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Kody Little

Kody Little

Name: Kody Ted Douglas Little

Preferred Name: Kody

County: Floyd

Favorite Book: The Color of Water

Favorite TV Show: Big Brother

Favorite Film: The Holiday

UK Clubs/Organizations: Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), Alpha Phi Omega, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, National Honors Society

Brief Bio:

I have always been a very involved student. In high-school I was on the student council every year. I was the Junior Class President and was Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper. I was on the academic team all four years of high-school as well as the Honors Club. I graduate high-school as the Valedictorian and was thrilled to have the Robinson Scholarship awarded to me. Throughout high-school, the Robinson Scholars Program helped me significantly. The weekend workshops and summer programs helped me with a lot of skill-building that helped to prepare me for college. Between Lee's College, Mammoth Cave, and the University of Kentucky for two summers, I felt ready for college. The program helped me focus my future plans and sharpened my writing skils as well as my networking skills. Within the program, I met so many wonderful friends and people from all across eastern Kentucky.

I will be graduating the University of Kentucky in May, 2013. I am so excited. I will have earned a degree in Integrated Strategic Communications (ISC) with a Public Relations path and a minor in Family Studies. I LOVE the UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY! It has been everything that I ever wanted it to be and even more. My life woudln't be the same without UK. I love the campus, the students, the faculty, and the staff so much. I would even love to work at UK post-graduation.

The Robinson Scholars Program means everything to me. I would not have any of the people, made any connections, or gained any of the knowledge that I have without the program. I feel like I owe everything to the program. Without it, I would not have even had the chance to go to college. I have met so many amazing individuals throughout the past fouryears and I would not change a thing. I honestly love everything about the experience and will truly miss everything about the past four years. At times I may not show it, but Robinson Scholars means the world to me. I will always be there for anything the program needs for the rest of my life.