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Trevor Charles

Trevor Charles in ROTC uniform

Name: Trevor Glen Charles

Nickname: T-Rev

County: Estill

Favorite Book: The Unforgiving Minute

Favorite TV Show: Duck Dynasty

Favorite Film: Django Unchained

UK Clubs/Organizations: Army ROTC, ROTC Flag Football, Estill County High School Spartan Battalion Assistant Raider Coach

Brief Bio:

In high school, I was a four year football player and was selected as the team captain for my junior and senior years. Once football ended, I joined and helped create the JROTC program, naming it the Spartan Battalion. Within this program we participated in community service, competed in Raider events, and helped build teamwork throughout the school. I have been the Robinson Scholar for my class and this has helped me decide where I want to go financially and I am greatly appreciative to my college advisor for helping guide me to my current major, forestry. I love the University of Kentucky because it is a whole different environment compared to where I am from and given me a whole new and different perspective on life outside of our hometowns. The Robinson Scholarship means a lot to me because if it wasn't for this program, I probably wouldn't be in college, or if I was, I would not be as successful as I am today.