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Prof. Lisa Cassis and lab staff

(Fall 2013) University of Kentucky

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Dec. 16, 2013) - The University of Kentucky has been awarded one of the largest health grants ever made to the institution: an $11.3 million National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant supporting research focusing on issues that plague the Commonwealth - the twin scourges of obesity and cardiovascular disease. The new grant supports the continuation of the Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) and involves three UK-SRC faculties.

UK-SRC faculty member Dr. Lisa Cassis, professor and chair of the Department of Molecular and Biomedical Pharmacology, and a faculty member of the Graduate Center for Nutritional Sciences, the Saha Cardiovascular Research Center, the Barnstable Brown Diabetes and Obesity Center, and the College of Pharmacy, serves as the is program director of COBRE.

The Center supports research of promising junior faculty focused on identifying mechanisms linking the epidemic of obesity to a high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases. Junior faculties are mentored by senior investigators with a history of successful NIH funding of direct relevance to the Center’s missions. 

UK-SRC faculty member, Dr. Kevin Pearson matriculated through the COBRE mentoring program as a junior faculty member in studies related to exercise during pregnancy and its impact on diabetes in offspring.  His efforts resulted in successful funding of an NIH R01 that formed the basis of his ability to examine interventions and/or effects of manipulations during pregnancy on the health of offspring.  Dr. Pearson is an example of scientists of the future who tackle important problems of immense clinical significance.  Research within the COBRE contributed to his current studies focused on the highly significant area of environmental toxin exposures during pregnancy and their impact on diabetes development in future generations. Dr. Pearson hopes to continue this research through the UK-SRC.

UK-SRC Support Core Director,Dr. Andrew Morris, also serves as the director of the COBRE Analytical Core director. 


The people in the film clip are from Dr. Cassis' lab, Vicki English, Robin Shoemaker (student), Wang Yu (student), Frederique Yiannikouris (Res. Asst Prof).


Full audio of news conference announcing grant 12-16-2013
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