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This bid tabulation reflects the results of the public bid opening and reading of the respective project. It does not indicate an award has been made.  The University must evaluate the responses to determine the responsive and responsible bidder whose bid offers the best value.  All bids may be rejected.

CCK-2157-17 Project #2396, Student Center Bid Package 04 - Audio Visual & Sitework 10-11-16 Awarded Bid Tab
CCK-2170-17 Memorial Hall Roof, Gutter, and Dormer Renovation 10-13-16 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2173-17 Funkhouser Bldg - Student Account Services - Suite 18 Renovation
10-18-16 Awarded Bid Tab
CCK-2168-17 Project # 2425.0
Research Building 2
Work Category WC04A - Masonry & Stone - Rebid

Awarded Bid Tab
CCK-2174-17 Project # 2425.0
Research Building 2
Work Category WC07E - Fireproofing Rebid
Awarded Bid Tab
CCK-2171-17 WUKY St. Claire Studios - Spurr Road Renovation
10-25-16 Closed w/o Award Bid Tab
CCK_2172-17 UK Cooling Plant #1 - Pipe and Steel Painting and Conduit Replacement Project
10-26-16 Closed w/o Award Bid Tab
CCK-2175-17 ES Good Barn HVAC Upgrades 11-2-16 Awarded Bid Tab
CCK-2176-17 Project # 2402.3
Phase 1F Pavilion H/HA - NICU Proper
11-10-16 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2177-17 Demolition Project - Transcript Avenue, Virginia Avenue, and South Limestone 11-22-16 Awarded Bid Tab
CCK-2178-17 2402.8 Phase 1G - 11th Floor Fit Out Pavilion A- TC-090 Limestone Parking lot 11-15-16 Awarded Bid Tab
CCK-2179-17 Dickey Hall HVAC Replacement 1-27-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2181-17 CON 500, 501, and 509 Renovation Space (Re-bid) 11-30-16 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2182-17 MCPPD 6145.0 UKGS Cooling Tower Replacement 11-29-16 Awarded Bid Tab
CCK-2185-17 TP Cooper Building to WH Cancer Center - Condensate Line Replacement 1-11-17 Awarded Bid Tab
CCK-2186-17 Gluck Equine Research Building – First Floor Office Renovation 12-20-16 Awarded Bid Tab
CCK-2187-17 Gatton Business & Economics Building - Suite 125 Renovation 1-20-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2188-17 Research Bldg # 2 Fit-Out 2-1-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2189-17 June Buchanan Medical Office Project - Hindman, KY 2-24-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2190-17 UK Good Samaritan Re-Key Doors 2-14-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2191-17 Rose Street 10 Inch Steam Line 1-18-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2193-17 Project 2433 Orthopedic Suite Renovation 2-23-17 Under Evaluatsion Bid Tab
CCK-2195-17 Anderson Tower Basement Lab Renovation Project 3-1-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2196-17 Central Utility Plant Cooling Tower, Blowdown Recovery System 3-22-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2197-17 Kentucky Clinic K201 & J201 Refurbishments 2-28-17 Under Evaluatsion Bid Tab
CCK-2199-17 Main Building Facade Restoration 3-17-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2200-17 Chemistry-Physics Building Switchgear Replacement 3-21-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2201-17 Project # 2425.0 Research Bldg #2, BP #6, Spline Utilities 3-21-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2202-17 Project # 2425.3
Leader Avenue Domestic Water (RB2)
3-15-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2204-17 Medical Center Plant Boiler Blowdown & Heat Recovery Upgrades 3-30-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2205-17 Project # 2464.0 2017 Annual P arking Garage Maintenance and Restoration 3-24-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2206-17 Project # 2425.0 Research Building #2, WC 008A - Doors & Hardware Re-bid 3-21-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2207-17 Project # 2461.0 Renovate/Update Athletic Playing Fields (Soccer Practice Field) 3-23-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2208-17 Project # 2465.0 Commonwealth Stadium Pavilion Roof Structure 3-30-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2209-17 Anderson Hall Tower - Rooms 257 & 259 Renovations 4-12-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2210-17 White Hall Classroom Buliding - Rooms 118 & 307 Renovations 4-11-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2211-17 Ag North - Rooms N24 and 101 Seay Auditorium Renovations 4-13-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab
CCK-2212-17 Project 2425.0 Research Bldg 2, Bid Package 7, Green Roof Waterproofing, Landscape and Hardscape 4-26-17 Under Evaluation Bid Tab