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Superfund Research Program Trainee Webinar Series

The Superfund Research Program (SRP) is pleased to announce a webinar series titled "Superfund Research Program Trainee Webinar Series." This series is an opportunity to feature the excellent work being conducted by graduate and postdoctoral students conducting SRP-funded research. Specifically, this year's series will consist of presentations from Poster Award Winners from the previous SRP Annual Meeting. There will be approximately 3 webinars per year. Each webinar will consist of two presentations each 15-20 min in length, followed by 5 min of questions after each presentation. This will be an excellent opportunity for the poster winners to describe their current research/activities to their peers, SRP researchers, SRP alumni, and SRP's partners (NIEHS, EPA, and ATSDR, etc.). This will also be a chance for others to learn more about the research/activities being conducted by SRP trainees (i.e., graduate students/post-docs) and for those that were not able to view their poster at the Annual Meeting. Most importantly, the intent of the series is to increase collaboration and exchange of ideas among young investigators conducting SRP-funded research/activities and to hear about their award-winning work.

June 1, 2011; 2:00 - 3:00pm Eastern Daylight Time

Session II Presenters and Abstracts:

?keum young lee

Keum Young Lee (University of Washington): Enhanced Phytoremediation of Chlorpyrifos

Presentation abstract: Chlorpyrifos (CPS) is a commonly used organophosphorus insecticide that is implicated in environmental and human health problems. The hypothesis is that these problems may be partially or thoroughly solved by the emerging phytoremediation technology, which is the use of plants for the cleanup of environmental contaminants. Analysis of the CPS removal from hydroponic solution showed that CPS can be taken up by poplar and willow species, significant amounts of CPS accumulated in plant tissues, and CPS did not persist in the plant tissues, suggesting further metabolism of CPS. Other phytoremediation studies using transgenic poplar and tobacco overexpressing paraoxonase 1 (PON1), which detoxifies the oxon form of CPS in mammals, will be conducted.


beth willett

Beth Willett (Clark County Health Department, Kentucky): Assessing the perceptions of environmental pollutants, health and nutrition behavior to improve risk communications in Kentucky

Presentation abstract: The purpose of Beth's Masters research was to examine individuals' current knowledge, risk perception, and actions concerning both environmental pollutants and nutrition behavior. Data was collected using a modified survey instrument based on the validated Environmental Health Engagement Profile (EHEP). Survey participants were from diverse regions of the state. Results indicated a significant, positive correlation in all groups between perception of environmental pollutants in a person's surroundings and the extent of concern that pollutants cause adverse health effects (p < 0.01). Recognizing that participants see a link between environmental pollutants and their health allows nutrition researchers to develop targeted, effective nutrition interventions. This information will be useful in the development of future nutrition programs to improve the health of Superfund communities.

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