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Emily Allen

Emily Allen

Name: Emily Alicia Marie Allen

County: Letcher

Favorite Book: The Fountainhead

Favorite TV Show: Dexter's Laboratory

Favorite Film: Blade Runner

Brief Bio:

The Robinson Scholarship has benefited me far more than financial assistance that it provides. This program has helped, encouraged, and motivated me to reach my goals and beyond. From the transition into college to personal friendships, and even self improvement, this scholarship and its staff members have been invaluable to me. More than ever before I am inspired to do my very best in education, future careers, and life itself. With the limitless support I gain from this program I hope to achieve things I never imagined possible for myself. Here at UK I am a political science and history double major. I believe this university is the best in the country because of the diversity, opportunities, and truly unique atmosphere. I am eternally grateful for the Robinson Program. It has given me unforgettable memories, lifelong friendships, and a chance at my biggest dreams. To me this program showcases the dedication of young Appalachian students, like myself, to reach success and leave far reaching impacts.