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US EPA Designates KWRRI a Center for Watershed Excellence

(November 2010) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has designated UK's Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute as a Center of Excellence for Watershed Management.

To be recognized as a Center of Excellence, an institution must demonstrate technical expertise in identifying and addressing watershed needs; must involve students, staff and faculty in watershed research; must demonstrate the capability to involve all necessary disciplines in all aspects of watershed management; must demonstrate the ability to deliver and account for results; must exhibit a willingness to partner with other institutions; and must have support from the highest levels of the organization. US EPA's Center of Excellence for Watershed Management program was started in 2007. The program utilizes the diverse talent and expertise of colleges and universities across the Southeast for providing hands-on, practical products and services that help communities better identify watershed problems and develop viable solutions.

Dr. Lindell Ormsbee, director of KWRRI, is core leader of the UK-SRP Research Translation Core (RTC). Other RTC members affiliated with KWRRI are Anna Goodman Hoover, who is KWRRI communications director, and Stephanie Jenkins, who is KWRRI program director. The KWRRI supports many RTC endeavors, including the research translation seminar series with the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection.