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Chandria Bennett

Chandria Bennett

Name: Chandria Carol Bennett

County: Laurel

Favorite Book: Nightrunner by Lynn Flewelling

Favorite TV Show: BBC's Sherlock

Favorite Film: The Avengers

UK Clubs/Organizations: Phi Sigma Rho Sorority, Society of Women Engineers

Brief Bio:

The Robinson Scholars Program helped me in high school by teaching me valuable leadership skills and providing me assistance in preparing for college. I knew the campus inside and out before I even got here! RSP also gave me a support group to turn to when I finally entered the University of Kentucky.

My major is chemical engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Kentucky. I could not imagine doing anything else! I love this major! I also love UK partly because of the great opportunities available and also because I am from southeastern Kentucky and bleeding blue is in our blood! I have been lucky enough to travel to several different conferences to get a leg up in the professional world and also travel to Europe to learn about the cultures that are so different from my small town in Kentucky.

The Robinson Scholars Program means that I always have someone to turn to. Whether I need someone to check over my financial aid or just give me advice about college or personal life, I can always turn to the staff and other scholars for help!