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Robinson Forest in the fall, by Songlin Fei

Robinson Scholars who enroll at the University of Kentucky or any KCTCS community college receive full scholarships (tuition and fees, room and board, and a book allowance) and a range of support services. The Program seeks to connect students to the larger institution, to its people, to its services, and to its culture. It holds its Scholars to a high standard and expects them to perform well in the classroom, be involved in the campus community, and be committed to volunteer service. It equips students to perform at their highest levels, both as college students and in their lives beyond our institution, and it encourages students that they can and will succeed. With these goals in mind and with consideration for the challenges Scholars face, the Program provides the following support and programming at the college level.

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Our goal is to ultimately increase the percentage of Robinson Scholars who remain at the University of Kentucky to complete a baccalaureate degree by increasing the level of "college knowledge" for their parents and guardians. This will be approached by educating parents about college terminology and practices that will help them make well informed decisions in regards to their child's education.

Download the parent workshop overview (DOC).

Sending your child off to a college hours away can be a scary and disorienting feeling. You don't know much about the campus or the city in which your child will now call home. The most effective way to combat those feelings is to get involved—don't just sit on the sidelines, get out there, get information and take an active interest in your child's college education.

Now, that being said, there is a right way and a wrong way to be involved. We aren':t suggesting that you show up on your child's doorstep every weekend wanting to "hang out" or call them five times a day just to see what they're up to. One of the best ways to get involved is with the UK Parents Association, a valuable resource when UK parents need help or have questions. The UK Parents Association keeps parents connected to UK and to what's happening on campus and in the Lexington community. Check out their website to get more information on how you can get involved.

At the high school level, it is your responsibility to encourage and motivate your students, providing the tools for their success. While this may be difficult at times, the following information and support tools should be able to provide help and guidance.

Improving Study Habits:

Parenting Tips and Other Tools:

Continuing your own education:

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Making the Transition to College

The Robinson Scholars Program is devoted to making the transition for your students to college the easiest, smoothest possible. We realize that this is a difficult time, not only for Scholars, but also for their parents. It is hard for parents to find the balance between letting go of their child and being supportive without being intrusive. Below are some ideas that parents can use to ease the transition.

Parents have the single largest impact on their children. By discussing issues before they arise, you are opening the lines of communication with your student, and they will come to you for advice later.

Schedule a visit to UK campus to explore what UK has to offer. UK provides tour through William T. Young Library, Residence Halls, and The Johnson Center. An online campus tour is also available. Click here to schedule a visit to UK.

About UK

Interested in knowing more about UK and the Lexington area? Check out these helpful links at the for parents page.

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