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Research Translation and Community Engagement Projects Highlighted in EPA Sustainable and Healthy Communities Webinar

(Sept. 2011) - Recent projects conducted by UK-SRP's Research Translation and Community Engagement Cores were highlighted in a September 27th webinar conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency's Sustainable and Healthy Communities Research Program.

Entitled "Using Communication Science to Create Sustainable Environmental Health Programs and Support Community-Based Decisions", the presentation provided an overview of the history, theory, and state-of-the-science practice of participatory communication, particularly pertaining to environmental health concerns. Past and ongoing dialogic communication efforts in both Superfund and non-Superfund communities were discussed, including the CEC's work in Dayhoit, KY, and RTC members' efforts in the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant Stakeholder Future Vision Project. The strengths of and challenges for designing and implementing participatory communication projects also were discussed, as well as future directions for the field.

A joint endeavor of the RTC and CEC, the webinar was presented by lead author and RTC communication liaison Anna Goodman Hoover, who currently serves as research project coordinator for the PGDP Stakeholder Future Vision Study. A member of the National Communication Association, as well as the university's Dissemination and Implementation Sciences Consortium Steering Committee, Hoover is a Risk Sciences Fellow and was the 2010 recipient of the Bruce H. Westley Award for Excellence in Mass Communication Theory and Research.

EPA's Sustainable and Healthy Communities Research Program strives "to inform and empower decision-makers to equitably weigh and integrate human health, socio-economic, environmental, and ecological factors to foster community sustainability." The webinar series provides EPA personnel and SHCRP partners with access to expertise from a variety of fields that can support program efforts.