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UK-SRP Hosts Nutrition and Chemical Toxicity Workshop

(November 2005) -- The University of Kentucky SRP held the workshop Nutrition and Superfund Chemical Toxicity on November 18, 2005. The workshop was organized under the umbrella of the University of Kentucky SRP Research Translation Core.

Bernhard Hennig at Workshop
UK-SRP Program Director Bernhard Hennig opens the workshop
Lindell Ormsbee and Assoc. VP for Research Chuck Staben
UK-SRP RTC PI Lindell Ormsbee (left) and UK Assoc. VP for Research Chuck Staben welcome guests
NIEHS's Claudia Thompson
Claudia Thompson speaks on behalf of NIEHS
Lindell Ormsbee
Lindell Ormsbee introduces speakers

Experts in the fields of nutritional sciences, medicine and environmental toxicology were invited to the University of Kentucky to present exciting evidence on the paradigm that nutrition or diets can modulate toxicological insults and associated disease states. As Bernhard Hennig (Director of the University of Kentucky SRP) stated, "Nutrition may be the most sensible means to develop intervention and prevention strategies of diseases associated with many environmental toxic insults."

The following speakers presented their research findings:

Ronald Jandacek Ronald J. Jandacek, University of Cincinnati, Enterohepatic circulation of organochlorine compounds: a site for nutritional intervention
Sung Koo Sung Koo, University of Connecticut, Flavonoids (green tea catechins) modulate absorption of lipids and lipid-soluble compounds
Craig McClain Craig McClain, Ohio State University, Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH): toxic interaction and nutrition intervention
Harold Siefried Harold Seifried, National Cancer Institute, NIH, Oxidative stress and antioxidants: a link to disease promotion and prevention
Adrienne Ettinger Adrienne S. Ettinger, Harvard School of Public Health,Dietary calcium supplementation lowers blood lead levels during pregnancy and lactation
Allen Silverstone Allen Silverstone, SUNY Upstate Medical University,Targeting AhR activation: the good, the bad, and the ugly
Bruce Watkins Bruce Watkins, Purdue University,Food and inflammation

Following the presentations, speakers met with UK-SRP faculty for an extended discussion session. At this session, consensus was gained that there is a great need to further explore the nutritional paradigm in environmental toxicology to improve our understanding of the relationship between nutrition or diet practices, exposure to environmental toxins and the pathology of associated chronic diseases.

Speakers and UK-SRP Personnel come together for an informal luncheon
Discussion Session
The group discuss the modulation through nutrition paradigm
Speakers and Attendees Chat
Speakers and UK-SRP Personnel chat at the end of the day

Sponsors: This workshop was supported in part by funds from NIEHS/NIH (UK SBRP), UK Office of Executive Vice President for Research, College of Agriculture Office of the Associate Dean for Research, Department of Animal & Food Sciences, UK Department of Public Health, and the Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute.