 Project 2401.0
Bid Pack #2 Soccer and Softball Security
3-11-16 Awarded Schiller Hardware  
CCK-2103-16 Project 2441.0
Parking Garage Maintenance and Restoration 2016
3-29-16 Awarded Carl Walker, Inc. 5/4/2016
CCK-2104-16 NICU Site Utilities 4-14-16 Awarded Various 7/20/16
CCK-2105-16 Tent Pad - Commonwealth Stadium 3-30-16 Awarded EC Matthews 4-14-16
CCK-2106-16 Project 2363.0
Academic Science Building Final Cleaning
4-8-16 Awarded Facility Management 4-20-16
CCK-2107-16 Miller Hall Renovation of Rooms 101-103 4-1-16 Cancelled    
CCK-2109-16 Multi-Disciplinary Research Lab #3 RTU Replacement Unit #3 and #4
4-5-16 Awarded Finney Company 4/21/16
CCK-2110-16 White Hall Classroom Building Renovation of Rooms 331 and 349 4-15-16 Awarded BCD 6/7/16
CCK-2111-16 Project # 2394.0
Good Samaritan ED Hospital
Emergency Department Renovations and Additions
Trade Category Rebid
TP 3 - Architectrual Woodwork and Casework
TP 10 - Fire Suppression
4-20-16 Awarded Various 4-26-16
CCK-2112-16 Taylor Building Window Replacement Phase 2 4-12-16 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2113-16 Chandler Bridge Glazing Repair 4-13-16 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2114-16 Anderson Hall Tower Renovation of Lab 763 4-26-16 Awarded Churchill McGee LLC 5/9/16
CCK-2115-16 Seaton Center New Elevators 4-29-16 Cancelled    
CCK-2116-16 Project # 2384.0
AGR Fraternity House
5-17-16 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2117-16 Chandler Hospital East Tower Sanitary Sewer Replacement 5-11-16 Awarded E.C. Matthews Co., Inc. 5/16/16
CCK-2119-16 RGAN - Solar Improvements Phase 2 5-12-16 Awarded Solar Energy Solutions 5/31/16
CCK-2120-16 Project 2429.0
Central Plant Boiler Replacement
6-2-16 Awarded Hussung Mechanical 6/10/2016
CCK-2121-16 Civil Site Infrastructure - Landscape Improvement 5-11-16 Awarded Bluegrass Contracting 6/10/16
CCK-2122-16 Chandler Bridge Glazing Repair (REBID) 5-17-16 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2124-16 Medical Science Penthouse AHU 1-10 CW Coil Replacement 5-25-16 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2125-16 Project 2425.0
Construct Research Building #2
Design Release 3A -Super Structure

Trade Packages:
01C General Requirements
03B Concrete Structure
7-6-16 Awarded Various 7/13/16
CCK-2126-16 UKGS Elevator D and Garage Elevator Refurbishment 5-18-16 Awarded Oracle Elevator Co. 6/7/16
CCK-2127-16 Chandler Bridge HVAC Replacement 5-27-16 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2128-16 UKGS Switchgear Replacement 5-24-16 Awarded Henderson Electric 10/6/16
CCK-2129-16 Chandler H46 Condensate Pumps and Tank Replacement (Cancelled) 6-1-16 Cancelled    
CCK-2130-16 Academic Science Building BT #9 TC09A Signage 5-26-16 Awarded Color Ad 6/2/16
CCK-2131-16 Project # 2402.3
Phase 1F New Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - BP 03A NICU Proper

Trade Packages:
TC-111 Concrete Foundations & Steel
TC-112 Structural Steel
TC-112A Misc. Iron & Stairs
TC-113 Architectural Precast
TC-114 Curtain Wall & Interior
TC-115 Skylights
TC-116 Roofing & Flashing
TC-117 Fireproofing & Firestopping
TC-118 Spray Insulation
TC-119 Masonry & Stone
TC-120 Interior Demolition
TC-121 General Trades
TC-125 Drywall & Ceilings
TC-129 Fire Protection
TC-130 Plumbing
TC-131 Mechanical Piping & Sheetmetal
TC-132 Electrical
TC-133 Integrated Technology

6-17-16 Awarded Various 7/31/2016
CCK-2132-16 Project 2455.0
Repair, Upgrade or Improve Civil Site Infrastructure (Blue & Green Lots Expansion/Resurfacing) UK Commonwealth Stadium
6-1-16 Awarded Allen Company 6/9/16
CCK-2133-16 Roach Air Handler Replacement 6-2-16 Awarded H&R Mechanical 8/11/16
CCK-2135-16 LR Cooke Parking Lot 6-7-16 Awarded C & R 6/24/16
CCK-2136-16 Project 2431.0
Renovate Academic/Adminsitrative Space 1 - Nutter Football Training Facility
6-8-16 Awarded Marrillia Design & Construction 6/28/16
CCK-2137-16 Project 2453.0
Construct and Fit Up Good Sam Orthopedic Spine Services
6-14-16 Awarded Eubank & Steele 6/28/16
CCK-2138-16 Ag Science North Room N10 Renovation 6-3-16 Awarded BCD 6/16/2016
CCK-2139-16 Project 2369.3
Pediatric Care Unit, P ediatric Critical Care Renovation Phase 3
6-29-16 Awarded Marrillia Design and Construction 7/20/16
CCK-2140-17 Project # 2402.8
Phase 1G Pavilion A - 11th Floor Fit-Out

TC-076 General Trades
TC-077 Millwork and Casework
TC-078 Drywall and Ceilings
TC-079 Flooring
TC-080 Tiling
TC-081 Painting & Wallcovering
TC-082 Fire Protection
TC-083 Plumbing
TC-084 Mechanical Piping & Sheetmetal
TC-085 Electrical
TC-086 Integrated Technology
TC-089 Final Cleaning
7-21-16 Awarded Various  
CCK-2141-16 Project # 2452.0
College of Medicine - Neurosurgery Renovation
6-21-16 Awarded Marrillia Design and Construction 6/28/16
CCK-2142-17 Project # 2402.3
Phase 1F New Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - BP 03B NICU Proper

TC-111A Exterior Curtain Wall
TC-111B Interior Glass & Glazing
8-4-16 Awarded Various 8/1/16
CCK-2143-16 Seaton Center New Elevator Re-Bid
6-17-16 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2144-16 Frazee Hall 205 Repurposing and Renovation 6-27-16 Awarded Eubank & Steele 6/29/16
CCK-2145-17 UK Good Samaritan MOB 2nd Floor 7-22-16 Awarded Omni Commercial, LLC 9/15/16
CCK-2146-17 Polk Dalton Parking Lot 7-20-16 Awarded Bluegrass Contracting 8/1/16
CCK-2148-17 UK Good Samaritan Fan Coil Replacement 7-27-16 Awarded Allstate Heating & Cooling 8/2/16
CCK-2149-17 Medical Vacuum and Waste Gas Vacuum Systems 7-26-16 Awarded Hussung Mechanical  
CCK-2150-17 Project #2402.7 Phase 1G
Pavilion A
Surgery Phase 1-3a and PACU

TC-062 General Trades
TC-063 Doors and Hardware
TC-064 Drywall and Ceilings
TC-065 Flooring
TC-067 Painting
TC-068 Fire Protection
TC-069 Mechanical/Plumbing
TC-070 Electric and Technology
12-19-16 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2152-17 Project 2425.0
Construct Research Building #2,
Design Release 3B - Core and Shell

Trace Contracts
01D General Trades - Waterproofing
04A Masonry & Stone
05A Structural & Misc. Steel
07B Penthouse Metal Panels & Louvers
07C Coated Foam Roofing
07E Fireproofing
08B Loading Dock Equipment
08C Curtainwall, Storefront, etc
09A CFMF, Shaftwall, Soffits, EIFS
21A Fire Protection
22B - Plumbing
23A - HVAC
26B Electrical
31B Sitework, Utilities, & Paving
Work Category 04A

All other work categories

For Work Categories:
01D, 05A, 07B, 07E, 08B, 08C, 09A, 21A, 22B, 23A, 26B, & 31B 08/31/16

For Work Category:

Awarded Various 10/13/16
CCK-2153-17 Chandler H46 Condensate Pumps and Tank Replacement - REBID 8-9-16 Awarded Finney Company 8/9/16
CCK-2154-17 CON 500, 501, and 509 Renovate Spaces 8-16-16 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2155-17 Chandler Bridge HVAC Replacement (REBID) 8-9-16 Awarded Alstate Heating 9/8/16
CCK-2156-17 Chandler Bridge Glazing Repair (REIBD) 8-11-16 Awarded Rodgers Aluminum 10/6/16
CCK-2157-17 Project # 2396.0
Student Center
Bid Package 04 - Audio-Visual and Sitework

Trade Category ID & Descriptor
TC04-27 - Audio-Visual
TC04-28A - Site Improvements
TC04-28B - Landscaping
TC04-29 - Excavation and Final Grading
TC04-32 - Combination Bid: Site Improvements & Excavation and Final Grading*

* Bids will be received for the Combination of the Work described for both Trade Categories,
TC04-28A Site Improvements and TC04-29 Excavation and Final Grading
10-11-16 Awarded Various 10/27/16
CCK-2158-17 Spindletop Outbuilding Repairs 8-17-16 Awarded Churchill McGee LLC 8/17/16
CCK-2159-17 Anderson Stairwell Repair 8-19-16 Awarded Lithko Restoration Technologies 8/19/16
CCK-2160-17 PAV H - H6 AHU Upgrade 8-25-16 Awarded H&R Mechanical 8/25/16
CCK-2161-17 Kentucky Clinic 6th floor AHU Installation 8-23-16 Awarded Allstate Heating & Cooling 8/23/16
CCK-2162-17 PAV H - 3 North Renovation 8-26-16 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2163-17 Project # 2437.0
Baseball Stadium

TC - A - Sitework
TC - B - Drilled Piers
TC - C - Concrete Foundations
TC - D - Masonry
TC - E - Structural Steel
TC - F - General Trades
TC - G - Casework/Millwork
TC - H - Waterproofing/Caulking
TC - I - Roofing
TC - J - Metal Wall Panels
TC - K - Doors/Frames/Specialties
TC - L - Aluminum/Glass & Glazing
TC - M - Gypsum Assemblies & Ceilings
TC - N - Tile and Terrazzo
TC - O - Carpet and Res. Flooring
TC - P - Ornamental Railings
TC - Q - Painting and Wall Covering
TC - R - Food Service Equipment
TC - S - Window Treatments
TC - T - Elevators
TC - U - Plumbing and Mechanical
TC - V - Fire Protection
TC - W - Electrical
TC - X - Communications
TC - Y - Ornamental Fencing
TC - Z - Landscaping
12-15-16 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2164-17 Project # 2448.0
Renovate Lucille Little Library Confucius Institute
9-14-16 Awarded Congleton-Hacker 10/6/16
CCK-2165-17 Project # 2402.3
Phase 1F Pavilion H/HA -
NICU Enabling Fit Out

TC-140 General Trades
TC-141 Drywall and Ceilings
TC-142 Soft Flooring
TC-143 Painting
TC-144 Fire Protection
TC-145 Plumbing and Mechanical
TC-146 Electrical and Integrated Tech.
9-27-16 Awarded Various 10/14/16
CCK-2166-17 Agronomy Greenhouse Renovation (Building 0066) 9-23-16 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2167-17 PAV H C400 Suite Replace Windows 9-20-16 Awarded W.R. Cole 10/17/16
CCK-2168-17 Project # 2425.0
Research Building 2
Work Category WC04A - Masonry & Stone - Rebid

Awarded Mason Construction 12/5/16
CCK-2169-17 Project # 2425.0
WC01D - General Trades Below Grade Waterproofing
9-21-16 Awarded Ram Construction 9/30/16
CCK-2171-17 WUKY St. Claire Studios - Spurr Road Renovation
10-25-16 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2172-17 UK Cooling Plant #1 - Pipe and Steel Painting and Conduit Replacement Project 10-26-16 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2173-17 Funkhouser Bldg - Student Account Services - Suite 18 Renovation

10-5-16 Awarded Eubank & Steele 10/24/16
CCK-2174-17 Project # 2425.0
Research Building 2
Work Category WC07E - Fireproofing Rebid
Awarded American Fireproofing 10/27/16
CCK-2175-17 ES Good Barn HVAC Upgrades 11-2-16 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2176-17 Project # 2402.3
Phase 1F Pavilion H/HA - NICU Proper
11-10-16 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2177-17 Demolition Project - Transcript Avenue, Virginia Avenue, and South Limestone 11-22-16 Awarded Woolride Construction  
CCK-2178-17 Project # 2402.8
Phase 1G Pavilion A - Limestone Parking Lot
11-15-16 Awarded Woodall Construction 11/16/16
CCK-2179-17 Project # 2456.0 Dickey Hall HVAC Renovation 1-27-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2180-16 Project # 2447.0
Anderson Tower 3rd Floor Renovation

12-21-16 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2182-17 UKGS Cooling Tower Replacement 11-29-16 Awarded Allstate 12/1/16
CCK-2183-17 WUKY St. Claire Studios- Spurr Road Renovation - REBID
12-9-16 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2184-17 Dimock Animal Pathology and Kelley Hall - Underground Condensate Line Replacement 1-5-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2185-17 TP Cooper Building to WH Cancer Center - Condensate Line Replacement 1-11-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2186-17 Gluck Equine Research Building – First Floor Office Renovations 12-20-16 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2187-17 Gatton Business and Economics Building - Suite 125 Renovation 1-20-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2188-17 Research Building #2 BP 5 Fit Out, Project 2425.0

04B Interior Masonry & Stone
06A Millwork & Wood Paneling
08A Doors & Hardware
08D Interior Glass, Glazing & Metal Panels
09B Drywall, Ceilings, CFMF, & Wall Panels
09C Painting & Caulking
09E Tile, Carpet, Sheet & Resilient Flooring
10A General Trades - Div 10 & Accessories
12B Manual & Motorized Shades
13A Controlled Environmental Rooms
21B Fire Protection
22C Plumbing
23B Mechanical
23C Controls
23D Testing & Balancing
26C Electrica
2-1-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2189-17 June Buchanan Medical Office Project - Hindman KY 2-24-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2191-17 Rose Street 10 Inch Steam Line 1-18-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2193-17 Project 2433.0
Construct/Expand/Renovate Ambulatory Care Facility (ACF) Warren Wright Medical Plaza 1st Floor (Orthopedic Suite Renovation)
2-23-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2194-17 Construction/replacement of fire pump in UK Sanders Brown
2-16-17 Under Evaluation    
K-0742-15 Demolition of 408 Linden Walk 4-22-15 Awarded Superior Demolition Inc 4/23/15
K-0746-15 4H Camp Dining Hall Siding 5-8-15 Awarded MCI-AST 5/9/15
K-0747-15 Demolition of Pennsylvania Court 5-21-15 Awarded Superior Demolition Inc 5/22/15
K-0759-16 Bike Shelters 3-1-16 Awarded Duo-Gard 4-4-16
K-0767-16 Demolition of AGR House 5-6-16      
K-0775-17 Cooling Towers 10-18-16 Awarded SPX Marley 12/12/16
UK-1440-15 Project 2345.0 Audio Visual for the Renovation / Expansion Gatton Building 1-30-15 Awarded Video Corporation of America 4/2/15
UK-1443-15 Custom air Handling Units Patient Care Facility 2-3-15 Awarded ClimateCraft 3/11/15
UK-1446-15 Project 2345.0 Signage, Wayfinding and Graphics Renovate / Expand Gatton Building 3-3-15 Awarded Color Ad 4/8/15
UK-1553-15 Utilities Infrastructure Master Plan 4-10-15 Awarded Affiliated Engineers, Inc 6/16/15
UK-1561-15 Project # 2402.2
TC-020 Food Service Equipment
Pavilion A-Phase 1F Kitchen/Cafeteria
Fit Out
Volume 1
5-5-15 Awarded Great Lakes  
UK-1564-16 Project # 2425.0
Construction Management Services to Construct Research Research Building 2
7-10-15 Awarded Whiting Turner  
UK-1566-15 Project 2402.4 PAV-A Cooling Tower 4-9-15 Awarded Composite Service Solutions  
UK-1567-15 Project 2402.4 PAV-A Chiller 4-9-15 Awarded Johnson Controls, Inc 5/11/15
UK-1573-15 Dairy Barn 4-23-15 Awarded Johns Contracting  
UK-1576-15 Project 2397.0
Sports Field Contractor
Football Training Center Practice Fields
5-12-15 Awarded Vescio Sportsfield  
UK-1583-15 Project 2397.0
Bermuda Sod Provider Football Training Center Practice Fields
5-29-15 Awarded Grass Masters  
UK-1591-15 Taxi Transportation   Awarded Various 4-7-16
UK-1602-15 Observation Towers (Football) 6-25-15 Awarded Congleton-Hacker  
UK-1606-16 Irrigation Systems 7-14-15 Cancelled    
UK-1615-16 Replacement of Central Plant Boilers 8-25-15 Awarded English Boiler  
UK-1620-16 Project 2429.0
Provide Temporary Boiler
Central Heating Plant
9-4-15 Awarded Hussung Mechanical  
UK-1622-16 Project 2394.0
CM Services to Renovate/Upgrade Hospital Facilities - Good Samaritan
10-1-15 Awarded Wehr Constructors  
UK-1624-16 Project 2417.0
Renovate/Upgrade Academic Space Patterson Hall

Work Category 03 B - Elevators
9-11-16 Awarded ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corp.  
UK-1625-16 Project # 2402.1
Pavilion A-hase 1F Floor Fit Out Volume 1 - TC-016 Green Roof
10-9-15 Awarded Turner Construction  
UK-1628-16 Irrigation Systems 10-14-15 Awarded Klausing Group  
UK-1630-16 Project 2397.0
Custom Wood Lockers
Football Training Center
10-27-15 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1635-16 Project 2402.3
Renovate/Expand UK Healthcare Facililties (NICU) Volume 1

TC-100 MRL Elevators
11-17-15 Awarded DC Elevator  
UK-1640-16 Project 2397.0
Custom Wood Lockers
Football Training Center (Revised)
11-13-15 Awarded Longhorn  
UK-1645-16 Project 2397.0
Specialty Graphics, Signage, and Wayfinding Football Training Facility
1-26-16 Awarded Forty Nine Degrees  
UK-1646-16 Project # 2396.0
Student Center Renovation and Expansion - Rebid of Trade Category TC02-19A - Elevators A, C, D, G, and H
1-14-16 Awarded ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corp.  
UK-1647-16 Original Bid CCK-2081-16, Project 2402.5
3 PAV A / 5 PAV H Renovations
TC-053 Doors & Hardware Proposal
12-23-15 Awarded Schiller Hardware  
UK-1648-16 Project #2437.0
Construction Management Services for Construct Baseball Facility
1-14-16 Awarded Congleton-Hacker  
UK-1655-16 UK Project # 2402.3
Renovate/Expand UK Healthcare Facilities (NICU) Volume 1

TC-106 Tower Crane
3-3-16 Awarded Maxum 4-18-16
UK-1661-16 Project 2444.0
Construction Management Services for the Project to Renovate / Expand Law Building
4-21-16 Awarded Congleton-Hacker 6/9/2016
UK-1662-16 UK Project # 2402.3
Phase 1F
New Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
BP 02 Early Site Package
Volume 1
TC-109 Site Excavation
4-14-16 Awarded RAM 5/12/2016
UK-1663-16 UK Project # 2402.3
Phase 1F
New Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
BP 02 Early Site Package
Volume 1
TC-108 Site Electric
4-14-15 Awarded Besco 5/31/2016
UK-1673-16 UK Project # 2402.8
Pavilion A - Phase 1G
11th Floor Fit Out

TC-075 Curtain Wall Upgrades
5-24-16 Awarded KPG 7/18/16
UK-1678-16 Project 2363.0
Academic Science Building
Scientific Teaching Laboratory and Equipment Move
6-10-16 Awarded Perkin Elmer Health Sciences, Inc. 6/23/16
UK-1682-16 Foam Roofing PCT 5-25-16 Awarded Insulated Roofing Contractors 6-10-16
UK-1688-16 Custom Air Handling Units (AHU)
Renovate/Upgrade UK Healthcare Facilities
6-21-16 Awarded Thermal Equipment 10/3/16
UK-1689-17 UK Project # 2402.3
Phase 1F - New Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
BP 03B NICU Work-Proper - Volume 1

TC-124 Doors & Hardware
7-7-16 Awarded Norwood 7/7/16
UK-1691-17 UK Project # 2402.8
Pavilion A - Phase 1G
11th Floor Fit-Out - Volume 1

TC-087 Furnish Doors & Hardware
7-21-16 Awarded Norwood 7/1/16
UK-1692-16 Project # 2425.0
Research Building 2
WC-14A Elevator
7-15-16 Awarded ThyssenKrupp Eleveator Corp. 10/10/16
UK-1696-17 Art Museum at the Singletary Center Relighting Project 7-26-16 Awarded Parsons Electric 8/30/16
UK-1701-17 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System at Parking Garage 2 - Data COM Room 012C 8-2-16 Awarded Vulcan 8/30/16
UK-1706-17 UK-2402.3
Renovate/Expand UK Healthcare (NICU)
TC-135 Decommission Existing Kitchen
8-24-16 Awarded Fuelband 9/9/16
UK-1708-17 M.I. King LIbrary Special Collections Mold and Mildew and Remediation 10-6-16 Awarded Bam CAT 12/15/16
UK-1712-17 Project 2437.0
Specialty Graphics, Singage, and Way-finding to Construct Baseball Facility
11-15-16 Awarded 49 Degrees 11/30/16
UK-1717-17 Project # 2425.0
Research Building 2 Work Category 31C
Underground Utility Tunnel at South Limestone
12-9-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1734-17 Research Building 2 Work Category 12A Laboratory Casework Project 2425.0 2-2-17 Under Evaluation    

Solicitation Number Title Buyer Original Opening/ Closing Date Status Awarded To Awarded Date
K-0768-17 Sale of University Property at 3000 Irvin Cobb Drive, Paducah KY (McCracken County)
Naomi Emmons 7-14-16 Under Evaluation    

Solicitation Number Title Buyer Original Opening/ Closing Date Status Awarded To Awarded Date
RE-0026-15 Invitation to Lease Office Space Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 1-15-15 Awarded Stafford & Creech  
RE-0027-15 Invitation to Lease Office Space - Morehead, KY Christine O'Brien 1-22-15 Awarded Pinehead, LLC  
RE-0028-15 Invitation to Lease Office Space Lexigton KY Christine O'Brien 2-18-15 Awarded Blazer Parkway LLC  
RE-0029-15 Lease Office Space in Hazard Christine O'Brien 2-26-15 Awarded Ronald Burnette  
RE-0030-15 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Lexington KY Christine O'Brien 4-9-15 Awarded Switzer Development  
RE-0031-15 Invitation to Lease Office Space Lexington KY Christine O'Brien 5-5-15 Cancelled    
RE-0032-15 Invitation to Lease Office Space Lexington KY (College of Nursing) Christine O'Brien 5-27-15 Closed w/o Award    
RE-0033-15 Invitation to Lease Office Space Christine O'Brien 6-18-15 Closed w/o Award    
RE-0034-15 Invitation to Lease Office Space - Bowling Green KY Christine O'Brien 6-18-15 Awarded JJEM Properties  
RE-0035-15 Invitaiton to Lease Office Space Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 6-12-15 Awarded VIII, FS, Lexington  
RE-0036-16 Invitation to Lease Office Space, Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 7-30-15 Awarded Regency Office Park  
RE-0037-16 Invitation to Lease Office Space - Estill County Christine O'Brien 8-13-15 Awarded Hardy Rentals  
RE-0038-16 Invitation to Lease Office and Clinical Space, Lexington KY Christine O'Brien 9-1-15 Awarded KMSF-KCS  
RE-0039-16 Invitation to Lease Office Space Mt Sterling, Kentucky Christine O' Brien 9-22-15 Awarded George Pawley  
RE-0040-16 Invitation to Lease Office Space Christine O' Brien 10-8-15 Awarded Alidade Bull Lea  
RE-0041-16 Invitation to Lease Storage Space Lexington, KY Christine O' Brien 11-13-15 Closed w/o Award    
RE-0042-16 Invitation to Lease Furnished Apartment in Richmond KY Christine O' Brien 12-16-15 Closed w/o Award    
RE-0043-16 Invitation to Lease Office Space Lexington Christine O'Brien 1-21-16 Closed w/o Award    
RE-0044-16 Invitation to Lease Office Space Lexington Christine O'Brien 2-16-16 Awarded Kentucky Utilities  
RE-0045-16 Invitation to Lease Office Space Lexington, Kentucky Christine O'Brien 2-18-16 Awarded Southcreek  
RE-0046-16 Invitation to Lease Class A Office Space Lexington KY Christine O'Brien 3-17-16 Awarded Fowler Bell  
RE-0047-16 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Elizabethtown, KY Christine O'Brien 3-23-16 Awarded Sapper 6 4-1-16
RE-0048-16 Invitation to Lease Residential Space, Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 4-15-16 Awarded John Schrader 5/15/16
RE-0050-16 Invitation to Lease Residential Space - Princeton, KY Christine O'Brien 5-6-16 Awarded Eddy Creek Baptist Church 5/24/16
RE-0051-16 Invitation to Lease Office and Clinical Space Christine O'Brien 5-25-16 Under Evaluation    
RE-0052-16 Invitation to Lease Farm Land in Western Kentucky Christine O'Brien 6-9-16 Awarded KY Corn Plus, Inc. 7/21/16
RE-0053-16 Invitation to Lease Space in Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 6-16-16 Awarded Lexarts 7/21/16
RE-0056-16 Invitation to Lease Office Space in the Campbell County/Kenton County area Christine O'Brien 6-30-16 Awarded Brighton Properties 8/26/16
RE-0058-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space, Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 8-24-16 Awarded Lowry Group 8/24/16
RE-0059-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space, Henderson, KY Christine O'Brien 9-13-16 Awarded Henderson County Extension 10/3/16
RE-0061-17 Invitation to Lease Parking Spaces, Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 10-7-16 Awarded AgCredit 10/15/16
RE-0062-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space, Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 10-13-16 Under Evaluation    
RE-0063-17 Invitation to Lease Farm Land in Franklin County
Christine O'Brien 10-18-16 Awarded Perkins Farm 10/15/16
RE-0064-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space, Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 10-13-16 Under Evaluation    
RE-0065-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space, Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 10-13-16 Under Evaluation    
RE-0066-17 Invitation to Lease Office space in Christian County, KY Christine O'Brien 11-22-16 Awarded Christina County Ag Foundation 12/12/16
RE-0067-17 Invitation to Lease Farm Land in Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 11-29-16 Awarded Cooper Farm 12/12/16
RE-0068-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Louisville, KY Christine O'Brien 1-6-17 Under Evaluation    
RE-0069-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Lawrence County, KY Christine O'Brien 1-4-17 Under Evaluation    
RE-0070-17 Invitation to Lease Office and Clinical Space in Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 1-12-17 Under Evaluation    
RE-0071-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 2-17-17 Under Evaluation