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Dr. Kelly G. Pennell

(Winter 2014) University of Kentucky

Characterizing Vapor Intrusion Exposure Risks

The problem of vapor intrusion has been studied for decades (beginning with radon in the 1970s), but remains difficult for public health professionals to assess and manage. Characterization of vapor intrusion risks typically involves the collection of indoor air samples from affected buildings, and may also include sampling soil gas around and/or beneath the building of concern. Interpretation of field data and the assessment of vapor intrusion risks is widely recognized as challenging because concentrations can vary dramatically in space and time; and, inconsistencies between expected versus measured results are commonly encountered.  This seminar will address various methods used to characterize vapor intrusion exposure risks, including “the multiple lines of evidence approach”.   In addition, the seminar will highlight emerging research aimed at improving exposure risk estimates. 

Seminar was held February 5, 2014 in Frankfort Kentucky at the KYDEP.