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Drs. Andrew Morris, Bernhard Hennig and Kevin Pearson

(Fall 2013) University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky Superfund Research Center (UK-SRC) faculty, Drs. Andrew Morris, Bernhard Hennig and Kevin Pearson won the 2014 University of Kentucky “John P. Wyatt, M.D. Traveling Fellowship”.  This award provides institutional support to organize a one-day symposium featuring prominent speakers, who will comment on the importance of hazardous pollutants and associated environmental stress throughout the human life cycle.  Trainees of the UK-SRC also will present their data at this symposium.  This Wyatt award also provides funds that will be used by the UK-SRC to initiate research collaborations with one of our invited speakers, Dr. Tomas Trnovec of the Department of Environmental Medicine at Slovak Medical University in Bratislava, Slovakia.  Our Research Support Core, led by Dr. Andrew Morris, plans to analyze precious clinical specimens collected by Dr. Trnovec and colleagues that are derived from longitudinal cohorts of PCB exposed mothers and their children. We hope to uncover correlations between toxicological, inflammatory and nutrition-related biomarkers.  This information is an important step towards understanding nutritional modulation of human exposure to persistent organic pollutants (e.g., PCBs) and associated public health issues.  These data will eventually enable us to expand our research in this area by initiating clinical studies with human cohorts residing near Superfund sites within Kentucky.