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Candace McQueen

Candace McQueen

Name: Candace Opal Rochelle McQueen


Favorite Book: Harry Potter series

Favorite TV Show: Duck Dynasty

Favorite Film: The Breakfast Club

UK Clubs/Organizations: Robinson Ambassador, UK Pre-Pharmacy Club

Brief Bio:

In high school I was very involved in many different organizations and even leading some of them. I was the President of the Beta Club, varsity softball captain, varsity volleyball captain, academic team captain, senior class officer, STLP, WOCS (local radio station), WOWL (local TV station), the Technology Program, and Pride Club. I also volunteered with the Ability Team League, which was a group of people that would strive to help physically/mentally challenged children play sports such as softball. While in high school I was encouraged by the Robinson Scholars Program to strive to do my very best academically and to do so I began taking college courses my junior year of high school. I ended my high school career with a total of 30 college credit hours, putting me ahead in the college field making me a sophomore. Without the Robinson Scholars Program I would not have the support I needed to prepare myself for college.

When I arrived to UK I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in Pharmacy while also getting my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Currently I am an upcoming junior with a prospective graduation date of May 2015. Choosing UK as my school was the best decision I have ever made. Even though people tried to scare me saying that I would be just a number did not deter me. Walking across campus I see people I know every day and I feel like it really is just a big family here. Professors are always helpful when approached with questions. I can honestly say I’ve made my closest friends while being apart of the Robinson UK family.
Being a Robinson Scholar means having the opportunity to succeed when most people thought it impossible. Not only does Robinson provide us with a scholarship but also with a family away from our own families, a community where we can be ourselves outside of our hometown communities. I’m thankful everyday that I was chosen to represent the Robinson Scholar family and strive to succeed and give the program a respectable reputation.