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UK-SRC in Communities

The Community Engagement Core (CEC), under the direction of Dr. Lisa Gaetke, works closely to inform and assist communities dealing with the negative health impacts of Superfund chemicals. The CEC listens actively to affected community constituents regarding all of their perceived needs and concerns. Then, utilizing the nutritional and scientific expertise of UK’s overall SRC, the CEC develops Superfund Community Action through Nutrition (SCAN) programs, including basic educational materials and more advanced train-the-trainer sessions, that are designed to meet the needs of individuals and communities affected by environmental pollutants.

A CEC Superfund Booklet provides an entry point for individuals to begin learning about the complex relationships between chemicals and health.

Publications and hand-out materials (PDF Files) include:

Hazardous Chemicals and Your Body: Eating Right for a Healthier You (CES Booklet)
Hazardous Chemicals and Your Body: Eating Right for a Healthier You (CES Technical Document)
Fruit and Vegetable Tips
What's on Your Plate
Spice Up Your Immune System

For more information on CEC programs, or to schedule a UK-SRC Community Engagement representative to speak at your event, contact Lisa Gaetke at 859-257-1031.

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