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Frank Spencer

graduate students in gown

Frank Spencer gives Summa Cum Laude speech at Powell County High School Graduation

Name: Jared Frank Auburn Spencer

Nickname: Tanker

County: Powell

Favorite Book: The Hunger Games

Favorite TV Show: Anything on ESPN

Favorite Film: Varsity Blues or Friday Night Lights

UK Clubs/Organizations: UK Rugby Team

Brief Bio:

My mother was really the one who helped me learn about the Robinson Scholars Program and who motivated me to pursue my higher education. When I was finally awarded the scholarship, I met some of my best friends who still remain to this day. The camps and events that we were required to attend meant that I got to meet new people, and without the program I would not have the long-lasting friendships that I would have today. There are all kinds of things that I would not have gotten to do without this scholarship. I love exploring the outdoors, and thanks to Robinson Scholars, I was able to participate in all kinds of fun events including canoeing, exploring the Robinson forest, and taking advantage of the other trips that were not mandatory, but just plain fun.

The high-school portion of the Robinson Scholars Program helped me become familiar with the University of Kentucky's campus and made it easier during my transition from high-school to college. During high-school, I was able to graduate Summa Cum Laude. I was a four-year starter in both the football and baseball teams for the Powell County Pirates.

Having the label of Robinson Scholar allows me to be a role model for those students in my hometown of Stanton, Kentucky, who do not think they can afford to go to college or do not believe they have it in them. I love representing myself and the program in Powell County and I love sharing my story and success in college to students who want to go to UK.

My major is Middle School Education focusing in science and social studies. I always wanted to be a teacher and become a coach, preferably in football, and hope to be able to go back home and use what I have learned at UK to enrich my hometown community. The best thing about being on UK's campus is the freedom and independence that comes with it.

Without Robinson Scholars I would not have had the financial opportunities to complete my goals. RSP has prepared me to be more successful in college both before and during college thanks to great leaders in the program like Neomia Hagans, Jessica Watkins, and George Scott. It helps seeing familiar faces and friends during the semester, people who in my cohort I know I can count on.