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Status of Bids and Requests for Proposals

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List sorted by solicitation number

Solicitation Number Title Original Opening/ Closing Date Status Awarded To Awarded Date
K-0769-17 MV-1 DX Paratransit Vehicle 7-6-16 Awarded Alliance Bus Group 7-15-16
K-0770-17 Portable Generator 7-15-16 Awarded Whayne 7-15-16
K-0771-17 Chiller Cancelled Cancelled    
K-0772-17 Chilled Water Coils 9-28-16 Awarded Deugard 12/14/16
K-0774-17 2016 Starcraft XL32 Bus for Management Operations - Mainchance Farm 10-5-16 Awarded Carpenter Bus 10/12/16
K-0776-17 Bike Shelters 11-2-16 Awarded Deugard 11/16/16
K-0778-17 Claas Lexion 730 Combine & Accessories 2-15-17 Awarded Whayne Supply 2/28/17
K-0779-17 Compact Excavator 2-17-17 Awarded Central Equipment Company 3/6/17
K-0780-17 Printing and Binding of a Book - Water in Kentucky/Lee et al. 2-24-17 Awarded Versa Press 3/7/17
K-0781-17 Spindletop Hall Tennis, Pickleball, Basketball Court Repairs 2-28-17 Awarded Tennis Technologies 3/3/17
K-0782-17 2017 Agricultural Seed, Fertilizer and Chemicals 3-2-17 Awarded Various 3/13/17
K-0873-17 Hazard Dental Bus 6-2-17 Awarded Central States Bus Sales 6/14/17
K-0784-17 12 KV Breakers 4-12-17 Cancelled    
K-0872-17 S&C Gas Switches 3-7-17 Awarded Richards Electric 3/14/17
K-0873-17 Telecom and Broadcast Electronics 3-8-17 Awarded Broadcaster's General Store 3/8/17
K-0874-17 Doors and Hardware 5-26-17 Cancelled    
K-0875-17 Telecom and Broadcast Electronics 6-16-17 Awarded Broadcasters General Store 6/16/17
K-0876-17 Printing & Binding of a Book; THE BEER CHEESE BOOK/Pirnia 6-28-17 Awarded Friesens 7/19/17
K-0877-18 University Band Trailer 7-6-17 Awarded Clubhouse Trailer Co. 7/10/17
K-0879-18 Recruitment Giveaway Items 7-25-17 Awarded Progressive Marketing Inc 8/4/17
K-0881-18 12 KV Breakers 8-22-17 Under Evaluation    
K-0882-18 Pad Mounted Transformer 8-24-17 Under Evaluation    
K-0883-18 Fitness Equipment for Alumni Gyn 9-22-17 Under Evaluation    
K-0884-18 5-Way Switch 10-27-17 Under Evaluation    
K-0885-18 Kentucky Swim Dive 2018 Air Charter 10-24-17 Under Evaluation    
K-0886-18 Color Imaging Device with cart, monitor and recorder for video and stills 11-10-17 Under Evaluation    
K-0887-18 Bobcat Utility Equipment 11-21-17 Under Evaluation    
K-0888-18 Electrical Cable 11-17-17 Under Evaluation    
K-0889-18 Hybrid Power Articulated Aerial Tracked Lift 12-1-17 Under Evaluation    
K-0892-18 W. T. Young Library Light Fixtures 1-30-18 Under Evaluation    
K-0893-18 Arobrist Chip Truck 3-2-18 Under Evaluation    
K-0894-18 2018 Agricultural Seed, Fertilizer, and Chemicals 3-9-18 Under Evaluation    
K-0896-18 Fitness Equipment Upgrades for Johnson Center 3-23-18 Under Evaluation    
K-0897-18 Parking & Transportation Buses 4-18-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1690-17 UK HealthCare Digital Marketing Assessment 7-8-16 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1694-17 Solid Waste & Recycling Services with Equipment & Container Leases 9-9-16 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1698-17 Equine Podiatry and Endocrine Specialist Veterinary Services 7-20-16 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1699-17 Printing and Binding of Law Journals 7-12-16 Awarded Western Newspaper Publishing Co. 8/8/16
UK-1700-17 Electronic Development, Submission, Award Tracking and Information Mangement System for Proposals 7-29-16 Awarded Evisions Inc 10/21/17
UK-1702-17 Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) 8-12-16 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1703-17 Ambulatory Equine Veterinary Services 8-12-16 Awarded Equine Medical Associates, PSC 9/21/16
UK-1704-17 Networking Products & Services 8-23-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1707-17 Student Loan Repayment Program 9-2-16 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1709-17 Public-Private Partnership Mixed-Use Parking Garage Project 11-11-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1710-07 Tumor Registry Coverage 9-13-16 Awarded Himagine Solutions, Inc. 6/1/17
UK-1711-17 Hazardous & Special Waste Collection Transportation and Disposition 11-11-16 Awarded Veolia ES Technical Solutions 01/01/2017
UK-1713-17 Library Bindery Services 10-14-16 Awarded HF Group, LLC 11/1/16
UK-1714-17 Forest Management and Chain of Custody Group Certificate Audits 10-13-16 Awarded Rainforest Alliance 11/3/16
UK-1715-17 Alarms & Alerts Mangement System 11-3-16 Awarded Connexall 1/19/17
UK-1716-17 Concert Promoter 2017 10-18-16 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1718-17 Effect of Silvicultural Treatments on Vertical Stand Structure in Forested Ecosystems of the Appalachian Mountain Region 11-29-16 Awarded BPM Lumber LLC 3/1/17
UK-1719-17 Healthcare Shipping and Freight Services For Kentucky Health Collaborative, LLC 12-21-16 Awarded Various 4/21/17
UK-1721-17 Solid Waste Disposal, Recycling & Reduction Partnership 3-23-17 Awarded Central Kentucky Hauling, Inc.  
UK-1724-17 Liquid Nitrogen 12-16-16 Awarded Scott-Gross Company, Inc. 1/4/17
UK-1725-17 CSA Voucher Program 12-1-16 Awarded Community Ventures 12/8/16
UK-1726-17 Air Quality Emission Stack Testing and Fuel Sampling of Coal for Coal-Fired Boilers 11-15-16 Awarded Grace 1/5/17
UK-1727-17 Yale Locks and Supplies 11-30-16 Awarded Clark Security Products 1/6/17
UK-1728-17 Painting Services 11-22-16 Awarded Thompson Painting & Decorating 12/12/17
UK-1729-17 Markey Molecular Tumor Board System 1-4-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1730-17 Pulsed Light System 12-16-16 Awarded Cynosure 1/10/17
UK-1731-17 Car Sharing Services 1-12-17 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1732-17 Executive Search Firms for the Recruitment of an Executive Vice President for Health Affairs (EVPHA) 12-20-16 Awarded Spencer Stuart 2/1/17
UK-1735-17 Bowl Rings and Pendants 12-20-16 Awarded Jostens Inc. 12/21/16
UK-1736-17 Signage/Graphics 1-10-17 Awardedn Various 2/3/17
UK-1737-17 Digital Panoramic X-Ray Machine 12-21-16 Under Evaluation    
UK-1738-17 Turf Equipment Rental 1-4-17 Awarded Reynolds Farm Equipment 1/19/17
UK-1739-17 Fencing (PCT) 1-19-17 Awarded Shuck Fence Co. 1/19/17
UK-1741-17 Window Cleaning Bid 2-28-17 Awarded Various 4/5/17
UK-1742-17 Enterprise Architecture Software

2-16-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1743-17 Real Estate Brokerage Services Crisp Building - Paducah, KY 2-22-17 Awarded NA Isaac 3/3/17
UK-1744-17 PTS Bicycle Voucher Program 3-3-17 Awarded Various 3/16/17
UK-1745-17 Natural Gas 2-9-17 Awarded Atmos Energy Marketing 2/9/17
UK-1746-17 TPO Roofing 3-7-17 Awarded Isaacs Roofing  
UK-1749-17 Online Exam Software 3-21-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1751-17 3Shape Lab Scanners 3-3-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1752-17 Test Kits 3-23-17 Awarded IDEXX Distribution  
UK-1755-17 Campus Parking Access and Revenue Control System 4-13-17 Awarded Evens Time Inc. 5/19/17
UK-1756-17 Security Guard Services 5-16-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1758-17 Industrial Uniform Program 5-9-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1759-17 Embedded Education Abroad Provider 5-11-17 Awarded International Studios Abroad 7/13/17
UK-1761-17 Facility Cleaning 5-11-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1762-17 Hay 5-16-17 Awarded Galls 6/12/17
UK-1763-17 Echo360 Active Learning Subscription Service 4-27-17 Awarded Echo360 Inc. 7/1/17
UK-1764-17 Comprehensive Bone Marrow Transplant System for Data Aggregation, Analysis & Reporting 6-7-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1765-17 Assessment for Learning Project Evaluation 6-20-17 Awarded Social Policy Associates (SPR) 8/23/17
UK-1767-17 Biohazardous & Regulated Medical Waste Collection, Transportation & Final Disposal 12-14-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1769-18 Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Membership 7-21-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1770-17 Post-Acute Care Substance Abuse Disorder Services 6-28-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1771-17 Hay 6-23-17 Awarded Lazy K Farms 7/9/2017
UK-1772-18 Biological Safety Cabinet Certification Services 7-14-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1773-18 Fixed Wing Aircraft: University of Kentucky Healthcare Extracorpoceal Membrane Oxygenation 7-13-17 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1776-18 Travel Agent for Donor/Fan Travel 8-11-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1778-18 VariDesk Standup and Ergonomic Desks 8-3-17 Closed w/o Award    
UK-1779-18 Full Service Printing 9-7-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1780-18 Stationery Printing 9-7-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1782-18 Coal 9-15-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1781-18 Dental School Supplies 9-22-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1784-18 Intraoperative Neuromonitoring 10-6-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1785-18 Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions 9-20-17 Awarded Zones, Inc. 10/1/17
UK-1786-18 Enterprise Diagnostic Imaging Viewer 10-12-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1788-18 Kentucky Swimming and Diving Charter Flight to SEC Championships 10-17-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1789-18 Flooring Installation Services 11-1-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1790-18 Barcode Feed Mangement System 11-14-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1791-18 Drywall and Related Materials 10-27-17 Awarded Nexgen Building Supply 11/6/17
UK-1792-18 Gift Annuity & Charitable Trusts Investment Manager/Administrator 11-3-17 Awarded State Street Global Advisors 12/18/17
UK-1793-18 Distribution Services 11-10-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1794-18 Flooring Supplies 11-14-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1795-18 Public Relations Marketing and Advertising 11-7-17 Awarded Vimarc 12/22/17
UK-1796-18 Electrical Services 11-10-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1797-18 CT Urodynamic System AQS2000-S or Equivalent plus disposables 11-15-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1799-17 Lab Coats and Scrubs 12-5-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1800-18 Supplier Information Management (SIM) Solution 11-30-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1801-18 Insurance Broker 1-4-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1802-18 Strategic Services for a Capital Campaign 11-30-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1803-18 Long-Term Acute Care or Other Post-Acute Care Services 1-4-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1804-18 Gift & Estate Planning Department Marketing Program 12-13-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1805-18 Alcohol SwabCab 1-3-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1806-18 Ride Matching and Rewards Services 1-9-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1807-18 Police CAD/RMS/MDC Project 1-17-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1809-18 Concrete Services PCT 1-31-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1810-18 Markey Molecular Tumor Board System 2-16-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1812-18 UK HealthCare Shuttle Services 2-28-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1813-18 Employee Flexible Spending Account Program 2-21-18 Awarded ASI Flex 3/23/18
UK-1814-18 Athletic Ticket Printing and Fulfillment 1-31-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1815-18 Web Accessibility Platform 2-21-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1816-18 Deep Brain Stimulator Supplies 2-13-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1817-18 Spinal Cord Supplies
2-14-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1818-18 Absorbable Calcium Sulfate 1-31-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1819-18 Courier Services 3-9-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1820-18 Release of Information 2-27-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1821-18 Animal By-Product Waste & Removal 3-22-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1822-18 Dairy Feed 2-14-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1823-18 Multi-Family Developer
Coldstream Research Campus 
Residential Village Development Project
4-11-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1824-18 Shoulder Implants
3-6-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1825-18 Gynecological Supplies 2-21-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1826-18 DaVinci Robot Disposables 2-21-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1827-18 Sepra Film 2-21-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1828-18 Endo & Dialysis Supplies 2-22-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1829-18 Radiology Supplies 2-22-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1830-18 Occluder and Accessories 2-22-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1831-18 Travel Speed Data for Kentucky Roadways 3-1-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1835-18 Total Joint-Hip and Knee Implants
3-6-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1836-18 Absorbable Calcium Sulfate 2-23-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1837-18 Ad Speciality, Promotional Items and Related Services (PCT)

3-29-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1838-18 Patient Access Enabling Technology 4-6-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1840-18 Instrument Sharpening 3-22-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1841-18 Closed Transfer Device System 4-4-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1842-18 University Transportation of Cash and Checks 4-20-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1843-18 Sterilization Trays 4-4-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1844-18 Record Storage Services 4-19-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1845-18 College of Dentistry - Student Instrument Kits 5-4-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1846-18 College of Dentistry - Electric Hand Pieces 5-4-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1847-18 Federal Relations Consultant 5-9-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1848-18 Arthroscopy Supplies 5-2-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1849-18 Phlebotomy Products 4-27-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1858-18 Tubing and Connectors 5-3-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1860-18 Ready MIx Concrete 5-4-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1861-18 Respiratory Products 5-9-18 Under Evaluation    
Solicitation Number Title Original Opening/ Closing Date Status Awarded To Awarded Date
CCK-2140-17 Project # 2402.8
Phase 1G Pavilion A - 11th Floor Fit-Out

TC-076 General Trades
TC-077 Millwork and Casework
TC-078 Drywall and Ceilings
TC-079 Flooring
TC-080 Tiling
TC-081 Painting & Wallcovering
TC-082 Fire Protection
TC-083 Plumbing
TC-084 Mechanical Piping & Sheetmetal
TC-085 Electrical
TC-086 Integrated Technology
TC-089 Final Cleaning
7-21-16 Awarded Various  
CCK-2142-17 Project # 2402.3
Phase 1F New Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - BP 03B NICU Proper

TC-111A Exterior Curtain Wall
TC-111B Interior Glass & Glazing
8-4-16 Awarded Various 8/1/16
CCK-2145-17 UK Good Samaritan MOB 2nd Floor 7-22-16 Awarded Omni Commercial, LLC 9/15/16
CCK-2146-17 Polk Dalton Parking Lot 7-20-16 Awarded Bluegrass Contracting 8/1/16
CCK-2148-17 UK Good Samaritan Fan Coil Replacement 7-27-16 Awarded Allstate Heating & Cooling 8/2/16
CCK-2149-17 Medical Vacuum and Waste Gas Vacuum Systems 7-26-16 Awarded Hussung Mechanical  
CCK-2150-17 Project #2402.7 Phase 1G
Pavilion A
Surgery Phase 1-3a and PACU

TC-062 General Trades
TC-063 Doors and Hardware
TC-064 Drywall and Ceilings
TC-065 Flooring
TC-067 Painting
TC-068 Fire Protection
TC-069 Mechanical/Plumbing
TC-070 Electric and Technology
12-19-16 Awarded Various  
CCK-2152-17 Project 2425.0
Construct Research Building #2,
Design Release 3B - Core and Shell

Trace Contracts
01D General Trades - Waterproofing
04A Masonry & Stone
05A Structural & Misc. Steel
07B Penthouse Metal Panels & Louvers
07C Coated Foam Roofing
07E Fireproofing
08B Loading Dock Equipment
08C Curtainwall, Storefront, etc
09A CFMF, Shaftwall, Soffits, EIFS
21A Fire Protection
22B - Plumbing
23A - HVAC
26B Electrical
31B Sitework, Utilities, & Paving
Work Category 04A

All other work categories

For Work Categories:
01D, 05A, 07B, 07E, 08B, 08C, 09A, 21A, 22B, 23A, 26B, & 31B 08/31/16

For Work Category:

Awarded Various 10/13/16
CCK-2153-17 Chandler H46 Condensate Pumps and Tank Replacement - REBID 8-9-16 Awarded Finney Company 8/9/16
CCK-2154-17 CON 500, 501, and 509 Renovate Spaces 8-16-16 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2155-17 Chandler Bridge HVAC Replacement (REBID) 8-9-16 Awarded Alstate Heating 9/8/16
CCK-2156-17 Chandler Bridge Glazing Repair (REIBD) 8-11-16 Awarded Rodgers Aluminum 10/6/16
CCK-2157-17 Project # 2396.0
Student Center
Bid Package 04 - Audio-Visual and Sitework

Trade Category ID & Descriptor
TC04-27 - Audio-Visual
TC04-28A - Site Improvements
TC04-28B - Landscaping
TC04-29 - Excavation and Final Grading
TC04-32 - Combination Bid: Site Improvements & Excavation and Final Grading*

* Bids will be received for the Combination of the Work described for both Trade Categories,
TC04-28A Site Improvements and TC04-29 Excavation and Final Grading
10-11-16 Awarded Various 10/27/16
CCK-2158-17 Spindletop Outbuilding Repairs 8-17-16 Awarded Churchill McGee LLC 8/17/16
CCK-2159-17 Anderson Stairwell Repair 8-19-16 Awarded Lithko Restoration Technologies 8/19/16
CCK-2160-17 PAV H - H6 AHU Upgrade 8-25-16 Awarded H&R Mechanical 8/25/16
CCK-2161-17 Kentucky Clinic 6th floor AHU Installation 8-23-16 Awarded Allstate Heating & Cooling 8/23/16
CCK-2162-17 PAV H - 3 North Renovation 8-26-16 Awarded Wagner Company  
CCK-2163-17 Project # 2437.0
Baseball Stadium

TC - A - Sitework
TC - B - Drilled Piers
TC - C - Concrete Foundations
TC - D - Masonry
TC - E - Structural Steel
TC - F - General Trades
TC - G - Casework/Millwork
TC - H - Waterproofing/Caulking
TC - I - Roofing
TC - J - Metal Wall Panels
TC - K - Doors/Frames/Specialties
TC - L - Aluminum/Glass & Glazing
TC - M - Gypsum Assemblies & Ceilings
TC - N - Tile and Terrazzo
TC - O - Carpet and Res. Flooring
TC - P - Ornamental Railings
TC - Q - Painting and Wall Covering
TC - R - Food Service Equipment
TC - S - Window Treatments
TC - T - Elevators
TC - U - Plumbing and Mechanical
TC - V - Fire Protection
TC - W - Electrical
TC - X - Communications
TC - Y - Ornamental Fencing
TC - Z - Landscaping
12-15-16 Awarded Various  
CCK-2164-17 Project # 2448.0
Renovate Lucille Little Library Confucius Institute
9-14-16 Awarded Congleton-Hacker 10/6/16
CCK-2165-17 Project # 2402.3
Phase 1F Pavilion H/HA -
NICU Enabling Fit Out

TC-140 General Trades
TC-141 Drywall and Ceilings
TC-142 Soft Flooring
TC-143 Painting
TC-144 Fire Protection
TC-145 Plumbing and Mechanical
TC-146 Electrical and Integrated Tech.
9-27-16 Awarded Various 10/14/16
CCK-2166-17 Agronomy Greenhouse Renovation (Building 0066) 9-23-16 Cancelled    
CCK-2167-17 PAV H C400 Suite Replace Windows 9-20-16 Awarded W.R. Cole 10/17/16
CCK-2168-17 Project # 2425.0
Research Building 2
Work Category WC04A - Masonry & Stone - Rebid

Awarded Mason Construction 12/5/16
CCK-2169-17 Project # 2425.0
WC01D - General Trades Below Grade Waterproofing
9-21-16 Awarded Ram Construction 9/30/16
CCK-2171-17 WUKY St. Claire Studios - Spurr Road Renovation
10-25-16 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2172-17 UK Cooling Plant #1 - Pipe and Steel Painting and Conduit Replacement Project 10-26-16 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2173-17 Funkhouser Bldg - Student Account Services - Suite 18 Renovation

10-5-16 Awarded Eubank & Steele 10/24/16
CCK-2174-17 Project # 2425.0
Research Building 2
Work Category WC07E - Fireproofing Rebid
Awarded American Fireproofing 10/27/16
CCK-2175-17 ES Good Barn HVAC Upgrades 11-2-16 Awarded Finney Company 12/19/17
CCK-2176-17 Project # 2402.3
Phase 1F Pavilion H/HA - NICU Proper
11-10-16 Awarded Various  
CCK-2177-17 Demolition Project - Transcript Avenue, Virginia Avenue, and South Limestone 11-22-16 Awarded Woolride Construction 12/19/17
CCK-2178-17 Project # 2402.8
Phase 1G Pavilion A - Limestone Parking Lot
11-15-16 Awarded Woodall Construction 11/16/16
CCK-2179-17 Project # 2456.0 Dickey Hall HVAC Renovation 1-27-17 Awarded Marrillia Design and Construction 2/16/17
CCK-2180-16 Project # 2447.0
Anderson Tower 3rd Floor Renovation

12-21-16 Awarded Marrillia Design and Construction 2/16/17
CCK-2182-17 UKGS Cooling Tower Replacement 11-29-16 Awarded Allstate 12/1/16
CCK-2183-17 WUKY St. Claire Studios- Spurr Road Renovation - REBID
12-9-16 Awarded Marrillia Design and Construction 2/6/17
CCK-2184-17 Dimock Animal Pathology and Kelley Hall - Underground Condensate Line Replacement 1-5-17 Awarded Finney Company 3/13/17
CCK-2185-17 TP Cooper Building to WH Cancer Center - Condensate Line Replacement 1-11-17 Awarded Woodall Construction 1/31/17
CCK-2186-17 Gluck Equine Research Building – First Floor Office Renovations 12-20-16 Awarded Churchill McGee LLC 1/26/17
CCK-2187-17 Gatton Business and Economics Building - Suite 125 Renovation 1-20-17 Awarded Eubank & Steele 2/27/17
CCK-2188-17 Research Building #2 BP 5 Fit Out, Project 2425.0

04B Interior Masonry & Stone
06A Millwork & Wood Paneling
08A Doors & Hardware
08D Interior Glass, Glazing & Metal Panels
09B Drywall, Ceilings, CFMF, & Wall Panels
09C Painting & Caulking
09E Tile, Carpet, Sheet & Resilient Flooring
10A General Trades - Div 10 & Accessories
12B Manual & Motorized Shades
13A Controlled Environmental Rooms
21B Fire Protection
22C Plumbing
23B Mechanical
23C Controls
23D Testing & Balancing
26C Electrica
2-1-17 Awarded Various  
CCK-2189-17 June Buchanan Medical Office Project - Hindman KY 2-24-17 Awarded Gilpin Construction 5/4/17
CCK-2191-17 Rose Street 10 Inch Steam Line 1-18-17 Awarded Lagco, Inc. 3/10/17
CCK-2193-17 Project 2433.0
Construct/Expand/Renovate Ambulatory Care Facility (ACF) Warren Wright Medical Plaza 1st Floor (Orthopedic Suite Renovation)
2-23-17 Awarded Churchill McGee LLC 3/15/17
CCK-2194-17 Construction/replacement of fire pump in UK Sanders Brown
2-16-17 Awarded SimplexGrinnell LP  
CCK-2195-17 Anderson Tower Basement Lab Renovation Project 3-1-17 Awarded Marrillia Design and Construction 3/13/17
CCK-2196-17 Central Utility Plant, Cooling Tower Blow Down Recovery System 3-22-17 Cancelled    
CCK-2197-17 Kentucky Clinic K201 and J201 Refurbishments 2-28-17 Awarded Omni Construction 3/10/17
CCK-2198-17 Dickey Hall Window Replacement 3-2-17 Awarded Chasteen Enterprises  
CCK-2199-17 Main Building Facade Restoration 3-17-17 Awarded Chasteen Enterprises  
CCK-2200-17 Chemistry-Physics Building Switchgear Replacement 3-21-17 Awarded Unknown  
CCK-2202-17 Project # 2425.3
Leader Avenue Domestic Water (RB2)
3-15-17 Awarded Finney Company 4/17/17
CCK-2201-17 Project # 2425.0
Construct Spline Utilities
Bid Package # 6
Research Building #2

Trade - Description
03U - Spline Concrete & Piers
05U - Structural & Misc. Steel
07U - Spline Roofing
21U - Spline Fire Suppression
23U - Spline Mechanical
26U - Spline Electrical
31U - Spline Excavation & Shoring
32U - Spline Sitework
3-21-17 Awarded Various  
CCK-2203-17 Stumbo Building Glazing Replacement - Hazard KY 3-17-17 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2204-17 Medical Center Plant Boiler Blowdown & Heat Recovery Upgrades 3-30-17 Awarded H&R Mechanical Contractors 4/14/2017
CCK-2205-17 Project # 2464.0
2017 Annual Parking Garage Maintenance and Restoration
3-24-17 Awarded Carl Walker, Inc. 4/17/2017
CCK-2206-17 Project # 2425.0
UK RB2 WC08A - Doors & Hardware - Rebid
3-21-17 Awarded Schiller Architectural Hardware 4/18/2017
CCK-2207-17 Project 2461.0
Renovate/Upgrade Athletic Playing Fields (Soccer Practice Field)
3-23-17 Awarded ATS Construction  
CCK-2208-17 Project # 2465.0
Commonwealth Stadium Pavilion Roof Structure
3-30-17 Awarded Congleton-Hacker 5/1/2017
CCK-2209-17 Anderson Hall Tower -
Rooms 257 & 259 Renovations
4-12-17 Awarded Marrillia Design and Construction 5/16/2017
CCK-2210-17 White Hall Classroom Building -
Rooms 118 & 307 Renovations
4-11-17 Awarded Olympic Construction 5/15/2017
CCK-2211-17 Ag North - Rooms N24 & 101 Seay Auditorium Renovations 4-13-17 Awarded Eubank & Steele 4/27/2017
CCK-2212-17 Project # 2425.0
Construct Research Buliding # 2
Bid Package # 7 - Landscape, Hardscape, and Green Roof Waterproofing

Trade Contract No. Description
01E - General Trades
07A - Green Roof Waterproofing
09G - Epoxy
32A - Landscape
32B - Hardscape
4-26-17 Awarded Various 6/8/17
CCK-2213-17 Project 2425.0
Research Building #2 - Utilities Spline
Diesel Engine Generator and Modification of Medium-Voltage Vacuum Interrupter Switchgear
4-7-17 Awarded Whayne Supply 4/14/17
CCK-2214-17 Project # 2402.3/2402.8/2402.7
Construction and Final Cleaning
5-2-17 Awarded Facility Management  
CCK-2215-17 Stumbo Building Glazing Replacement - Hazard, KY - REBID 5-2-17 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2216-17 Parking Structure #2 Main-Tie-Main Electrical Utility Upgrades 5-16-17 Awarded Dixon Electric 6/13/17
CCK-2217-17 Project # 2469.0
Improve Athletic Facilities 1 Craft Center Locker Room Renovation
5-2-17 Awarded Congleton-Hacker 5/8/17
CCK-2218-17 Combs Building AHU 9 Replacement 5-4-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2219-17 UKGS B-031 Replace AHU #1 5-24-17 Awarded Howard W. Pence 6/22/17
CCK-2220-17 Project # 2466.0
Renovate/Upgrade Athletic Playing Fields 2
5-23-17 Awarded Vescio Sportsfield 6/12/17
CCK-2221-17 William B Sturgill Building Renovation Project 5-19-17 Awarded Omni Commercial, LLC 6/12/17
CCK-2222-17 Project # 2402.3
NICU Site Work - TC-137 NICU Site Work
Awarded Jostin Construction 6/27/17
CCK-2223-17 Slone Research Building - Steam/condensate Piping Replacement 5-25-17 Awarded Lagco, Inc 6/22/17
CCK-2224-17 Combs Building AHU #6 Replacement 5-25-17 Awarded Lagco, Inc. 6/16/17
CCK-2225-17 ASTeCC Building - Upgrade Fume Hood Controls - Phase II
6-6-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2226-17 Project # 2470.0
Parking Structure #2 Plaza Entrance
5-24-17 Awarded Woodall Construction 6/19/17
CCK-2227-17 Expand/Renovate/Upgrade Law Building

Trade Category 1A - General Trades
Trade Category 1B - Demolition and Asbestos Abatement
6-14-17 Awarded Various 6/21/17
CCK-2228-17 Chandler HX200 Suite Renovation

5-31-17 Awarded Schaefer Contracting LLC 6/19/17
CCK-2229-17 Research Lab # 3 Elevator Modernization
6-6-17 Awarded D.C. Elevator 6/12/17
CCK-2230-17 Rose and Huguelet Tunnel Retrofit
5-26-17 Awarded Lithko Restoration Technologies, LLC 7/7/17
CCK-2231-17 Memorial Coliseum Coach's Locker Room Renovations

Awarded Congleton-Hacker 7/7/17
CCK-2232-17 Miller Hall Foundation Wall Waterproofing
Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2233-17 Jacobs Science Building Interior Landscape 6-9-17
Awarded Klausing Group 6/16/17
CCK-2234-17 Project # 2473.0
Parking Structure #1 and #5 Lighting Retrofit
6-21-17 Awarded Broadway Electric Service Corporation 7/28/17
CCK-2235-17 UKGS Elevators E & F Refurbishment 6-22-17 Awarded Madden Elevator 7/12/17
CCK-2236-17 AS Hay Sheds, Maine Chance Farm 6-29-17 Awarded Allen Construction 7/12/17
CCK-2237-17 LRC Hay Shed, Versailles, KY 6-29-17 Awarded Allen Construction 7/12/17
CCK-2238-17 VS Hay Storage Shed, Spindletop Farm 6-29-17 Awarded Allen Construction 7/12/17
CCK-2239-17 Baker Hall - Riffle Team Locker Room Renovation 6-22-17 Awarded Riddell Construction Inc.  
CCK-2240-18 Kentucky Clinic Front Doors 7-14-17 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2241-18 Integrative Medicine and Health Clinic 8-9-17 Awarded Marrillia Design and Construction 8/30/17
CCK-2242-18 Chandler N051 and N053 Nuclear Camera and CT Control Room 7-7-17 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2243-18 Project 2461.1
Soccer Practice Field - Storage/Restroom
7-13-17 Awarded Congleton-Hacker 8/14/17
CCK-2244-18 Miller Hall 1st Floor Renovation Project 8-8-17 Awarded Omni Commercial, LLC 9/8/17
CCK-2245-18 Project #2454.0
Improve Clinical / Ambulatory Services - Otolaryngology (ENT)
8-4-17 Awarded Wehr Constructors  
CCK-2247-18 UK Project # 2468
Renovate/Improve UK Healthcare Facilities Simulation Center

Volume 1 of 3 
Scopes of Work & General Requirements 
8-24-17 Awarded Various 9/13/17
CCK-2248-18 Ronald McDonald House and the University of Kentucky Lift Station Elimination 8-22-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2249-18 John H. Dicken, Jr. Plaza - Gatton College of Business and Economics 8-11-17 Closed w/o Award    
CCK-2250-18 Chandler N051 and N053 Nuclear Camera and CT Control Room RE-BID 8-18-17 Awarded Various 8/30/17
CCK-2251-18 Kentucky Clinic Front Doors Re-Bid 9-6-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2252-18 Bradley Hall Dormers, Entrances and Gutter Renovations 9-6-17 Awarded Chasteen Enterprises 9/15/17
CCK-2253-18 Project #2485.0
John H Dicken Jr Plaza - Gatton College of Business and Economics - REBID
9-7-17 Awarded Olympic Construction 9/28/17
CCK-2254-18 Project # 2444
College of Law Expansion & Renovation

01B Building Concrete
02B Masonry
03B Structural Steel
04B Ornamental Railings
05B Architectural Woodwork
06B Asbestos Abatement
07B Roofing
08B Fireproofing
09B Drs/ Fr /Hdwr / Specialties / Security
10B Glass and Glazing
11B Drywall and Ceilings
12B Ceramic Tile
13B Flooring
14B Painting
17B Elevators
18B Fire Protection
19B Mechanical
20B Electrical
21B Sitework

11-1-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2255-18 Bradley Hall Basement Window Replacements
10-18-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2256-18 UKGS Elevators G & H Refurbishment 10-24-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2257-18 UK Starbucks at Kentucky Clinic HVAC System 10-26-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2258-18 MIK Library 5th Floor Window Replacement 10-27-27 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2259-18 Boone Center Window Renovation/Replacement 10-31-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2260-18 PAV WH Rm 113 Replace Liebert Chillers 11-8-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2261-18 Chandler HQ101 Sleep Rooms Renovation 11-16-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2262-18 Project 2396.0
Student Center Final Cleaning
Trade Category TC06-1A Final Cleaning
11-17-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2263-18 Chandler East Tower Sanitary Sewer Replacement 12-5-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2264-18 Pence Hall Misc. Areas Renovation 12-21-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2265-18 Project # 2474.0
Equine Teaching Facility
12-12-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2266-18 UKGS Fan Coil Unit Replacement Phase 2 11-29-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2267-18 Project #2482.0
Pavilion HA Air Handling Unit #8
11-28-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2268-18 UKGS OR Flooring 12-7-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2269-18 Brachytherapy Expansion - Trades

Trade Contract # Description
01A                     General Trades
03A                     Concrete
08A                     Doors and Hardware
09A                     Drywall, Ceilings, CFMF
09B                     Painting & Wall Coverings
09C                     Flooring & Tiling
21A                     Fire Suppression
23A                     Mechanical & Plumbing
26A                     Electrical
Under Evaluation
CCK-2269-18 Brachytherapy Expansion - Trades

Trade Contract # Description
31A                     Excavation & Shoring
2-20-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2270-18 Expand/Renovate/Upgrade Law Building
TC03-04B Ornamental Railing Rebid
12-6-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2271-18 PROJECT #2458.0, Grain Center of Excellence - Princeton KY 1-30-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2272-18 UKGS Central Utility Plant Controls Upgrade 1-4-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2273-18 Parking Structure 2 Elevator 1-9-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2274-18 North Central 4-H Camp, Waste Water Improvements, Nicholas County 1-11-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2275-18 Pav CCC G 011 Steam Water Heater Replacement 1-26-17 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2276-18 Gluck Equine Building Lab 324 & 328 1-17-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2278-18 Project # 2444.0
College of Law
Trade Category 04B - Ornamentla Railing Rebid
2-14-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2279-18 Project # 2452.1
Renovate College of Medicine Library
2-6-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2280-18 UKGS MOB RTU #1 & RTU #2 2-9-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2281-18 Spindletop hall - Basement HVAC Replacement Project 2-8-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2282-18 UK PAV CCC Elevators 12 & 13 Upgrade 2-15-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2283-18 Project # 2425.0
Construct Spline Utilities: Chiller 6 and CUP Building Revisions, Bid Package #8

Trade Category-23V Chiller #6 Mechnical & Plumbing
Trade Category-26V Chiller #6 Electrical
4-24-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2284-18 Dickey Hall Elevator Modernization 2-27-28 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2285-18 Project # 2402.32
Pavilion H/HA - BP-5 Peds Endo/PICU
4-26-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2289-18 Erikson Hall Room 007 Renovation 3-13-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2290-18 Project # 2462.0
Good Samaritan Hospital AHU #24 & #54
3-15-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2291-18 Maxwell Street Security Surveillance Project 2018 3-20-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2292-18 Patterson Office Tower Elevator Modernization Phase 1 3-21-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2293-18 Good Samaritan Central Sterile Cart Washer - Mechanical
3-8-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2294-18 Small Animal Hospital 139 & 141 Kennel Flooring 3-16-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2295-18 Project # 2488.0
2018 Annual Parking Garage Maintenance and Restoration
4-4-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2296-18 Dickey Hall - Rooms 301/355 and 323 Renovation 4-6-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2297-18 Brachytherapy Expansion
Bid Package #3 Rebid of:

Trade Contract No.    Description
09C                            Flooring & Tiling
21A                            Fire Suppression
3-27-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2298-18 Pavilion H Emergency Power Branch 4-20-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2299-18 Whitehall Classroom Building - Rooms 106, 333, and 335 Renovation 4-12-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2300-18 F. Paul Anderson 263 and Seaton Center 212 Renovation 4-17-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2301-18 Agricultural Science Buliding North - Replacement of AHU AS-9  4-10-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2303-18 Project # 2489.0
Orange Lot Bus Shelter
4-18-16 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2304-18 Project # 2494.0
Bowmen's Den Demo 
4-12-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2305-18 Spindletop Research Facility Renovation Phase 1 4-19-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2306-18 Project 2480.0
Construct/Expand/Renovate Ambulatory Care - Medicine Clinic 
5-1-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2307-18 Project #2446.3
Facilities Renewal, Modernization and Deferred Maintenance - Infrastructure
5-2-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2308-18 Expand/Construct Orange Parking Lot, Phase 4  4-15-18 Under Evaluation    
CCK-2309-18 Project #2491.0
Expansion and Resurfacing of Various Parking Lots 
5-3-18 Under Evaluation    
K-0775-17 Cooling Towers 10-18-16 Awarded SPX Marley 12/12/16
K-0878-18 Engineering Quad Lighting 7-13-17 Awarded Graybar Electric  
K-0880-18 UK Stadium - Deck Coating North and South Ramps 8-4-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1689-17 UK Project # 2402.3
Phase 1F - New Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
BP 03B NICU Work-Proper - Volume 1

TC-124 Doors & Hardware
7-7-16 Awarded Norwood 7/7/16
UK-1691-17 UK Project # 2402.8
Pavilion A - Phase 1G
11th Floor Fit-Out - Volume 1

TC-087 Furnish Doors & Hardware
7-21-16 Awarded Norwood 7/1/16
UK-1692-16 Project # 2425.0
Research Building 2
WC-14A Elevator
7-15-16 Awarded ThyssenKrupp Eleveator Corp. 10/10/16
UK-1696-17 Art Museum at the Singletary Center Relighting Project 7-26-16 Awarded Parsons Electric 8/30/16
UK-1701-17 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System at Parking Garage 2 - Data COM Room 012C 8-2-16 Awarded Vulcan 8/30/16
UK-1706-17 UK-2402.3
Renovate/Expand UK Healthcare (NICU)
TC-135 Decommission Existing Kitchen
8-24-16 Awarded Fuelband 9/9/16
UK-1708-17 M.I. King LIbrary Special Collections Mold and Mildew and Remediation 10-6-16 Awarded Bam CAT 12/15/16
UK-1712-17 Project 2437.0
Specialty Graphics, Singage, and Way-finding to Construct Baseball Facility
11-15-16 Awarded 49 Degrees 11/30/16
UK-1717-17 Project # 2425.0
Research Building 2 Work Category 31C
Underground Utility Tunnel at South Limestone
12-9-16 Awarded Ram Engineering 1/4/2017
UK-1734-17 Research Building 2 Work Category 12A Laboratory Casework Project 2425.0 2-2-17 Awarded Scott Laboratory Solutions 3/13/2017
UK-1740-17 UK Project # 2396.0
Student Center Renovation and Expansion
Branding and Wayfinding/Signage

TC 05-1A - Branding
TC 05-1B - Wayfinding/Signage
3-23-17 Awarded Xibitz 4/24/17
UK-1748-17 UK Healthcare Facilities
TC147-17 - Signage & Wayfinding
3-22-17 Awarded Poblocky 6/8/17
UK-1750-17 Baseball Synthetic Field 3-24-17 Awarded Atro Turf 6/2/17
UK-1753-17 Lockers for Baseball Stadium 3-30-17 Awarded Longhorn 7/20/17
UK-1754-17 Bulkhead for the Lancaster Aquatics Center 4-4-17 Awarded Natare  
UK-1757-17 Move The Law Library 5-3-17 Awarded Iron Mountain  
UK-1774-18 Project # 2384.0
Replace Greek Housing - Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity Design/Build Services
7-21-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1775-18 Project # 2457.0
Construction Management Services for the Project to Improve Clniical/Ambulatory Services Brachytherapy
8-10-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1783-18 Mechanical Services for Sheet Metal and Pipe-Fitting 11-15-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1787-18 Project # 2446.1
Construction Management Services
for the Project
Facilities, Renewal, Modernization and Deferred Maintenancne - Chemistry/Physics 3rd Floor
11-3-17 Under Evaluation    
UK-1832-18 Project # 2425.0
Research Building 2 Work Category 11C
Vivarium Equipment - Cage and Rack Washer
4-20-18 Under Evaluation    
UK-1833-18 Project # 2425.0
Research Building 2 Work Category 11B
Vivarium Equipment - Tunnel Washer and Modular Wall
4-20-18 Under Evaluation    

Solicitation Number Title Buyer Original Opening/ Closing Date Status Awarded To Awarded Date
K-0768-17 Sale of University Property at 3000 Irvin Cobb Drive, Paducah KY (McCracken County) Naomi Emmons 7-14-16 Closed w/o Award    
K-0777-17 Sale of University Property at 300 Alexandria Dr, Lexington, KY (Fayette County) Naomi Emmons 3-1-17 Awarded   8/17/17
K-0891-18 Sale of Commonwealth Village Apartments Naomi Emmons 2-9-18 Under Evaluation    

Solicitation Number Title Buyer Original Opening/ Closing Date Status Awarded To Awarded Date
RE-0058-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space, Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 8-24-16 Awarded Lowry Group 8/24/16
RE-0059-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space, Henderson, KY Christine O'Brien 9-13-16 Awarded Henderson County Extension 10/3/16
RE-0061-17 Invitation to Lease Parking Spaces, Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 10-7-16 Awarded AgCredit 10/15/16
RE-0062-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space, Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 10-13-16 Awarded Alidade 1/24/17
RE-0063-17 Invitation to Lease Farm Land in Franklin County
Christine O'Brien 10-18-16 Awarded Perkins Farm 10/15/16
RE-0064-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space, Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 10-13-16 Awarded Imperial Waller 1/24/2017
RE-0065-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space, Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 10-13-16 Awarded Alidade 1/24/2017
RE-0066-17 Invitation to Lease Office space in Christian County, KY Christine O'Brien 11-22-16 Awarded Christina County Ag Foundation 12/12/16
RE-0067-17 Invitation to Lease Farm Land in Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 11-29-16 Awarded Cooper Farm 12/12/16
RE-0068-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Louisville, KY Christine O'Brien 1-6-17 Awarded Jefferson County Farm Bureau 3/7/17
RE-0069-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Lawrence County, KY Christine O'Brien 1-4-17 Awarded Lawrence County Fiscal Court 1/24/17
RE-0070-17 Invitation to Lease Office and Clinical Space in Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 1-12-17 Awarded Kentucky Medical Services Foundation 3/1/17
RE-0071-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 2-17-17 Awarded UKFCU 6/15/17
RE-0072-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 3-2-17 Awarded Coldstream Ventures One 6/15/17
RE-0073-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 3-14-17 Awarded Malabu Realty 6/15/17
RE-0074-17 Invitation to Lease Clinic and Office Space in Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 3-24-17 Closed w/o Award    
RE-0075-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Benton, KY Christine O'Brien 4-11-17 Awarded Jack Telle 7/15/17
RE-0076-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Bowling Green, KY Christine O'Brien 5-31-17 Awarded Medical Center of Bowling Green 7/1/17
RE-0077-17 Invitation to Lease Warehouse Space in Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 4-12-17 Awarded Vaughan Tobacco Warehouse 7/25/17
RE-0078-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 7-6-17 Closed w/o Award    
RE-0079-17 Invitation to Lease Office Space for PM&R Christine O'Brien 7-6-17 Awarded Health South / Cardinal Hill 7/6/17
RE-0081-18 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 7-21-17 Awarded Health South / Cardinal Hill 7/6/17
RE-0082-18 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 7-21-17 Awarded Southcreek Properties 7/21/17
RE-0083-18 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Morehead KY Christine O'Brien 9-13-17 Awarded P. Tackett 9/13/17
RE-0084-18 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Portland, Oregon Christine O'Brien 10-4-17 Awarded Regus 10/4/17
RE-0085-18 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Lexington, KY Christine O'Brien 12-7-17 Under Evaluation    
RE-0086-18 Invitation to Lease Office Space in Lexington KY Christine O'Brien 2-15-18 Under Evaluation