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Dr. Bhattacharrya to Speak at Nanotechnology and the Environment Workshop

(August 18, 2008) - Professor Dibakar Bhattacharyya will speak at the Workshop on Nanotechnology and the Environment on Wednesday, August 20th. Bhattacharrya will be the final speaker of five, including Dr. Barbara Karn of the US Environmental Protection Agency and a number of distinguished University of Kentucky faculty members. Bhattacharrya's presentation will be entitled Membrane Immobilized Bimetallic Nanoparticles for Detoxification of Chlorinated Organic Compounds from Water.

Dr. Bhattacharyya is University Alumni Professor and Director of Graduate Studies for Chemical and Materials Engineering, as well as Project Leader of the UK-SRP Chloro-Organic Degradation by Nanosized Metallic Systems and Chelate-Modified Hydroxyl Radical Reaction.. His research and publications focus on membrane separation/functionalization, tunable membranes and biocatalysis, and dechlorination of hazardous organics by nano-structured metals. His work seeks to develop and implement versatile technologies for the effective dechlorination of hazardous organics utilizing both oxidative and reductive pathways.